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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (16/ ? )

Hello LJ! Hello F-List! Is there anybody around? Wish you a wonderful, sunny, not too hot sunday! My vacation is over now - it was definitely too short. But I managed it to write a bit. So, more "Pictures" for you.

I hope, you will like it :)


Title: Pictures (16 / ??? )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke - no pairing, but ...
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen

The next days were just marvelous.

Every morning they spent doing the necessary work on the farm. But it wasn't a hard, unpleasant kind of work. They could be together and they had a lot of fun. Zeke loved teasing Casey a bit with his slim knowledge about crafting, but he meant no harm. And to be honest, he didn't knew all about crafting too. Often it was just learning by doing for both of them.

"Well, this is just to show how you should never do it," he said once, when he failed with his first try to fix the old gate to the orchard.

Casey tried to put a serious look onto his face.
"I think, I get it. Lemme try!"

He took the impact screwdriver out of his hand and started to work at the gate. Finally he stood up and looked at Zeke.

Zeke pursed his lips and nodded.
"It's kinda nice for a first try," he murmured.

Casey giggled and handed the screwdriver back to him.
"C'mon, let's finish it. And then we're gonna go back. It's nearly dinner time!"

Like every day, they were sweaty and dirty, when they came back to the house. Zeke sat down on the porch to enjoy a cigarette, while Casey went under the shower first. Then it was Zeke's time to shower, while Casey helped his Grandma in the kitchen. He liked telling her overwhelmed and proud what they had finished in the morning.

His Grandma observed him in silence. The changes in him were all too obvious. She knew, she had done right, to offer these job to Zeke. Being together with him was good for Casey. Only seldom she had seen him as playful and unstressed like in these days. He needed it so much to forget, at least for a short time. The vacation would come to an end - he would have to go back to Herrington and all problems and fears about his father, about his future would come back again too. He would have to deal with it.

Also Zeke had changed. When she got to know him, she had noticed the mistrust which he seemed to feel for all adults. He was a serious young man, fraught with problems, full of rage and loneliness, even if he tried to cover it with his coolness. In Casey's presence he changed. He calmed down and sometimes his eyes sparkled full of mischief and cheerfulness.

One afternoon she was sitting on the porch, when Zeke came out too, to smoke a cigarette. They kept quiet for a while, but suddenly Zeke said:
"Casey can count himself lucky to have a Grandma like you!"

"Thanks! Though, I'm not sure, if I did enough. I knew what his dad was doing to him, but I couldn't stop it!"

"But you're always there for him. You listen to him, you take his dreams serious. You love him! It's a lot, to have at least one person who is just loving you."

And then, out of the blue, he started to talk: about his childhood, about the much too early death of his mother, about his father who had married again and abandoned him. She just listened to him, knowing that it was important for him to talk about all this.

After a while Casey joined them and looked from Zeke to his Grandma curiously. He could feel the tension in the air, but it seemed to be a good one.
"What's happened?"

Zeke stretched out his legs and smiled slightly.
"Everything okay, Mr. All-too-Curious. You ready?"

Casey smirked.
"That's great. My Grandma and my best friend are sharing secrets. Should I be jealous?"

"Sure you should. Your Grandma is such a wonderful woman and a great cook, y'know. I'm just planning to elope with her!"
He blinked at her and then turned back to Casey.
"What are we gonna do this afternoon? Going to the lake, searching for new places for good shots?"
"Sure, always ready to go," Casey answered grinning and pointed at his camera.
"Just waiting for you!"

Zeke stood up.
"Okay, let's go!"
But before he left the porch he turned back.
"Thanks for listening," he murmured.

Casey's Grandma just nodded and looked after the boys when they left the house behind them. She felt pride and sadness at the same time. Pride, because of having finally broken through Zeke's hard shell; he started to trust her. Sadness because of the story he had told her. She asked herself, why men like Casey's or Zeke's father decided to have a family, if they seemed so determined, to destroy what they should love.

Luckily the boys were strong enough ...  though, she should finally stop thinking about them as little boys. At least Casey had grown up since she had seen him last time nearly half a year ago. He was a young man now - ready to fight for the things he longed for ...

Every afternoon it was time for fun. Sometimes they went to the village, to hang out in the little diner and to do some shopping for Casey's Grandma. Saturday it was payday for Zeke; they drove to Munchie and he invited Casey  to a pizza and later to the theater. But most of the time, like today, they just took the camera and prowled around. Zeke quickly developed an eye for what would make a good photograph.

"You're really good in this,“ Casey said when Zeke pointed out to an old tree whose long, dry branches reached down up to the water of the lake. He lifted the camera, looking for the best perspective to capture the atmosphere right. It was an awesome motif - he asked himself, why he had never found this place during all the years before.

Suddenly an idea struck in his mind. Yes, it would be great. He just knew it.


"Would you ... would you go over there and sit down under the tree?"

Zeke looked at him surprised. Casey took photographs of nearly everything what came before his eyes, but he never did shots of people. Well, besides of this guy last year, but that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience; Zeke was sure, he would never do something like this again. Now and then he took a pic of his Grandma, too. But that was it.

"Zeke, please! It's just a pic! You don't have to do anything. Just sit down under the tree!"

Zeke hesitated for one more moment. Of course, it was just a harmless request, but he knew what Casey could do with his camera. If Casey looked at the world through his lens, he saw everything in a different light. He seemed to be able to look behind the things ... He felt Casey's look resting on him and he sighed slightly.

"Okay. If it makes you happy!"

Slowly he went over to the tree and sat down. He leaned back against the trunk and waited. And waited. And waited. He felt, as if Casey was observing every movement he did.
"Casey, what are you waiting for? Take this goddamned pic!"

Casey chuckled.
"Just a moment, Zeke, I've to adjust the camera a bit. Calm down and take a smoke if you want."

Zeke sighed, but finally he did what Casey had suggested. He reached for a cigarette, leaned back and tried to relax. It was the slightly buzz of the camera that startled him out of his thoughts.
"Hey, this was not fair!"

Casey laughed.
"Trust me - you were good!"

"You were more than good," it crossed his mind when he remembered the dreamy smile of Zeke.
"Your smile was so incredibly sexy!"
He forced himself to let these thoughts behind and went over to Zeke to sit down beside him.

"But I've done nothing," Zeke murmured.

Casey smiled.
"That's it! You wanted to know more about doing good shots, didn't you. Well, take this as an important lesson. It's hard to take a good photo of someone who knows about you and your camera. He will mostly act unnatural. Of course, you can do portraits or posed photos, but that's not what I want. My pictures should have a story to tell. They should show you how you really are ...

This one will be good. You'd forgotten about it, right? You'd forgotten the camera and me ..."

"I don't!"

"You don't ... what?"

"I've forgotten the camera, but I haven't forgotten you!"
Zeke smiled while Casey rolled his eyes.
"Can I have a try too?"

"Try what?"

"Can I try to take a photograph?"

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