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Love you friend

Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (25/ 32 )

Oh my, what have I done? Ten days since my last part of "Pictures" - my muse was not ready to work together with me. But now it's time for the next part. I admit, I'm not soo happy with it, because it didn't turn out as planned. Well, sometimes my stories take on a life of its own. But maybe you will like it at least a bit ;)

Title: Pictures (25/32)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twentyone / twentytwo / twentythree / twentyfour /

Casey squirmed under Zeke's hard grip. Tears rose up into his eyes. At this moment he was sure to have lost everything.

"I don't know, Zeke," he whispered.
"I don't know whether I'm coming or going! My Grandma ... she is the only one who was always there for me. If I lose her now, too ... then I'm gonna be quite alone!"

In the next moment Zeke pulled him even closer. Casey tried to escape from his embrace, but Zeke's grip was harsh and resolute. He pressed his lips on Casey's, it was a rough and possessive kiss, he had never kissed him like this before. Never before Casey had felt so much anger and rage in Zeke. He was a bit scared, but finally he couldn't resist any longer. He wrapped his arms around Zeke's neck and melted into the kiss. It was dizzying, nearly like drowning.

Breathlessly he stared at Zeke, when he finally let him go. His eyes sparkled when he reached for Casey's chin and held it.
"And now tell me, Casey," he hissed.
"Tell me, that you don't like it! Look at me and tell me, that you don't want me. And I will get outta your life in this minute ... and you can do whatever you want! Let him win and dump your life!"

Casey gasped for air, though the answer was quite easy. In this moment he knew who was he and what he wanted. He loved his Grandma and he didn't want to lose her. But he was gay and he wanted to be together with Zeke. What felt he with him he had never felt before. He couldn't and wouldn't give this up.

"I want you," he whispered.
"More than anyone else!"

Zeke relaxed visibly. His hard grip loosened. When he kissed Casey once again, it was just a smooth, gentle touch.

"Good," he murmured.
"Then, please, never think this shit again, okay?  I don't wanna lose you, y'know? I want to be together with you!"

Casey took a deep breath. His heart started pounding, even if his mind refused to believe Zeke's words.
"You don't have to do this, Zeke,"he murmured.
"You don't have to promise anything to me!"

Zeke frowned.
"What are you talking about?"

"I know, you don't want a serious relationship. You've told me often enough, that you can't stand it to be together with someone for longer ... It's okay! I like to be your friend. It's fun together with you. But ...however ... when time is coming and you want to move on ...  it's okay!"

Casey swallowed. To be honest, he knew better. It wouldn't be okay. It would fucking hurt. He didn't want to let him go. But he knew, it would be the worst to try to put the bite on him. Zeke was Zeke and Zeke needed to feel free.

He stared at Casey bewildered.
"Geez, Casey! What the hell do you think, what I'm doing here? If it would be just about fucking you, don't you think, I could have got this long time ago?

Yeah, I want you, Casey! You've the cutest, little ass I've ever seen and sometimes you drive me crazy with it. I dream about fucking you. But I won't do it. Not, before you're ready for it. I know how it feels, if someone just use you for his own pleasure. It fucking hurts, Casey. I would never do this to you ....

Wanna know why? ...

Because I fucking love you!"

Casey stared at him dumbfound. Also Zeke kept quiet. He felt unsure. He didn't know why he had said this. He hadn't even thought about it before. Love?! Zeke Tyler didn't fall in love! Love was just a stupid, trite word, used by stupid, pushy girls. But nevertheless, love seemed to be the only word to describe his feelings for Casey. He had never felt like this before. He couldn't imagine to be without him again.

"Casey, please, say something!"

"If I can think of anything!"
Casey giggled a bit abashed.
"This is a dream, isn't it? I'll never ever go to bed again! When I fall asleep, I'll have to wake up eventually and then ... "

Zeke chuckled slightly.
"Then I'll be still here, Casey. I promise you! As long as you don't send away me, I'm gonna stay with you!  Try to trust me, please!"

At this moment there was no holding back any longer. Casey threw the arms around Zeke's neck.
"Like a boyfriend?" he whispered.
"You are my boyfriend now?"

