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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (27/ 32 )

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Title: Pictures (27/ 32 )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R, maybe a little bit NC 17
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

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Casey's Grandma had told them that it was not necessary to work so much at the farm. They had repaired the fence, worked in the orchard and then they had started with the old barn. It was a dusty, dirty, strenuous work, because the barn, used for years as a storage space for old tools and furniture, was stuffed full to the rafters. But they had cleared it out completely within a  week. Next it was time for repairing the barn door and painting the walls.

"You've done a great job," Casey's Grandma said at breakfast when they discussed their plans for the day.
"Now it's time to enjoy your vacation. Just have a little bit fun."

"It's okay, Grandma," Casey answered.
"We have a lot of fun in the barn!"

Grinning he noticed Zeke getting up and leaving the kitchen without saying another word. He could have bet, that he had been blushing. After helping his grandma cleaning the kitchen he followed Zeke to the barn. He was standing in front of the door, trying to remove some rotten wooden slats.

"Hey. Lemme help you," Casey said.

Zeke didn't even look up. He continued working steady and ruthless.
"Better step aside, okay. It could sliver and hurt you!"

Casey swallowed. He hadn't intended to offend him.
"Hey! You mad about me? It was not that bad. She's cool with it!"

Finally Zeke put the tools aside. He tried to look firm, but Casey could see his eyes sparkling amused. He breathed a sigh of relief.
"Yeah, sure! And probably she is thinking that I'm gonna fuck you right now," Zeke said.

Casey put his arms around his Zeke's neck and pulled him a bit closer.
"Well," he whispered.
"If you think, she thinks that we both are just doing it right now ... then ... maybe we could just do it!"

Zeke answered with a smooth kiss.
"You don't give up, eh?" he murmured.

Casey chuckled slightly.
"Nope! I know what I want. And you want it too. You fucking need me! Lemme show you."

The kiss deepened and Zeke groaned. Of course, Casey was right. He wanted him. He couldn't deny it. It became more and more difficult to resist him. The last two weeks had build up Casey's self-confidence. He was inexperienced and sometimes a bit unsure, but he was ready to learn. He was ready to try out anything. And he was a good observer. He felt it if he pushed Zeke up to his limits - and he enjoyed doing it.

Eager, little boy. Hot, little devil.

Zeke knew that Casey wanted to do the next step. Nevertheless, he hesitated. For years he had supressed his own first-time-experiences. He didn't want to remember how much it had hurt - physically and emotionally. Later he had learned that sex could be fun and he had enjoyed it. But he had never really cared for his partners, they were just sex buddies to have fun with.

With Casey it was different. Zeke wanted his first time to be something special. Not a quick fuck in the barn or somewhere at the lake. No pressure of time. Not angst-ridden of discovery. Something, he would never forget. Something, he could enjoy.

Geez! What the hell was this boy doing now? This felt good - all too good ...

Zeke could hear him chuckling.
"Do you like this?"

"Fuck, yeah!"

"So sorry!"
Suddenly Casey stepped away from him. Zeke blinked surprised and tried to pull him back. He didn't want this to stop. But Casey dodged his arms and smirked.
"I think, I don't wanna do this. It seems not to be the right time now!"

Zeke couldn't resist a wide grin.
"Casey! Are you trying to play with me?"

Casey shrugged.
"Just pay back, Zeke. I think, I'm not gonna do anything again, if you don't fuck me! I don't even kiss you any more. I promise!"

Zeke cocked an eyebrow.
"You don't?"


"Okay then. And how about me kissing you?"

Casey melted into his kiss. He knew, he was lost again.


When Casey heard the GTO stopping in front of the house he run out onto the porch.

Zeke was gone this morning, driving to Munchie. To do some important errands, as he had told them. Without him!

Casey tried to tell himself that this was okay. Maybe Zeke needed a bit time just for himself. He wasn't used to it, being together with other people all over the time. But he seemed to be happy on the farm, together with him, together with his Grandma. He was, wasn't he? He didn't miss his freedom?

Casey sighed. He had tried to work a bit in the barn, but there he had missed him even more. He had tried to take some photos, but he couldn't find new, attractive motifs. At last he had offered his Grandma to help her in the kitchen. She had smiled at him.
"Is it that bad?"

Casey shrugged.
"It's stupid, I know. A few weeks ago we were just two loner and we had nothing in common. And now ... Sometimes it feels like a dream. And I'm waiting that I awake out of it!"

"Don't worry, Casey, he'll come back. He loves you, y'know. He is a nice guy."

Casey smiled when he remembered this while he was waiting for Zeke getting out of the car. But he didn't. He turned down the window and grinned all over the face.
"Hey, dream-boy! Did you miss me?"

Casey went over to the GTO and bent down for a peck.
"Mhm,"he murmured and tried to catch a glimpse into the GTO. Maybe Zeke had brought something along for him? Some of these delicious fruits, covered in chocolate, Casey liked so much?

Zeke followed his look and chuckled.
"Curious as ever, eh? Okay then, c'mon! Get into the car!"

Casey blinked surprised.
"We are leaving again?"



"I'm gonna show you, how much I've missed you," Zeke said.

This sounded mysterious. Casey chuckled and climbed into the passengers seat.
"Will we go for longer? Grandma ... maybe we should tell her!"

"She already knows!"
Zeke laughed at his puzzled look.
"Just wait, okay?"

Zeke drove down the street, through the little village and finally he turned into a small back road to the sea. Casey frowned. He couldn't imagine what Zeke had in his mind. He knew this road all to well. The street led around the lake, passed a few vacation homes and ended in the middle of nowhere.

Nowhere? Casey's heart beat faster. He remembered the last monday. He remembered Zeke's promise: "I'm gonna think about it!" Oh God! It would happen today. Suddenly he was sure about it. Zeke would finally do it. Today! In the middle of nowhere! In his fucking car!

Casey swallowed. He had pictured it so often. In his mind it was always wonderful, it was tender, it was romantic. But these were dreams. Zeke was not the romantic type. Candles, roses, soft music, champagne ... only shit for girls in his eyes. But Zeke would be gentle, he knew this. Was it really important where it was gonna happen? It would be wonderful, wouldn't it? Even if he had wished another place than the back seat of a car for his first time.

Casey felt Zeke throwing a quick side glance at him, his usual, amused grin on his lips.
"Stop thinking, dream-boy," he murmured.
"Just let it happen!"

Casey felt blushing. As ever he could see through him all too well.

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