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Why I'm going to Ring Con

Hey Cat ... ich bin da wenn du deinen Vortrag hälst, versprochen! Und vielleicht laufen wir uns ja auch mal so über den Weg!

I was sure, I wouldn't go to Ring Con this year because it isn't the Ring Con I loved for years any longer. It started seven years ago and it was all about Lord of the Rings. It was great to meet other people who loved the same things like me. Never before I was going to a Convention, I'm not the type for this - but I fall in love with the atmosphere.

Over the years things changed. 2006 was my personal highlight - to meet Sean Astin, to see him ( at last together with his girls) on stage, this was unbelievable and ... it was the reason that I finally ended here in a Life Journal. Thank you, Sean!

Well, I admit, I still love Lord of the rings and Sean Astin is still a great actor and a wonderful man for me ... but things changed. Also Ring Con changed. It's not about LotR any longer, other Fandoms like Pirates, Harry Potter and Twilight are part of the Ring Con now. A lot of "old" fans and friends are not coming any longer and last year was the first I don't go to Ring Con though I missed it a bit.

And this year ... well, all about Twilight and Vampires, it's not mine and I didn't wanted to go. But last weekend a friend was visiting me. She is going to Ring Con and we talked a lot about it and ... well ...

to make a long story short.

We talked about "Blood ties" and Kyle Schmid too ( he and Dylan Neal are coming to Con this year) Hm ... Kyle is really cute and I said, maybe I would come to Con too if someone could promise me a Kyle shirtless :) ... Yeah ... that was it: she promised me to ask him in his panel to pull his shirt off ... urgh ...

How could I resist this offer? :) (O my god, what have I done ??? )

Well, all I want to say: I will be at Ring Con from Friday to Monday .. and I know I will miss all of you ( and my boys - wouldn't it be great to have a Casey on Con ??? dream on, Prisca ) sooo much ...

If want to see more pics of Kyle, use this link Squarehippies.com

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Criminy, he looks like Jared Padlecki of SPN fame. :P!

I wouldn't go crazy-interested either, but it DOES sound like fun! Go for it! Me, myself, I would've loved to go to a few cons back in the day. Alas, no cash. Be thankful that you had the chance to go when everything was still shiny and bright. :)

Yeah, he really looks like Jared :)
The Con was always great, now it's more about meeting friends and a bit nostalgia.

I wouldn't be all that interested now either, but still, being with friends is fun no matter what you do. Enjoy!

Oh, I'm sure I will enjoy it. Meeting friends is always great. Thanks, Addie.

Enjoy it, my dear. It sounds like fun! I'll miss you!!!
*hugs close*

Oh, I will enjoy it, I'm sure. But I'll miss my LJ, too, though it's just for a few days (no, I'm not addicted ;) )

Yay! ich hoffe sehr, dass ein paar Leute zu meinem Vortrag kommen - noch mehr hoffe ich, dass ihr nicht enttäuscht seid.
Aber ich verspreche, wenn die Zeit reicht, dann gibts am Ende meines Vortrags ein LotR-Vampire-special ;)))

Well, maybe I ask him, too, to take his shirt off ... I mean, I would do it just for you, just for you ... naaaa, not for me. Really ;)))

:) Ich werde auf jeden Fall da sein. Ist ja irgendwie auch eine dumme Zeit (parallel zur Autogrammstunde und zum Vamirschminken) und dann noch im großen Saal. Aber du machst das schon. Und LotR Vampire Special hört sich gut an :)

Oh, excellent love! I'm so happy for you. Aren't cons wonderful??? And omg yes, a Casey Con ... a Casey and ZEKE Con - the ultimate!

As for your boy ... well, he's no Zeke, but he is darn cute!

Enjoy, sweetness!

Yes, Cons are fun, this one was, too, in another way than before. Well, things changes, right?

Three years ago Casey ... ähm ... Frodo ;) was announced for Ring Con, but he cancelled - well, I admit, I was not so mad about it, because Sean Astin was coming instead of him. My hero :)

But now, after reading FF (I never thought I would) I would love to meet Casey ... and ... oh ... Zeke ...

Casey & Zeke ( & Henry Fitzroy, lol ) for Ring Con 2010 !!! I would pay nearly every price for this Con.

Edited at 2009-10-07 08:44 am (UTC)

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