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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (14/ ? )

Hallo F-List. Hallo LJ.

Well, I feel a bit melancholic today - don't know why. I'm so unsure about my writing, I don't know if I should write more of it or not. I'm so unsure about the whole Casey & Zeke Fandom. I love it, I don't want to let it go - but I'm not sure, if it will survive. Maybe it's because I really, really miss honeyandvinegar and all her stories - she is such a great part of this fandom. And I miss julchen11  and her lovely poems and little stories. Yes, I know, there are others, who write so good, too, I love all of your stories. Big, big hugs to all of you!!! And there is a lot of older stuff I could (re)read. And there are good reasons why they are not around in the moment. But ... well, I'm just egoistic and I miss them. Sorry for bubbling shit! I'm just in a strange mood today!

Well, back to fun now ... It's time for "Pictures". This part is written and there is no reason why not to post it.
Don't worry, it's not as depressing as my mood is in the moment :) Have fun! Hope, you will like it!

Title: Pictures (14/ ??? )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke - no pairing
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Previous parts: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen

When Zeke turned into the driveway of the farm, his heart started to beat faster. All of a sudden, he was no longer so sure that it had been a good idea to come here. But he had wanted to see again him.

The last two weeks he had tried to live his life, to enjoy his vacation, to have fun. But all seemed to be empty and cursorily to him. And he knew the reason for it. He missed it, having Casey around. And he worried about him. Casey was ready to take his life into his own hands, but in spite of all determination he was still tormented by fears and doubts. He needed someone who was there for him, who listened to him, who encouraged him. Who showed him, that life could be fun too.

When he woke up in the morning, the decision had been made. A few stuff was quickly shoved into a knapsack and half an hour later he was onto his way to Indiana.

Casey's Grandma appeared on the porch when she heard the car in front of the house. When she recognized Zeke, she smiled.

"Oh, what a surprise!"

Zeke cleared his throat.
"Well, I guessed ... I just wanted to drop in for a moment," he murmured.
"Wanna see if Casey is all right!"
He knew, this sounded absurd. No one drove more than 200 miles just to drop in for a moment. But Casey's Grandma nodded.

"Yeah, I understand," she said.
"But you must be patient for the moment. Casey is doing some shopping for me."

And Zeke felt the disappointment climbing up.

"C'mon and sit down! Want an iced tea? I just made some!"

He knew, his friends would have screamed with laughter about the idea of Zeke, drinking iced tea with an elderly lady on her porch.But it was Casey's Grandma, he really liked her, she was nice and, moreover, she certainly could tell him more about Casey.

"Sounds good to me," he said.

And they talked about a lot: his today's drive up to here, his vacation, at last even about his plans for the future. Zeke told her that he had sent off his application for the Herrington-Community-College last week. She looked at him, first a bit surprised, then smiling and she nodded.

"Well, it's always good to see young people finally finding their way," she said.

Zeke just shrugged and he wondered what else Casey might have told to her. Casey! This thought brought him back to the question that occupied him most.

"So, how is he doing," he asked.

"I think, he's all right. Of course, it's not so easy for him, but he copes with it. He has told me, what you've done for him!"

"Oh my! I just hope, he didn't exaggerated things too much! Everybody would have done it!"

Casey's Grandma looked at him thoughtfully.
"Not likely. Casey is somebody whom nobody ever notices. He is tormented at school for many years now and no one ever stood up for him, not even his teachers!"

Zeke pulled the face. It was hard to remember this - one of the rare things in his life he really regretted now.
"Well, I was one of these pricks, too! I mean, I've never hurt him, but it would have been so easy for me to help him. Just one word and they would have never touched him again! Well, whatever, it was much easier just to look away!"

"This time you haven't done it!"

Zeke shook the head.
"But this still doesn't make a better guy out of me, even if Casey believes this. I simply couldn't  kick him out of the house again. Not after he told me, what his father has done to him. He is such a damned asshole! It had to go to ..."

Shit! He broke off when he realized what he had said. Now he really had fucked things up. He had gone too far, he knew it. For a moment it was deadly silent. All Zeke could do now, was to wait for her last, resolute words.

"Get out of me house! And don't you dare talk to Casey ever again!"

"You always say what get in your mind, eh?"

Zeke looked up surprised. She had a sad smile on her face, but she didn't look angry.

"I like people who are open and honest with me, "she continued.
"And, plain spoken, I think, you're not that wrong, though I would say it in other words!"


"Casey's Dad. He is not that bad, you know. He really wants the best for Casey. But he has principles. He has a clear idea of life - and everyone has to follow his rules. Casey could never cope with it. Somehow he reminds me of his grandfather. He was a dreamer, too! Casey's Dad is a realist, he would never dare to dream. It scares him too much!"

"And this gives him the right to beat the dreams out of Casey?"

"No, of course not! The relationship between both was always difficult. This time he has gone too far. He knows it - but he can't admit it. He's waiting for Casey to give in. He always did before. But not this time!"
Thoughtfully she looked at Zeke and smiled reassuring.
"I am glad that he doesn't! I am glad that you are there for him, Zeke! It has changed him. Never before I've seen him so strong and determined."

Zeke stared at her. Suddenly he didn't feel comfortable in his own skin.
"Oh God! I've done nothing at all! It's all about  ... "

It was almost a whisper, but it was Casey's voice. Zeke looked up and there he was. Dumbfounded he looked over to the porch and to Zeke. Slowly he put down the shopping bags, flew up the steps of the porch and threw his arms around Zeke. Zeke was so amazed that he couldn't even move. He just hold him. He could feel him, he could smell him, he could hear him slightly giggling - and it felt so fucking good. Until he remembered that they were not alone. Carefully he freed himself out of Casey's arms.

"Ähm, Case ..."

He saw him turning red - and it was so hard to restrain a stupid grin. Oh God, how much had he missed this.

"Sorry," Casey murmured.

"Naw, it's okay! So you are glad to see me again?"

Casey nodded and his eyes sparkled.
"Oh yeah! But what are you doing here, Zeke?"

"I just was nearby and I decided to drop in to visit your Grandma! What do you think?"
Casey giggled hilariously. His eyes were sparkling while he dropped down onto the bench beside Zeke.

"Can you stay for a while? I mean, you don't have to go back right now, do you?"

His Grandma looked at him thoughtfully. All the time she had had the feeling that more than just the trouble with his father was bothering Casey. Now she was sure about it. The changes in Casey at the very moment he saw Zeke could not be overlooked.

Zeke shook the head.
"If it's all right for your Grandma, I could stay 'til tomorrow ... or so ... "

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