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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (26/ ? )

I don't want you to wait too much, so here is the next part of "Pictures".

Title: Pictures (26/ ??? )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twentyone / twentytwo / twentythree / twentyfour / twentyfive /

Casey's Grandma stood in front of the cooker when they entered the kitchen. She turned around and smiled.
"Oh, there you are! You could set the table, dinner is ready soon!"

Casey swallowed. Everything was as usual. She didn't seem to suspect anything. For a short moment he thought about keeping his mouth shut. It wouldn't be a lie, would it? But then he felt Zeke's warmth, nearness and protection. This was what he wanted. No more hiding. He didn't want to wait for the moment she would finally find out - maybe now - or now - or now ...

"Grandma! We've to talk to you!"

He had said it without thinking even longer. She looked at him quietly and nodded.

"Yeah, maybe! Y'know, you can always talk to me, if you really want it. But one thing, Casey! No more lies! Better to keep quiet than to lie at my.  We could always trust each other. Don't start now betraying me!"

Zeke got the point of it immediately.
"Sorry," he murmured.

She looked across to him.
"For what?"

"For lying at you. Earlier on, in the shower. But ... "

She smiled slightly.
"It's all right. I think, I would have done the same in your position. And maybe I should also apologize to you both!"

Casey gasped for air.
"You ... to us? Why?"

"I know, I put you under pressure a bit. It wasn't right to do this. It's just your business."

"You ... you know about it?"

"About you and Zeke in the bathroom? Yes, I know!"

"Oh God," Casey groaned.
"But ... how can you stay so calm? I mean, you've to be disappointed, furious ... whatever!"

His Grandma threw a pensive look at both. Casey felt unsure, he tried to avoid her eyes. Zeke stood near behind Casey. His eyes looked at her directly, full of defiance and determination. She couldn't resist a smile.

"Well, this wouldn't change anything, wouldn't it? If I'm gonna kick Zeke out of the house, would you let him go?"

Casey hesitated only one short moment, then he leaned back even closer to Zeke.
"No! If you want Zeke to leave, I'll go with him. Sorry!"

"Don't be sorry! I thought as much! You've already made your decision, right? To be honest, it doesn't surprise me so much as you may suppose!"

Casey gasped.
"You did already knew it before? He has told you?"

His Grandma gave him a questioning look.
"What are you talking about?"

Casey swallowed.
"Dad," he whispered.

His grandmother hesitated for a moment.
"You've told him about this?"

Casey shook the head.
"Not exactly! It was more by mischance. The day when we've argued about the art school. I've told you about it. He has ripped my photoalbums out of the shelve and then ... there were these pictures. They've fallen out ... Photos of  ...  well, even such photos!"

His Grandma sighed.
"Yes, this explains a lot. It was the day when he has hit you and kicked you out off the house, right? Your father sometimes can be so closed-minded and totally blind to the obvious. It wouldn't have caught him off guard if he just had looked at you before. I've guessed it long before that you might be more interested in guys than in girls."

"Is it that evident,"asked Casey stunned.

"No, don't worry! But I know you, Casey, for seventeen years now. You've always trusted me. You told me everything what was going on in your mind. But you've never spoken about a girl. Unusual for a boy at your age, unless ... you're simply not interested in them!"

Casey felt how he became red.
"However, I've never spoken about a guy, too, right?"

His Grandma smiled.
"Well, let's put it this way! There was not much I didn't knew about Zeke, before I got to know him. 

I remember the day when Zeke came to Herrington High ... how long ago? Two years? You've called me after school to tell me about this new guy ... Since then he was always part of our conversations. No, you've never talked exactly about him. You just told me about school, about the last test, about a new school project, even about football. And you always found a reason to mention him.

I didn't knew how far it was going, but it was hard to ignore that he was someone special for you!"

Casey gasped for air and he could hear Zeke giggling slightly.
"Don't kid yourself," he hissed.

The grin deepened, then Zeke put his arms around Casey's chest and pulled him back, nearer to himself.

"I'm gonna tell you a secret," he murmured softly, so near to Casey's the ear that his breath was tickling him.
"My first day at this hellhole ... in the washing room ... I just wanted to check out the locality, and there you were. Your nose was bleeding. I didn't care. Y'know, there is a loser in every school, a geek, everyone likes to push around, everyone laughs at. But then you looked up, exactly at me ... and everything was completely different. For the next two years I tried to ignore you  ... stupid try! Cos since this moment I wanted you ... all the time ..."

