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Love you friend

I'm back!

Hello again! Back from Bonn and Ring Con! A bit tired, but, well ...

...it was nice - not the Ring Con I knew, but really, really nice. To meet friends, to have fun.

Not as much Twilight as expected, more LotR as expected. There is a Fan-Project called "Born of hope".  They worked on their movie for over two years now. It tells the story of Arathorn and Gilraen and the young Aragorn. On Ring Con there was the word-premiere and I really, really like it. It's a real nearly 90 minutes long movie and it's done really well. In December they will go online with the movie. Maybe you should check out their webside:  www.bornofhope.com . I think it's worth it!

And then Kyle Schmid :)

Okay, my friend didn't ask him about taking of his shirt :( - and I'm sure, he wouldn't have done it. He always wore a baseball cap (he is cute with it ;) ) - someone asked him to put it off for at least a moment but he just smiled and said "No!" ... but in a very charming way. Yes, he was the highlight of my Con and I think not only my highlight, he is really a heartbreaker. Maybe he's not as sexy as Henry (Henry is the Vamire he played in Blood ties) but, well, Henry is 500 years old and Kyle is just 25, he has a lot time to grow up.

And his smile is absolute amazing, look in this smile and you're ready to forget everything around you.

Kyle as Henry Fitzroy - just MINE !

click on the pic for a great version

And now back to reality, back to LJ and to my boys ( no, I didn't forget them, don't be afraid) - time to read - time to write more ....


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(Deleted comment)

Oh yes, I think, Kyle was the winner of this Con - he surprised a lot of people, visitors and the Con-Orga, too. First he was announced for one photosession, but his line was so long, that they scheduled a second one next day. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, hon.

Yes, it was fun to meet old friends and Kyle brought back a little bit of the old con-feeling for me.

I'm so glad you had a good time, sweetie.
Wow. This guy is an eyecatcher, isn't he? :-))

Oh yes, he is, I think he broke a lot of hearts at Ring-Con, especially on sunday evening after Con in the bar ... when he gave "good-night-kisses" to nearly every woman :) (Okay, I was far, far away - thanks god)

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