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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (30 / 32 )

Hello F-List! Hello LJ! I want to wish a wonderful new week to all of you  - with a lot of Casey & Zeke Fun around. I'm back with a new part of "Pictures" ...


Title: Pictures (30/ ??? )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R - NC 17
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twentyone / twentytwo / twentythree / twentyfour / twentyfive / twentysix / twentyseven / twentyeight / twentynine /

Zeke frowned. Something was wrong! Casey had just woken. He wanted to pull him into his arms when he felt Casey wincing. Now he answered his kiss, but it felt a bit strange.
Zeke softly pushed him away and scrutinized him thoughtfully.
"Hey, dream-boy, what's wrong?"

Casey pulled the face.
"Everything okay," he murmured.

"It don't sound like this! Do you regret it?"

Casey tried to avoid Zeke's probing eyes.
"No, of course not! But ... You want more, right? I mean, what you've said yesterday .... that we will take advantage of this place for the next two days  ... But ... I guess, I can't, Zeke! It's not that I don't want it, but... I've the dim feeling that I won't even be able to stand up today, much less doing anything else!"

He looked quite embarrassed, while Zeke chuckled.
"Outsch ... So bad?"

"I'm sorry," Casey whispered.
"I'm feeling so stupid!"

Zeke reached out for his chin and made him look at him.
"Shut up! No need to be ashamed. That was to be expected. Your first time ... and you were so wild ... "

Casey felt the heat rising in his face.
"Oh God!"

"It was good, wasn't it? And you want more of it!"

"Yes, but ..."
Casey broke off when Zeke pulled him closer and kissed him softly.
"Zeke ... Zeke, please ... you make me feeling weak!"

"I know!"
Zeke giggled.
"What about this: You will go to take a shower now, this will probably help a bit. I'm gonna make breakfast. Breakfast in bed, doesn't it sound great? And afterward ... I guess, I'm gonna spoil you a bit more, you deserve it ... "

Casey wanted to protest, but Zeke quietened him with his lips.
"Don't worry! It won't hurt! I'm just gonna kiss it better!"


When they came back to the farm after two wonderful days, Casey's Grandma was awaiting them. Casey swallowed when he saw her sitting on the porch.
"She knows, right?"

Zeke put his arm around his shoulder.
"Hey, it's okay! Yeah, probably she will figure out, that we weren't just playing cards. But she doesn't doom us, Casey! She can cope with it!"

When they reached the porch, his assurance faded. Casey's Grandma looked different than usual - her face was thoughtful and anxious. Also Casey noticed the change in his Grandma immediately. He straightened his body and reached for Zeke's hand. Determination was glimmering in his eyes.

A slight smile crossed her face. Once again she could feel how much Casey had changed together with Zeke. He had become so much stronger. He was ready to fight for what he wanted. Maybe it wouldn't go too bad ...

"We have to talk, boys! Now!"
She shook her head when she noticed that Casey wanted to protest.
"No, don't worry! It's not about you! I'm okay with you two. And whatever you've done during the last days, I surely don't want to know this!"

Casey relaxed a bit, but Zeke narrowed his eyes and stared at her full of distrust. He could sense something in the air, he rather didn't want to hear. She sighed.

"I wish, we wouldn't have to talk about it right now. But I guess, you have to know, Casey, sorry! Your father has called yesterday!"

Casey swallowed hard. Whatever he had awaited - this hit him like a bold of lightning.
"What ... what did he want?"

"I don't know! All he has said, is that he will come tomorrow. He wants to talk with you, Casey!"


Casey had sometimes teased him about it, but Zeke always refused to spend the night in his room. Zeke knew, it would be okay for Casey's Grandma, but it was not okay for him. Not in her house. Not with her around.

But this night was different. Casey really needed him. The thought of meeting his dad after all this weeks, after all what had happened between them, was hard for him. He would try to force him to come back, to yield the reason. But things had changed. Casey knew what he wanted to do with his future, he had a real boyfriend now. His dad wouldn't understand! He never did! It would end with an argument, Casey was afraid of. Because nevertheless, he was his dad and he somehow missed him and his mother.

He tried to fight his nervousness back, but Zeke knew it when he saw his dazed expression,  when he wished his Grandma a "good night" all too early. He went upstairs to his room and Zeke followed him just a few minutes later.

Casey hadn't slept well. He had turned and tossed around and he awoke rudely out of wild dreams for several times. Zeke had always been  there, he had calmed him down, had held him into his arms, until he could fall asleep again. Now he sat in the kitchen, pale and close-mouthed, nibbling at his toast. Zeke had seen him once only in such a bad state: the day after he had picked him up, the day after his dad had beaten him and kicked him out of his home ...