Zeke pulled him even closer. Boyfriend - this sounded so serious. Boyfriend, girlfriend - in the past alone the sound of this words had always freaked him out. Casey! Zeke relaxed. His first real boyfriend, his first relationship since nearly two years - and the last one had been just a single disaster. But there were no fear, no doubt any longer. There was just Casey.

He smiled.
"Like your friend ... your boyfriend ... your lover. Whatever you want me to be!"

Casey kissed him softly, then he let him go. He looked at him. It was real! No dream! Zeke wanted to be together with him. Well, they had kinda been together for the last weeks, but it felt different now. No more dreams! There could be a future with Zeke. Determined he took Zeke's hand.
"C'mon, let's go!"


"Let's go downstairs. I think, she is waiting for us!"

Zeke hesitated.
"Case! What do you wanna do? We could find a good story to tell her ..."

But Casey shook his head.
"No! I don't know if she will understand. Maybe ... maybe I will hurt her. And maybe ... maybe she will be disgusted ... but ... I'm not gonna lie to her! I never did before. I'm not gonna start with it now!"

Zeke heard his voice trembling and he knew, Casey was afraid of this conversation.
"Strong, little boy," he whispered.
"I'm proud of you!"

Casey shrugged.
"Urg, I'm not ... it just looks like this. Just stay with me, Zeke!"

"Sure, I will! It's all about us, isn't it?"

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Mt fics wander off all the time. I need to put my muse on a leash! I've discovered a way of keeping them on path but they still don't say exactly what I intended.

This was the defining chapter I think. Zeke realises he's not scared of a real relationship, he's in love. Casey realises he has a future with Zeke and is given the strength to face his fears.

They've developed so nicely.

*hugs you, your muse and your boys*

Thanks. I'm so glad that you at least like it a bit.

Hugs you back!

YAY! They've finally worked out the kinks and know what they feel and what they want from each other. Now we just have to hope Grandma's okay with this.

Well, it was time for the boys to talk about their feelings, especially Casey needs a bit more self-confidence and maybe it will help to know what he really means to Zeke. I think, we will see what GM is gonna do soon ...

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Sometimes the story just writes itself, which must be what happened here. So Casey and Zeke are finally together, it was the right time for them. Now they must face GM who might be more aware that they think, but I'll guess you'll let us know.

You sure? Well, yeah, I think, I will let you know ;) Thanks for reading!

(Deleted comment)
I think, for both of them it's difficult to deal with their "new" feelings but they are on the right way now. Together they can be strong. And Casey's GM, yes, we will see ...

I'm so okay with this decision boys!! Go on!!!!

Lol, I knew, you would be okay with this. Thanks for reading and hugs back.

I was getting my boots on, preparing for the ass-kicking of a lifetime when Casey started up with the 'we can be friends' crap. Moron. But then it worked out... thank god. He's too cute to kick in the face, even if he deserves it. ;)

Yay! I'll bet Grandma wears a cocky grin, serves dinner and slaps a few rubbers on the dinner table as her 'message'. Lol! Get crackin' on the next part, girl! *brandishes whip*!

Oh, what a nice idea ... this would be fun, but poor Casey.

Grandmas always know anyway... ^_~ It is true.
Liked this chapter, don't make us wait too long for the next.

Lol, Grandmothers are like this, aren't they? We will see aoon, very soon ;)

"Like a boyfriend?" he whispered.
"You are my boyfriend now?"
"Like your friend ... your boyfriend ... your lover. Whatever you want me to be!"

How wonderful! What a great moment. They have both pushed through their insecurities to really offer themselves to one another. I love it. It's heartbreaking how astonished Casey is but his joy and surprise are beautiful. And Zeke is surprising so many new feelings in himself and being delighted to find that they cause him only happiness. It's wonderful. I hope their interview with Grandma goes okay!

It's great for the boys, isn't it? Finally to know that it is a lot more than just a summerflirt between them. But who knows, what GM is thinking about all this ...

Edited at 2009-10-17 10:47 am (UTC)

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