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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (18/ 32)

Hello F-List - Hello LJ. I hope all of you can enjoy a wonderful weekend ... better than mine. Don't worry, just personal shit, I can't talk about here, because it's a long, long story. So what - that's life ... and I'm glad, that I can be here - it helps, to calm down a bit ...

Pictures! **big grin** I admit, I like this chapter, though I'm not sure, if you will like it too. Because ... well ... you will see ...

Title: Pictures (18/ ??? )
Fandom: Casey / OMC ; only mention of Zeke
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen /

No! He couldn't be real!

He was just a memory, captured in some pics.

Finally he decided to dare a quick look. He was still standing there, smiling, open and warm; with these mischievous glint in his eyes. He hadn't changed a lot since last year's vacation.

"Brian," he said.

Casey blinked confused.

"I don't think, we introduced ourselves properly last year. Brian, that's my name. Never thought to meet you here again. But it's somehow great."

He tried to swallow, but his mouth felt dry and his voice was croaky.

Brian chuckled.
"Well, you're not really over the moon to see me, eh?"

Casey forced himself to an answer.
"Just surprised. What ... what are you doing here?"

"Probably the same like you. Vacation! I'm coming here nearly every year. My family has a little cottage near the lake!"

"I'm with my Grandma, as always," murmured Casey.
"Just doing a little bit shopping for her. She'll be waiting for it, so ... "

Brian nodded.
"I've got it! You'll have to go now? You don't wanna drink a coffee with me, right?"

Casey looked up and for the first time directly into Brian's eyes. Suddenly, out of the blue, it was back, the feeling of closeness and safeness he had felt last year. He calmed down a bit and tried to smile.

"Naw, it's okay! I think, I can stay for a moment!"


Time was fleeting, and the moment turned into an hour.They talked about a lot, about movies, about music, about their vacation. They were not talking about the pics and their meeting last year - and Casey relaxed more and more. It was like meeting an old friend, it was fun, it felt good.

When Brian told him that he was studying History and American Literature together with his boyfriend and they hopefully would graduate next year, Casey looked at him astounded.

"You ... you have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah. We are together for nearly three years now. He is great!"
He narrowed his eyes.
"What? Disappointed?"

Casey smirked.
"No! Just surprised. He is not coming here with you?"

Brian shook his head.
"He doesn't like being here. He likes sightseeing, museums, archeology. He is in Egypt right now for two weeks."

"Wow. And you didn't want to go with him?"

"Naw. It's fucking hot there. Riding on a camel through the desert, crawling through a dusty, dump gravesite, that's not my cup of tea. I just need my three week summer break in Indiana to relax. But it's okay for both of us."

"But don't you miss him?"

"Sure, I do! And I know, he is missing me too. But sometimes it's good to miss someone, to remember how much you love him. And Christmas we're gonna go to New York together, like every year. Have you ever been in New York? It's an amazing town. We both always enjoy it to be there."

Casey listened to him fascinated. So it was possible? Brian talked about it, as if it would be the most normal thing in the world. Two guys in love ...
"Sounds cool!"

"It is! Since I know him, my live has changed. It's like Yin and Yang, you know? We are so different in some points, but we belong together!"

Yin and Yang. Casey and Zeke! Zeke and Casey?

"Must be great, to be so sure about your feelings," Casey murmured.

Brian looked at him curious. He could feel that something was bothering Casey - but it was all to obvious, that he wasn't ready to talk about it. And Brian decided better to change the subject.

"So, what about your photography? I hope, you're still doing it!"

Casey relaxed visibly. This was definitely a subject he liked more to talk about.
"Yeah, sure. I've applied to art school in Frisco for next year."

"Frisco, eh? Good decision! Only the best for you!"

Casey shrugged.
"Oh well, my teacher, Mister Brown, said, I should give it a try. I'm not so sure if they will accept me. I hope so, but ..."

Brian shook the head.
"Don't worry! They would have to be blind if they don't see your potential. You are good!"

"Thanks!" Casey murmured.
"But you've never seen any of my picture before. So, how do you want to know?"

Brian laughed.
"I was involved when you were doing it, do you forget?"

Casey wheezed.
"How could I? It was ... fucking crazy, wasn't it?"

"So what! It was a barrel of fun! It was so much more than a usual photo-shooting."

Casey looked at him amazed.
"Have you already done it before? Photo-shoots, I mean!"