Then he remembered. Damned. He was not alone with Casey. His Grandma ... Zeke let him go and stepped back.
"Sorry," he said.

Smiling Casey's Grandma shook the head.
"Believe me, Zeke, years ago I also was young and in love. It's okay, I can handle it."
Then she got serious again.
"I must admit, at the beginning I was a bit worried. Not about you, being together. If this is what you want, you want it. Feelings can be such a twisted thing. But unfortunately there are much more people thinking like your father does. It won't be easy ... But, well, you will cope with it! You're strong enough. I'm so proud of you, of both of you!"

Casey swallowed.
"Proud of us for being gay?"

His Grandma chuckled.
"That's not the point, Case! I'm proud of you for staying here. For talking to me. For not lying. For standing together. You can make it, I'm sure! Just be careful, okay?"
She cleared her throat.
"Hrm. But before this is going out of control ... Time for dinner! What do you think about fried chicken and fries and for dessert blueberry muffins?"

Casey grinned. His favorite food since he was a little boy.
"Grandma, I love you,"he whispered and all of them knew that he was not talking just about the dinner.

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Ich muss mich mal melden, Prisca. Ich habe es versucht - hier und auch woanders, aber ich komme einfach nicht klar mit diesem Pairing. Es ist also nix gegen deine Schreiberei, dass ich hier nie feedback abgeben, sondern daran, dass ich das Pairing einfach nicht lesen kann. Ich habe keine Ahnung warum. Das ist als würde ich Aragorn und Frodo lesen, das geht bei mir auch nicht.

Also, es hat nichts mit deiner Story zu tun, dass von mir nur das große Schweigen kommt.

Ach Cat, jetzt hast du mich aber zum Lachen gebracht. Mach' dir keine Gedanken, ist schon okay, ich lese ja auch nur, was mir Spaß macht. Es gibt einfach Pairings zu denen man keinen Zugang findet.

Was ich an den beiden finde ist mir sowieso ein Rätsel, keine Ahnung, wie ich darauf gestoßen bin. Aber ich liiieeebe sie ;)

I knew she'd be cool about it. Poor stressy Casey. But with Zeke behind him to back up his strength. Maybe now they can begin to move forwards :)

Jepp, she's such a nice Grandma and she really love the boys. We will see what happens next.

What an insightful and loving Grandma. I like how she knew about Zeke before he showed up and how Zeke confessed he had been drawn to Casey since his first day at Herrington High. *happy sigh*

Yessss, my boys, I like them, too. ;) And Grandma, well, she's just a Grandma and loves her boy(s).

I can understand GM's POV. Children simply don't give older folks credit for having lived, having insight or understanding. I do like how gently GM dealt with the boys though, without accusation or condemnation. I see Zeke felt that if it was confession time, he may as well fess up. At least the boys have a sanctuary with GM.

I really like writing Casey's GM. He needed someone like her - and now she and Zeke are part of his life. Good for him!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, mews. I like writing about Casey's GM, she really is a nice woman, ready to accept the boys like they are.

Oh, this went better even than I hoped! She's a darling sweetheart and okay, enough already with the embarrassing revelations about how Casey couldn't shut up about Zeke! *g* But then Zeke has a revelation of his own and everything just keeps getting better. They have somewhere to stay and someone to watch out for them and give them approval and love while their relationship is new and growing. I'm so happy for them. And Grandma is a smart puss, she gets to keep her darling grandson close and she probably just earned Zeke's undying loyalty too. Fabulous!

Lol. Yes, I know, it was a bit embarrassing but cute, too and I also like Zeke revelation. Yes, a relationship is new for both of them, but they are so in love ... maybe things will go well from now on ... or maybe not?!? Who knows?

Edited at 2009-10-17 10:58 am (UTC)

Yeah!! I knew it!!! She loves him, the real him!!! Now they can be together, really together ;) !
*hugs tight*

Of course, she loves him and she likes Zeke, too. She knows that there is nothing she could do against their love and she wants to see the boys happy.

Sorry to be behind, yet again!!

Aw... KNEW she'd be good about it. She's been too warm and caring for anything else. If only his dad would be like this. *sigh* Off to the next bit!

No problem, read it whenever you want ;)

Yeah, it's difficult for poor Casey to deal with his dad - but thanks God for his GM and for Zeke.

What a loving Grandma she is! She'll be always an anchor for them and they'll need one now and then.
Great chapter, sweetie!
*jumps to part 27*

Oh yes, she is ... and the boys needs someone like her.

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