"He can't force you, Casey. You must not talk to him if you don't want it!"

But Casey shook the head. The insecurity in his eyes was mixed with determination.
"I need to do, Zeke! I can't run away forever. I guess, it will be alright."

Zeke nodded.
"Okay. Whatever you want! Then we will talk things out with him. But if he tries to mess around with you, I'm gonna  ... "

"No, Zeke!"

"No, what?"

"I'm gonna talk with him! You will get into your car now and get out of here! I don't want you to be here when he comes!"

Zeke stared at him.
"You're joking, right? You can't expect that I'm gonna leave you alone with him!"

"Please, Zeke! Trust me. No matter what happens, he can't separate us, I promise!"

Zeke snorted.
"That's not the point, Case!  What if he will get furious again? If he tries to beat you again? I won't concede that he hurts you once more!"

"It will be okay, Zeke!"
At this moment Casey's Grandma intervened in the conversation. She put her hand onto Zeke's shoulder.
"He will never touch him again! Definitely not here, not in this house! And moreover, I will be around, I promise you! But you should go now, really!"

Zeke stared at her. The very thought of Casey meeting his father and he wouldn't be around to protect him was disturbing. But he knew, it was right: his presence wouldn't make it easier for Casey.

Finally he nodded.
"Okay! I'm gonna drive down to the lake. You know, our favorite place. I'll be waiting for you ... at least an hour. But if you don't be there by then, I'll come back here. And if he has dared to touch you ... "

Casey gave him a quick kiss.
"I know, Zeke," he whispered.
"I will be there!"

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Poor Casey. Gets the guy then his dad comes along to pull the rug out from under him. I love protective Zeke and I'm glad grandma will be there to watch over him, but I can't help feel sorry for Zeke too, pushed out while he worries what's happening between Casey and his dad.

I guess I'll find out soon.

Poor, Casey? Well, this is life, isn't it? I think, it's important for him to talk with his dad, to stand up for himself, even it is hard. And Zeke ... of course he would like to keep him safe, but it wouldn't make things easier for Casey if he would be around.

Edited at 2009-11-09 09:17 pm (UTC)

I knew it. Things were going so well between the guys and now life must intervene. Well we knew that Casey's parents hadn't disappeared but I'd hoped Casey wouldn't feel so vulnerable but it's hard standing up to a parent, even for a young adult. So we'll see.

I don't think dad will act too outrageously given that he'll be at his mother's house and all. And Zeke will be nearby. *hugs you*

Thanks you for reading.

Yeah, I always had the confrontation between Casey and his dad in my mind, because it was not all said and done between them. Casey is grown up during the last weeks, and I think, it's important for them to talk, even it's hard for him, but his dad will always be his dad, no matter what he did to him.

Poor guys, such a lovely two days to come back to this. I know Casey's gut has to be twisting, worrying about it, but I feel even more sorry for Zeke not to be there to stand by his boy when he faces his dragon father. I know Grandma will be there, but it has to be hard on Zeke too.

Yes, it's hard for Zeke to stand outside this time, but I think, it's better this way. There is a lot to talk between Casey and his dad, even without Zeke being around, watching over his boy argus-eyed ;) But Casey knows, that Zeke will be waiting for him, this may help him to stand up to his dad and to fight for his future, even he feels so nervous in the moment.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for reading, Mews.
Yes, these two days were great for the boys and GM is nice as ever. Maybe this will help to deal with everything that might happens now ...

Oi vey... here comes the hard stuff. It was pretty inevitable, but still. *sigh* It IS good for Zeke to leave, too. Poor sweeties. *runs to next part, whee*!

Good - and hard for Zeke to go, but Casey knew a meeting between Zeke and his dad would be too much for all of them. But he will be nearby, Casey knows, and this gives him enough strengh to cope with his dad.

"Don't worry! It won't hurt! I'm just gonna kiss it better!"

Where, where??? How could you skip that bit! *cries*

Yeah, probably she will figure out, that we weren't just playing cards.


Oh no, I wish they'd been left to enjoy their new love in peace. Poor Casey. I'm afraid for him. And Zeke is beautifully tender and caring. I hope Grandma has a baseball bat hidden.

Lol, just use your fantasy, and he can kiss him wherever you want! ;)

Yes, poor boys, but I think the confrontation with his dad is inevitable.

Edited at 2009-11-16 06:21 am (UTC)

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