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Happy birthday, Romeny

I just want to come in and wish you a really wonderful birthday. I was trying to write something for you - but I admit, my muse is going out of control. The story is much longer as expected and I'm still working on it. So today, sorry, just a little teaser, but I promise you more as soon as possible.

Title: Wild and untamed - just a teaser
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: G
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: This is just the beginning of a longer story - sorry, you will have to be a bit patient, because my muse is going out of control

Zeke groaned slightly when the door to the old shanty was opened carefully. Today really was a lousy day.

First this girl he had met in the mall today has turned into a stupid, fucking bitch. First she had tried to make him hot, then she had brushed him off; had started to squeal and grumble, until he finally had thrown her out off the car. It was a busy street, so she would already find someone else to took her back to Herrington.

Once again he asked himself, why the hell he actually dealt with girls. Okay, sometimes the sex was quite nice, but it was not what he really dreamed about. To get this had to go to Columbus, where he knew some clubs and where he could be sure, never to meet someone from Herrington High. He knew if someone at school would get to know that he, Zeke Tyler, was gay, then would be fucked up.

This would be the end of his dealings. No one would trust a gay, would buy his drugs, booze or porn. Zeke didn't need the money. Indeed, his parents didn't care about him, but his grandma had bequeathed him a small fortune. However, he loved the kick, he liked when they called him the "bad boy" of Herrington. At least they didn't dare to bother him with any shit - besides of the girls who were chasing after him all over the day. To protect his rep he had dates from time to time. But it was all just show. Sometimes he was so fed up with this.

On days like today. On his way back to Herrington the engine of his GTO suddenly started to stutter and at last stopped. Something like this had never happened to him before - his baby never failed him. Since today. All his attempts to restart the engine again were in vain. Furiously he decided to call one of his friends, Barry, who worked at a repair shop.While he waited for him to tow the GTO, suddenly the sky darkened and it started to got windy.

It was one of those summer storms which come up suddenly and unexpectedly; after raging for one hour it would disappear again into nothing. Zeke hated storms. He would never have admitted it - they would laugh about him if they knew - Zeke Tyler was afraid about a fucking thunder storm. But at home in Herrington he always crept away in his bed, put on his headset and turned on the music as loud as possible. The rumbling in his head had to drown out the patter of the rain, the roaring of the wind ...

Today he was not at home. He had fled into an old shanty nearby. Zeke knew this place from former days when he had used it for other purposes. Today he couldn't even think about it. The only thing he knew: the storm became stronger and stronger, it would become one of the most severe storms of this summer and he was caught here ... alone in this ramshackle shack ... without any possibility to distract himself.

Zeke groaned slightly when the door to the old shanty was opened carefully. Today really was a lousy day.

of course TBC soon
Tags: birthday, casey & zeke, fan fiction
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