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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (23 / 32 )

Hallo LJ. Hello F-List. I just want to wish you a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Mine will be great, I'm sure.

First: two weeks vacation :) - no, I'm not going anywhere, just staying home, doing a bit housework and stuff and just enjoy the free time ... and my LJ ... so, c'mon and write a bit ...

Second: tomorrow a really good friend is coming for a two-day-visit ... this is great, because we phoned nearly every week but I haven't meet her for month. I've infected her a bit with Casey & Zeke, so I think, the boys won't left me this weekend ;)

And now: Pictures Part 23 - I hope you will like it at least a bit ... :)

Title: Pictures (23 / 32)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating:  NC 17
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twentyone / twentytwo /

Zeke frowned. What was this?

Casey's thumb was gliding softly over his breast again. He bent forward to kiss him. Casey's lips were searching, touching, finally his tongue found one nipple to lick around. And Zeke stopped breathing. Casey had found some self-confidence during the last days, he was all too willing to respond all the caress Zeke gave to him. But he never had made the first move before. Well, apart from his offer one week ago - but Zeke knew, this had been just desperation, because he wanted to leave the farm and go back to Herrington. Casey was not like this. Casey needed his time. Though Zeke had to admit: his teasing now was hot. Shivers went down his spine. This felt definitely much too good. He should stop it now, or  ...

"Let's go home," Casey murmured.

Zeke blinked confused. What was that supposed to mean? First he tried to flirt with him and now, out of the blue, he just wanted to go back to the farm?
"Something wrong, Case," he asked warily.

"It's so fucking hot today. We really should go home and ... maybe take a shower!"

Zeke couldn't get it. But then he felt the slight hesitation in Casey's answer. He frowned and looked at him curiously.

"You know, my grandma is gone to Muncie today. She always does once a month and she never come back before late in the evening. So ... we both would be quite alone, right?"


Casey took a deep breath.
"And ... do you wanna share? The shower, I mean!"

Zeke turned to his side and leaned back on his elbow. Casey tried to keep his face firm, but he knew that he was blushing. Shit! He knew, he wanted this. He knew, he was ready for it. No matter what Zeke was thinking. He ...

Zeke chuckled slightly.
"For what? Do you wanna wash my back?"

Casey pulled a face.
"Well, if you like this," he snapped.

Next moment Casey found himself in Zeke's arms.
"God, you are so amazing! C'mere!"

And he started to kiss him. Zeke had kissed him many times before, soft and seductive, sometimes possesive. But today something was different, he could feel this.
"Zeke, I ..."

Zeke put his thumb onto Casey's lips.
"Trust me. I'm not gonna do anything you don't want. Y'know this, don't you?"

Oh God ... oh good god. Casey felt his heart beating faster, while he nodded. He was ready for all. Was he ready for all? The idea of what could happen next was as frightening as thrilling. 

Zeke smiled.
"Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you. Just relax and enjoy it!"

When Zeke opened his belt and unzipped his jeans and let a hand slowly slide deeper, when he put his hand around his already hardened cook in a steady and warm grip, Casey stopped thinking. Willingly he lifted his hips when Zeke took off his Jeans. When he felt the warm summer air on his naked skin, he shuddered. He wondered, what Zeke would probably think now. He had already been together with other guys, older ones, more experienced ones and certainly there were bigger and better build than he was.

Zeke chuckled and kissed him again. He knew exactly what Casey felt in this moment.
"Don't, Case," he murmured and let his hand slide over his balls and his cock.
"Stop thinking!"

He started to stroke him steadily and firmly. Casey thrust up his hips for more of these wonderful feeling. Of course, he had jerked off before, often enough, but this was different, completely different. It didn't last long and he could feel it: Soon enough he would lose his mind and he would come like he never did before.

But then, out of the blue, it was over. Zeke stopped everything and let him go. Casey opened his eyes and stared at him with sparkling eyes. He gasped furiously and Zeke giggled amused.
"Something wrong, baby," he asked and licked seductively over his lips.

Casey snorted.
"I could kill you!"

"Aaawww, not now, Case. Please, still wait a little bit!"

He bent over his cock and searched for eye contact. His tongue sneaked slowly over the head of his cock to lick up a little bit pre-cum. Casey shuddered, his eyes flickered nervously. Zeke chuckled. When he bent forward again, Casey closed his eyes and moaned.

"Oh god, oh god," he stammered.

He wasn't sure whether he could endure more of this teasing, sneaking touch. Zeke's tongue found it's way over the full length of his hard shaft, twice, before his lips shut and he started to suck him. Slowly but greedy, tender but determined. And Casey knew, he would explode right now. It was too much. He groaned and squirmed. He couldn't help thrusting up again and again and again. He wanted more, more, more - and Zeke was ready to give to him everything he lusted for ...

"Casey? Hey, Case, are you okay?"

Casey winked and tried to catch at least one clear thought. He couldn't remember the last minutes. It was like a frenzy, an indescribable, never ending frenzy.

Zeke bent over to kiss him slightly.
"Hey! You with me? How was it," he asked softly.

For a moment Casey shied away from the kiss. It was an unusual, salty, musky taste. But it was not as disgusting as he had always fancied it. To be honest, he felt bold at the thought that he just tasted his own sperm. He chuckled.

"Better than every damned dream."
And an idea crossed his mind. How would Zeke have tasted if he had sucked him?
"But it wasn't quite fair, wasn't it?"

Zeke clenched inwardly. He had been sure that Casey wanted this. He had been sure that Casey liked this. Suddenly the doubts came back. If he had been too eager ... if he had demanded too much from Casey ...
"Not fair?"

Casey sighed.
"Well, y'know ... I ... I wanted ... oh fuck ... I've tried to turn on you! And now ..."

A slight grin spread on Zeke's face. This took off a load of his mind.
"Yeah, I've noticed this. You were good! I was hard like a rock."

Casey swallowed.
"Oh God ... but ... I haven't even dared to touch you!"

The grin deepened.
"Okay, dreamboy. Let's go home!"

Casey looked at him confused.
"Now you're mad with me, right?"

Zeke shook his head.
"Oh, shut up, I'm not! But I guess ... you really should take a shower now. I would love to share with you.  I need someone ... to wash my back, y'know!"

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