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F-Zeke Tyler giggle

Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (28/ 32 )

Hello LJ. Hello F-List. I hope all of you will have a wonderful day. I will have to go to work later, but I'm still at home and my "Picture-Muse" is on a run (though I'm still working on my Halloween story ... panic ... time is running and "Summerstorm" for romeny is waiting for more, too)

Whatever ... "Pictures" ... I hope, you like it!


Title: Pictures (28/ 32)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R - NC 17
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twentyone / twentytwo / twentythree / twentyfour / twentyfive / twentysix / twentyseven /

When Zeke turned into the driveway of one of the vacation houses and shut off the motor, Casey looked at him amazed.
"What are we doing here?"

"I'm looking for a place, where we finally can be alone a bit," Zeke murmured. He got off the car and stepped up to the porch of the house. Casey followed him a bit halting. When Zeke opened the door without knocking he swallowed.

"Zeke! Zeke, wait a moment! What the hell are you doing?"

"Don't worry! There is no one at home!"

"But ... Zeke! Stop this, please! We can't do this! It's like... a burglary!"

Zeke turned around to him abruptly and burst into laughing.
"You think, I want to break in here? Geez, Case, you are so cute!"
He stretched his hand out to him.
"There is a device generally called "key", you know?"

Casey blushed and felt quite stupid, while he followed Zeke into the house. His brain struggled to make sense of all. This house was obviously a private cottage and it was not for rent. But who was the owner of it? Zeke knew no one around here, except of him and his grandma. So where did he got to the key?

Searching he looked around, slightly hoping to get a tiny hint about the owner of the house. A few pictures on the fireplace made him curious. Family pictures, most of them were obviously several years old and he didn't knew anyone of the photos. Though ...

Casey hesitated and reached for one of the pics which showed two boys.  One of them maybe five years old, sitting onto a swing. The other one, a few years older, was standing behind him, pushing the swing. He has bright, green-brown eyes and he was all smiles.

Casey gasped.
"This is.... Brian?!"

Zeke got closer and put the arms around him from behind.
"A little bit too young, isn't he?"

Casey turned half a round and frowned.
"Don't fool me, Zeke! I've seen this smile before! And the slight green sparkling in these eyes ... It has to be Brian!"

Zeke chuckled.
"Okay, you win! Nothing can betray your photographer's eyes. Probably he is, together with his younger brother. I've called him last week!"

"You did ... what? What have you done to him?"

"Nothing, Case, I promise! He's okay! I just wanted the key of this place. The cottage of his family, you remember? I've tried to rent one of the cabins at the lake first, but they are all fully  booked during vacation. Then I remembered Brian. He got it as soon as I asked him."

"He got what?"

"That we need this cottage. He's a really nice guy, y'know!"

Casey pulled the face.
"Last time you met him, I was sure you would like to kill him," he murmured and tried to understand what Zeke just had told to him. Zeke had called Brian? It was not easy to believe ...

"Last time I met him, I was sure, he was chasing after you!"

And Casey couldn't resist.
"Maybe he does," he murmured.

"Poor guy! He has had his chance last summer and he has missed it!"

Casey giggled hilariously. This felt so good. Zeke wanted him so much. But he deserved a bit teasing, didn't he? He had kept him waiting all too long.
"Yeah, but maybe I should give him another one! If he wants me so much, he certainly doesn't keep me on tenterhooks as long as you do!"

Zeke narrowed his eyes.
"For this I should just bent you over my knee!"

"Pfft! Tell me another, Zeke, you won't dare it!"
Casey still tried to dodge him but Zeke was quick. He pressed him back onto the couch in front of the fireplace und pinned his arms beside him. His eyes sparkled when he bent over him.

"Zeke? Zeke what are you doing?"
Suddenly Casey didn't feel as much confident as one moment before. But Zeke loved him, didn't he? He could trust him! He would never hurt him. On the other hand ... no one dared to play with Zeke Tyler. Maybe it had been not the best idea to provoke him this way ...
"You cannot do this! Zeke ...."

Zeke smirked.
"I can't? Don't you forget something, Casey? We both are quite alone here. Just you and me! I can do whatever I want. But maybe you're right, it would be much to easy. I should think about anything better.
I would like to kiss you right now, sweet and soft ..."