Brian nodded.
"Yeah, from time to time. Advertising. Fashion pictures for catalogs ... mostly boring stuff. But, however, it's a quite nice job! Only a few hours of work, but good payment."

Casey pursed his lips thoughtfully. His curiosity was piqued.
"And ... have you also done ... such photos before?"

Brian chuckled slightly.
"You mean erotic pics? I've tried it once, because the payment was really good. It didn't work out well. Erotic should be something natural, but this was just professional shit. I've never done it again!"

"But ... you've done it with me! Why?"

"Because I was curious how far you would go,"  Brian admitted.
"You were special, you know?"

Casey pulled the face.
"Yeah, sure! I was frightened to death, when you started to unbutton your shirt!"

Brian laughed.
"However, you got over it quickly! You knew exactly what to do, Casey!"

"I've never done something like that before," Casey murmured.
"And I've no idea, why I've done it that time!"

"Because you were able to do! Because you wanted to do! And you were really good. I've already worked together with qualified photographers who were much less versed in their work than you. You become one with your camera. And you are ready to risk the unusual, just to get a good shot.

It's a challenge to do such pics. A lot photographers are not able to catch them right. Mostly the pics will look like cheap and tatty porn. But not yours, right? I know, they are good!"

Casey nodded.
"Yeah, they are. Zeke says ... "

He broke off. Zeke was really the last one he wanted to talk about with Brian. Zeke was the last one he wanted to think about now.
"Zeke says, I make you looking ... hrm ... sexy."
He could feel Brian's curious look resting on him and continued quickly.
"And Mr. Brown, he has said, these are some of the best pics I've ever done. We decided to put a few of them into the portfolio for Frisco!"

Brian coughed slightly.
"Wait a moment, Casey ... please, just a moment. You really wanna tell me that you've applied at art school with ... these pics?"

Casey felt how he turned red.
"Well ... I know, I should have asked you before, but ... I didn't even know your name. Sorry!"

Brian shook his head with disbelief.
"Which ones," he finally asked.

Casey giggled nervously.
"Two of the portraits. One of the first pics I've done - you, under this tree, asleep ... Mr Brown told me, it's important to put different photos into the portfolio. The more different they are, the better. Normally I don't do shots of people, y'know? But then I remembered your pics ... Well, Mr. Brown was really impressed of them."

Brian chuckled.
"Impressed, eh? Did you show him all the pics?"

"God, no!  You've a really nice backside, but anyhow ... I'm afraid, it would have freaked out poor Mr. Brown to much, seeing these pics ... "

Casey turned red when he realized what he just had said, but then he heard Brian giggling amused.
"What a shame! I already thought, my ass would shoot to fame now!"

And Casey couldn't suppress a grin, too.  


He still hesitated für one more moment, then he took a deep breath.
"Do you want them? Your photos, I mean!"

Brian grinned.
"You betcha! I've already thought, you would never ask. Ric will love to see them."

"Ric? Is he .... your boyfriend?"


"You told him about these pics? And he's not going to be jealous?"

"Why should he? He knows, he can always trust me!"

"But these pics ... they are ... you know ... they are special. I mean, taking them ... it was a fucking erotic situation."

Brian smiled.
"Yeah, it was somehow thrilling to do it. But, believe me, Casey, if I had suspected that you are eager for more than just for taking the pics, I would've stopped it in an instant. Because ... I fucking love this guy. I don't need someone else!"

Casey sighed. Thoughts and feelings overwhelmed him.
"So, if you can't stop thinking of one guy, and if you can't imagine being together with someone else ... is this love?"

Brian kept quiet for a moment.
"Try to find out," he finally said.

Casey startled out of his thoughts. Shit, he hadn't intended to speak it out loud.

"No one can tell you if you love him, Casey, no one but you!"

Casey blushed. He tried to clear his throat.
"Well ... If you give me your address, I can send you copies of your photos."

Brian wasn't really surprised about this abrupt change of topic. He reached for his wallet and pushed a calling card over to Casey. Casey looked at it and his eyes widened.

"Hey, this is in Cali!"

Brian chuckled.
"Yepp. If you are in Frisco and you ever need a model, just call me. One hour and I'll be there."

Casey laughed out loud.
"Oh, this would be fucking great. We could ..."

"What the hell are you doing here, Casey?"

Casey winced and looked up, directly into Zeke's furious sparkling eyes.

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