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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (17/ ? )

I've promised it, next part of "Pictures" soon ... well, here it is!

Enjoy it, have fun and see what happened with our boys ...

Title: Pictures (17/ ??? )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke - no pairing, but ...
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen /

Do you remember the last part? Casey had just taken a pic of Zeke ...

"I've forgotten the camera, but I haven't forgotten you!"
Zeke smiled while Casey rolled his eyes.
"Can I have a try too?"

"Try what?"

"Can I try to take a photograph?"

Casey swallowed. His camera was all the world to him. He had never given it out of his hand before. Never! But this was Zeke, his best friend, and he had promised, to teach him a bit about photography.
"Have you already used a camera before?"

"Sure. The instant camera of my Mom. It's a few years ago, but ... "

Casey wheezed slightly.
"That's not a camera, Zeke, it's a kids toy. This is a camera. It's much more complicated, y'know. You have to adjust it correctly, you've to hold it quite steady, the perspective must be right. You have to learn a lot about photography before you're able to do good photos ..."

Zeke smirked.
"Case! Stop it, Case! I just wanna try one shot, okay? I'm not gonna smash your baby. I will be as careful as if it would be my own car. I promise! Please, just one pic! No matter, if it's good or not, it would be mine!"

Finally Casey nodded, though he felt uneasy when he held out the camera. Zeke took it carefully and smiled.
"Thanks. And now, be a good boy and get over to these three trees!"

Casey stared at him.

"It's a wonderful background. The sky fits perfect with your eyes!"

Casey groaned.
"Oh, stop this bullshit, Zeke. It's a nice motif, so, just do your pic and then give me the camera back!"

"I will! Just get over there, Case, so I can take it!"

"Never! I'm one of these people who are never able to forget a camera. I always look like a mess on pics!"

"C'mon, gimme a chance! It didn't hurt, I promise! I've done it for you, too, don't I?"

"This is not fair," murmured Casey.

"So what. I just want to have a pic of you!"

"I could give you another one!"

Zeke chuckled.
"Naw. This woudn't be the same. I want a special one!"

Casey threw an annoyed look at him.
"One pic, Zeke, one single pic. And then you'll stop bothering me!"

He sighed deeply one last time before he went over to the group of trees. He stared back to Zeke with narrowed eyes. Zeke couldn't resist to grin. Casey wouldn't forget the camera. It was nearly impossible to get a decent shot. Well, to be honest, he had hardly assumed this. But he had a plan to get what he really wanted ...
"Zeke, just do it! Let's get over this shit," Casey demanded impatiently.

"Relax, Case," Zeke said, while he slowly lifted the camera and tried to find the best perspective.
"Don't panic. You're looking good!"

"Bullshit," growled Casey.

"It's not! Do you know how fucking hot you're looking right now? Do you know how much you are turning me on? I could rip off my clothes and ..."

"What the fuck ... "
Casey gasped for air, blushing, his eyes wide open. He couldn't believe what he had heard just now. Of course, Zeke often liked to tease a bit, but this was too much. And then he heard the buzz of the camera.

Zeke chuckled slightly, while Casey jumped up. His eyes were sparkling furious.
"You are such an asshole! Why have you done this?"

"You've told me just before, Case. Make them forget about the camera, if you want to get a good shot. You did, right? Case, you are so amazing!"

Casey shook his head.
"Why have you done it," he repeated, as if he hadn't even heard him.
"What do you really want? To show me, how fucking pathetic I can be? To show the pic around at school, to laugh about me with all the other jocks? I can't get it, Zeke!"

Casey tried to fight back his tears and Zeke swallowed. He had never wanted this. He had wanted this pic, but had never intend to hurt Casey. Maybe he had gone too far. Carefully he put the camera aside and went over to Casey. He pulled him into his arms and hold him light.

"Hey! Hey! Shshsh! I'm sorry, okay? You're right, I can be a fucking prick, sometimes I don't know what I'm doing. But, believe me, Casey. I so wanted this pic! I wanted you with this expression in your eyes. Because it's so unbelievable sweet. It's so you, Casey!"

