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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (29/ 32 )

Hallo F-List! Hallo LJ!

I hope everyone has survived the weekend and the scaring Halloween posts. Hopefully you are in the mood for a bit more "Pictures" now, because here is the next part of it. It is ... well, it is what it is :)))


Title: Pictures (29/32)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: NC 17 :)
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

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He stand there thunderstruck, observing Zeke, who now lighted the candles on the small bureau across from the bed. The flames were playing in the mirror and in the glasses next to the Champagne. The rose on the bedside table. The bowl with the chocolate fruits. Soft music in the background - fucking love songs.

When Zeke pulled him into his arms - with the most affectionate smile he had ever seen - he felt tears welling up into his eyes.

"You are impossible, Zeke," he murmured.
"This is ... this is so fucking romantic!"

"It's the way you like it, isn't it?"

Casey nodded.
"Yeah, but ... you hate this shit!"

Zeke chuckled, bent forward and kissed him softly.
"Just enjoy it! I'm not gonna do that again any time soon, promised!"

"Geez, you're killing me!"

"Good! That's the point of it, y'know? C'mere!"
When he pulled him down onto the bed, he noticed Casey's skeptical look to the bedposts.
"Nothing to worry about, Case," he murmured.

"About what," he asked.

"About this bondage thing ... Though it's a fucking hot game. And you would like it!"

Casey blushed a bit. Zeke chuckled and kissed him again.
"One day I'm gonna show you ... But not today! Tonight is just your night! All what you want!"

Casey put his arms around him.
"You know what I want," he whispered.
"All I need is you!"

Zeke smiled.
"Eager as ever, eh? Okay, number one: Stop thinking about it!"

Slowly he started to unbutton Casey's shirt. This was familiar, they had done it before. Nothing to be nervous about. His searching fingers, gliding softly over his chest, stopping at his nibbles to caress them. He bent forward to lick and suck.

Casey squirmed around under his affectionate kisses and caress, while he slowly went deeper - over his chest, his stomach up to his bellybutton - he stayed there for a moment, swirling his tongue around - and finally stopped between Casey's thighs. He started to unbutton his jeans, Casey put his hips up, Zeke pulled down the denim. Casey felt his look resting on him.


"Nothing! Just looking!"

It was not more than a tickle when Zeke bent forward to touch his thighs, but when he started to stroke his balls and his cock his hands went more and more demanding. Casey groaned frantically.

He wanted more - and he wanted Zeke to stop at the same time. It felt so good, as usual - even better, combined with the expectation of what would come next. But Zeke made no attempt to finally fuck him. He did what he always did: he tried to drive him crazy just with his alluring lips, his knowings hands. Casey wanted to hate him, but when he started to lick and to suck his hardened cock, he reared up.

"Zeke... Zeke ..."

Zeke stopped for a moment and dared a deep look into his sparkling eyes. He smiled.
"I want you to cum now!"

Casey gasped when Zeke's tongue touched the head of his cock once more, his hand started to stroke it again. It was nearly impossibly to resist ...
"Fuck you, Zeke," he groaned with a mixture of disappointment, defiance and growing lust.
"I don't! I want you to ... "

Zeke giggled.
"Awww... c'mon, be a nice boy. Do it for me! I know what you want!"

It was too much. Casey felt his climax approaching, the world became blurred right in front of his eyes. He yelped loud and felt his hot sperm splashing onto his belly. Zeke smiled at him, while Casey struggled for air and tried to gather his thoughts.

"So great," Zeke whispered.
"So fucking great to see you like this. Makes me so damned hot!"

He let his hand gliding over Casey's belly and chest, stroking, touching, gathering the sperm with his fingers. Then he bent forward, reached for the chocolate fruits and touched Casey's lips with one of it. His tongue swirled around the fruit, Zeke pushed it into his mouth. Followed by another, gentle kiss. Casey nearly melted into the sweetness of the fruit, the kiss and the aftermath of his climax. He was so relaxed that he hardly felt Zeke's finger sliding deeper now, past his cock, up to his butt. Just when he started to swirl around his cleft, first soft but then more and more firm, Casey realized what he did. He stared at him wide-eyed. Zeke stroked his cheek softly.

"Shshsh," he murmured reassuringly.
"You want this, don't you?"

All Casey could do was nodding. Zeke smiled. One finger found it's way into Casey's ass.
"Gooood! Just breath, okay? Trust me, I'm gonna take care of you!"

Casey whimpered slightly and bit his lower lip. Zeke held him tight, kissed him, stroked him. The finger massaged his inside carefully and it made Casey shudder, but he finally started to relax a bit. Zeke dared to put in a second digit, a bit later the third one. When Casey pushed back his ass to take him in even deeper, he knew it was okay.

He smiled. His boy! His wonderful, amazing, eager little boy. He groaned. He wanted him! And he wanted him now. He has waited for him as long as for no one else before. He cared for him as he had never cared before. He wanted him ... he wanted him ... but he had to admit: he was as unsure as he was never before! He could ...

Suddenly he felt Casey's hand, stroking his cheek.
"Don't think about it, Tyler," he murmured.
"I want you now!"


Condom! Lube! Knees pushed up to the chest!

Blue eyes. Fucking blue eyes - a bit nervous, but curious and full of lust, too.

He want it! Just fuck him! Be careful! Don't hurt him! He want it! Stop thinking, Tyler ....

He didn't loose eye contact, while he slowly pushed into him. Casey squealed and Zeke felt him stiffing. He stopped and hesitated. Casey obviously tried to fight back a slight panic. Zeke bent forward and kissed him gently.

"You are gorgeous," he whispered.
"Feels so damned good to fuck you. So tight and hot ... "

Casey uttered a brief laugh, but when Zeke pushed deeper - carefully and tentatively - ready to stop again if it would be to much - he calmed down a bit and started to breath again. Zeke pulled back a little, only to slide in again, a bit more firm and deeper this time. Casey groaned loud, but his eyes told Zeke that it was not about fear or pain any longer.

When he finally started to follow Zeke's rhythm, when shivers ran through his body, when he  buckled up and cried:"Holy shit!", Zeke chuckled.

"That's it, baby," he gasped.
"And now: just feel it! Feel it, when I'm gonna fuck the brain out of you!"

The world stopped turning around. All what counted was Casey, Casey, Casey. So good ... so damned good ...

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