He bent forward and touched Casey's mouth with his lips. Casey swallowed. He wasn't sure what to do. He wasn't sure what Zeke was going to do. His kiss was nice as ever, but his voice ...

"... but this might be not enough to knock him right out of your head. There need to be more than that! Maybe I'm gonna tie you up onto the bed. How do you like this, eh?"

The kiss deepened for a moment, his tongue was gliding into Casey's mouth, demanding for more. Casey tried to free himself, but Zeke's grip was steady.

"I want to kiss your nipples, suck and ... "

He put his head onto Casey's chest. Casey could feel his hot breathing through the thin T-shirt he wore. This was nice, Casey relaxed, until he felt Zeke's teeth.

"... bite them!"

It was more a hard nibbling then a real biting, but Casey squealed shocked. Zeke grinned.
"Aaawww ... shut up. You deserve it!"

Casey gasped for air. A mixture of panic and excitement rushed through him. This was definitely not how he had always fancied it. But the pictures, racing through his mind, were thrilling. He felt Zeke observing him, how he squirmed around, how he looked at him wide-eyed - and he knew Zeke was enjoying it.

"I would suck your cock, deep and hard and slow ... I would make you cry, Casey. And finally ... maybe ... if you're a nice, little boy and beg me for more ... maybe I would finally fuck you ..."

His grip loosened, there was a last, smooth kiss, placed right onto his nose.
"You are mine, Casey! And I'm definitely not gonna share you, not even in your mind."

When he finally picked him up and carried him to the door, which probably led to the bedroom, Casey gave up any resistance, to confused for at least one clear thought. In the bedroom his eyes first were falling onto the queen-sized bed with the metal bedposts. An ideal playground for such thrilling games, Zeke had in his mind ...

Then his eyes darted through the rest of the room and he gasped.
"Oh - my - God ..."

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For this I should just bent you over my knee Now we're talking!

You are mine, Casey! And I'm definitely not gonna share you, not even in your minda About durn time, Zeke let Casey call the shots for too long if you ask me.

I love that Zeke took such aggressive action to get Casey alone finally. But what a cliff-hanger, what the heck is Casey looking at?!?

Summerstorm--I'd forgotten about that but yes, you have to rescue someone don't you?

Yeah, what is Casey looking at? We will see what Zeke has planned for his boy ;)

Summerstorm ... I'm always thinking about it and it WILL come to an end, promise, though I don't know when ;)

"You are mine, Casey! And I'm definitely not gonna share you, not even in your mind." *dies* I love this!

But what is in that bedroom to make Casey gasp?

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Yes, what is in the bedroom? What has Zeke in his mind? We will see ...

(Deleted comment)
Oh, I like writing this parts, it's so much fun ;)
Thank you for reading!

Oh my god what? Oh my god WHAT???

Damn you, woman!!

I love Zeke's teasing side. He's too hot! I'm not in the least surprised he managed to charm a key out of Brian.

Now... oh my god WHAT??

Tell ME!!!

*camps in your journal*

Lol, don't do this to me! This is too much!

I like Zeke's teasing side, too. Just wonder what he is planning for Casey .... oh wait, I think, I already know ;)

Arrgh! No, not the TBC!!!!!
*camps with gaby*

No more TBC ??? Well, maybe I should stop here ;)

Noooo, I couldn't! Poor boys!

Wait!!!.... no, not a cliffie again. This is a cruel way to keep the interest of your readers.

Aw, c'mon, the cliffhanger are the best of a series - I love them ;)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I love Zeke this way, too. He is always a bit unsure when it comes to feelings but he really love his Casey.

We will see soon what will happen next ;)

Restraints! Rope, cuffs, anything--plz tell me that's what Casey sees!! *hopes, prays, runs to next part* LOVE playing catch-up with hawt fic!!

I knew you would like this shit ;)

I was thrilled that Zeke would go to all the trouble of making secret plans for a love-nest for him and Casey!

From going slow and easy, Zeke has revved into being predator!Zeke, pouncing like a devil and dominating Casey. He seems to know just what Casey finds most exciting and all his sexy, scary promises are sending him wild with anticipation. Me too!

What on earth does he see?? *hops to next chp*

Oh yes, great devil meets little devil ... wow ...

""You are mine, Casey! And I'm definitely not gonna share you, not even in your mind."
Oooooh, I LOVE this!!! *melts and dies*
Great chapter, sweetie!


Yes, I like this, too ;)


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