Casey squirmed around in his arms, tried to push him away.
"Let go off me, Zeke! Damn, let go off me! And stop talking this fucking bullshit!"

"It's not! I would never hurt you, baby," murmured Zeke.

Then he pulled up him even closer and before he knew what he did, his lips found Casey's. First soft and halting, then a little bit more demanding. He wanted it, he had already wanted it for so long.

Casey was laying in his arms, first he just tolerated the kiss, but at least he didn't push him away. And when the kiss deepened, he relaxed. His lips became softer and opened a bit. Zeke dared to touch these lips with tip of his tongue and finally he let it gliding into his mouth, just a little bit. He didn't want to push him too far, he didn't want to freak him out again ...

In the end Casey started to respond the kiss, feeling a bit unsure about it, but he wanted to enjoy this kiss, as long as it lasted. He wanted to feel Zeke, taste him, smell him - even if it was just a dream - at this moment he belonged to him.

It seemed to last forever, until Zeke slowly moved back. Casey waited for his usual grin and teasing. But he just looked at him with warm, inquiring eyes.
"You okay," he finally asked with an unusual, hoarse voice.

"We should go back," Casey said, instead answering the question. He pointed at the sky behind them. Dark clouds were gathering up.
"Probably a thunderstorm is coming!" 


Casey sighed slightly.

Last night they had gone back to the farm in silence. Casey had withdraw into his room without supper. He couldn‘t talk with Zeke now. He hadn‘t slept well in the night. In the morning he was relieved that Zeke was still sleeping when he awoke. Though it was still raining a bit, he offered his Grandma to go down to the village, to visit the market and to do some other errands for her.

When he had finished it, he ended up in the little diner for a coffee. He knew, he shouldn‘t delay it any longer to go back to the farm and to talk with Zeke. He had to talk with him, if he didn‘t want to risk their friendship. Though he didn‘t know what he should say ...

He felt as if he had acted like a little drama queen. It had been just a kiss. He knew Zeke all too well to overrate it. Zeke liked to flirt. He also flirted with Casey all over the time. It was nothing serious, wasn‘t it?

Casey closed his eyes and remembered. He felt Zeke's lips on his own again. Warm, soft, tender ... more than just a game. It had felt so honest. For a moment he had allowed himself to drown into this kiss - into this dream ...

He wasn‘t sure what he had felt in this moment. It was a bit confusing, but wonderful, too. He knew for some years now that he was gay. First it was hard to believe, but his curiosity was sparked. He searched for pics and movies in the internet, he tried to imagine how it would feel together with a guy. Zeke had changed everything. From the very first moment, when he had entered their classroom of Herrington High nearly three years ago, Casey was fascinated. Zeke was different from every guy he had ever seen. Of course, he was out of reach for him, but his dreams had had a real object thenceforward.

Then, six weeks ago, things had changed again, when Zeke took him home, after his dad had kicked him out of the house. Never before he had dared to dream to be so near to Zeke. He turned out to be a wonderful friend. Casey had never had a friend before. He enjoyed it being together with him. Zeke did never laugh at him. He could trust him. And Zeke trusted him, too. It felt like a little wonder.

But there was more, Casey knew it, whenever he saw into his wonderful, deep-brown eyes, whenever he heard his amazing laughter. Sometimes, when he was all too near to him, he just wanted to hold him tight, kiss him, caress him ...

Zeke liked to flirt with him. Casey loved it, because Zeke used to say things he wanted to hear. And he hated it, because it always made him blushing. Zeke was so fucking sexy. It was so hard to resist him.

Yesterday ... the kiss ... all, what Zeke had said and done ... it had felt different from all the other times. It seemed to be more than just a bit flirting. Casey sighed. Shit! He would have to talk with him. He would have to clear up the situation.

One more coffee! Then he finally would go back. He heard someone approaching from behind. Supposing the waitress he turned round. And his breath caught.

No! No, no, no! This was a fucking nightmare.

"I'll be damned! My favorite photographer!"

Casey stared at the guy thunderstruck. He - was - real!

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