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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (24/ 32 )

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving to Bonn to Ring Con, but I want to leave you something to read.  Have fun with it - enjoy your weekend and write - write - write ... I'll be back on monday evening and when I'm going to check out LJ I hope to find more of the boys ... 

Title: Pictures (24 / 32)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating:  light NC 17
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twentyone / twentytwo / twentythree


Casey looked at him, feeling a bit anxious now. He leaned against the wall of the shower for minutes now, with closed eyes, he tried to recover his breath and he kept silent.

Casey didn't know what to do. It had been amazing. Incredibly new, incredibly thrilling, incredibly intense. First he had felt unsure when Zeke dropped his clothes and followed him into the shower, but then ...

It was like it should be. It felt right. He had done what he had always dreamed about, but it felt so much better than every dream. It was not the time to think about it, it was the time to do whatever he wanted to do. And Zeke let it happen. Or, to tell the truth - he didn't just let it happen, he demanded it - more and more and more. And it felt good. Casey knew that it was him - and only him - who did all this. He had the power to make Zeke groaning and shivering and squirming around. He loved to feel his fingers grabbing into his hair, pulling, yanking - it hurt, but it was good, so damned good.

When Zeke finally came, it happened so suddenly and it didn't seem to want to end.

"Zeke! Please .... please, say something!"

Casey sounded nearly desperate. Finally Zeke opened the eyes. He stretched out his arms and pulled Casey in a tight embrace. Casey could feel his heartbeat, his chest raised and fell with his gasping breath.

"Jesus fucking Christ!"


Zeke chuckled slightly.
"You sure that you never did this before?"

Casey swallowed.
"Sure, I am!"

Zeke's grin deepened while he pulled him still closer in a smooth kiss.
"Oh God! One day you're gonna kill me!"

"Zeke, can you please stop talking in fucking riddles? You make me nervous!"

"Awww - don't be," grinned Zeke.
"You are a sly, little devil, y'know. Acting so shy and innocent - and then - bang. It was nearly deep throating ... "

Casey blinked confused.
"It was what?"

"Fucking hot," Zeke chuckled.
"God, Casey, you are so cute. C'mon, dream boy!"

When he lifted him into his arms, Casey squirmed giggling.This afternoon was the very best of his whole life. Never before he had felt like this. Zeke liked what he did to him. He was hot! He was devilish! He liked what Zeke did to him, too. And there could be more ...

"Zeke! What are you doing?"

"Putting you to bed," he whispered into his ear. It tickled and Casey giggled a bit more.
"And then I'm gonna show you!"

Shivers were running down Casey's spine. Whatever his intentions would be, it sounded ...

A knock at the door made them wince. Zeke reacted fast as lightning, he put Casey back onto his feet and put a hand over his mouth to shut him up.

"Shshsh," he murmured.

The voice of Casey's Grandma sounded a bit low by the door. Casey's eyes opened wide in shock. Zeke stroked his cheek reassuringly, but his hand was still laying over his mouth.

"You are back," he asked

"Yes. I was just on the highway, when the car broke down. I had to call a breakdown service. They towed me back here."

"Oh! I could have a look at it tomorrow. I  know a little bit about cars!"
Zeke tried not to sound too fidgety, though all he wanted was to hear her finally go back downstairs, so he and Casey could sneak back into their rooms, dress up and everything would be okay. 

"This would be nice," he heard her saying, then steps to the stairway. Zeke took a deep breath and let Casey go.
"Ähm ... Zeke? Do you know where Casey is? I can't find him!"

Zeke saw Casey wincing. Also his heart was in his mouth.

"I don't know," he finally murmured.
"He said something about a new photoproject yesterday. Maybe he is going to check out the motifs."

"Yeah, maybe. Well, I'm sure, he will be back soon. In the meantime I'll go and make us a good dinner!"

"There is no need for it," Zeke said and he felt bad.
"We could have a pizza or something."

"Nothing great," she said, her voice low and distant now. She finally seemed to go downstairs.
"Y'know, I like spoiling you boys a bit."

Zeke sighed. Casey's Grandma had always been so nice to him, he didn't want to lie to her.
Casey stared at him with big, blue eyes.
"She knows," he whispered.
"She knows that I'm here with you!"

Zeke shook his head. He felt as helpless and uncertain as Casey did, but he knew that he had to be as cool as ever. Casey was nearly in panic, this was enough for the moment.
"Case! Shshsh! Case! Please ... please, calm down a bit!"

He tried to take him in the arm again, but Casey pushed away him.
"She knows it," he repeated.
"Oh God, what shall we do now?"

"Anything but going crazy! Maybe she doesn't know. Let me go to check things out. If she is busy in the kitchen, you could sneak out of the house. Take your camera with you ... Then you can come back and tell her about a new photoproject ... "

Casey stared at him. After a while he shook his head.
"I don't want to do this," he whispered.
"She was the only one who always was there for me. The only one who believed in me. I don't want to lie to her face!"

Zeke looked at him thoughtfully.
"Yeah, me neither. It feels like betraying her. She was always fair to me. Maybe ... well, maybe we should tell her the truth!"

"About what? That we were fucking in her bathroom?"

Zeke couldn't resist to chuckle.
"You wish, eh?"
Casey looked at him injured.
"This is not funny, Zeke, not now!"

Zeke pulled the face.
"Yeah, I know, sorry! But I can't see any other way. We can't hide for her forever!"

Casey gasped.
"Oh God! She will hate me, Zeke!"

He looked so hopeless that Zeke wanted to hold him, to kiss him - but he knew, Casey couldn't cope with such nearness in the moment. And he just put an arm around his shoulder.

"I don't think so. She's your Grandma, Case. And she loves you! She loves you like you are!"

Casey stared at him as if he hadn't heard him at all.
"She will look at me full of fury and disdain. She will think, that I'm just a perverted, depraved whore. My Dad says I'm! Maybe he is right. Maybe I'm just like this. What I've done today ... it was ... it was ...  "

He broke off when Zeke reached for his chin and turned his head. His grip was hard, his eyes sparkled furiously.

"Stop it, Casey, stop this bullshit, okay! If you think that he's right, Casey, if you think that he's right, everything what has happened today was just a lie! All you've done. All you've felt. It meant nothing, Casey, nothing  ... if you really think, that he's right!" 

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