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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (13/ ? )

Hallo F-List! Hallo LJ! I want to wish you an wonderful, sunny weekend - mine will be three days long :) I love it!

Time for the next part of "Pictures" - please remember part eleven: Zeke was going to make the last breakfast in his house for Casey ....


Title: Pictures (13/ ??? )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke - no pairing
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Please make sure that you read the previous parts first: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve

The drive to Indiana, to the farm of Casey's Grandma, had been relaxed and without any problems. Zeke had made it as planned in less than three hours. Casey's Grandma had surprised him very positively. Although Casey had assured him over and over again that she had no prejudices, that she was on his side and had always supported him whenever possible, he had remained distrustful.

His experiences had shown him better never put too much trust in adults. Sooner or later they would always disappoint you. But Casey's Grandma was different. She really seemed to be glad seeing her grandson, pulled him tightly into her arms and cuddled him. Casey returned the embrace smiling. Normally Zeke thought, such nearness - especially for all the world to see - was just embarrassing, but Casey and his Grandma looked honestly happy. Zeke just had to look at Casey, and he could see all the love he felt for his Grandma written in his face.

After she had let him go, she turned to Zeke. She just reached out for his hand and pressed it slightly.
"Thank you for bringing Casey here!"
This was all she said. And Zeke felt deeply relieved.

"Oh, no problem," he said.
"I like driving around. And I think, it's time to go back now!"

Casey looked up.
"You don't wanna stay for dinner," he asked.

Zeke shook his head.
"No, Case, thanks! If I hurry up, I can still make it to the club tonight. I'm sure, the guys will be waiting for me!"

Casey tried to smile.
"Back to real life, eh? Okay, then I'll walk you out," he murmured and followed him to his car.

Zeke just had to get in and drive away. Casey hesitated. He knew, Zeke didn't want to make a big thing out of it, but probably this was the last chance to say it.

"Thank you," he whispered.
"For everything you have done!"

Zeke frowned.
"What are you talking about?"

"You know what I mean! Without you everything could have ended bad.I wouldn't have known what to do!"

"Oh, stop it, Case," groaned Zeke.
"Don't make a saint out of me! Friends do something like that! They help one another!"

Casey smiled.
"So, are we this? Friends?"

"Sure! What do you think, why I've endured you for three weeks?"

"Am I that bad?"

"Naw, you are okay. And we also have had a lot of fun together, haven't we?"

Casey nodded.
"Oh yeah, that's for sure. I'm gonna miss it, y'know!"

He looked so sad-faced. Zeke sighed slightly. He hated it to say goodbye. This had to come to an end. Without further ado he got into the car and started it.

"Hey, chin up! Just a few weeks and we'll see us again at school! You can tell me all about your great vacation and show me all the pics you're gonna make. And ... don't make me jealous, okay? No more pics of cute guys!"

Then he was gone. Casey just stood there and stared down the empty driveway until his  grandmother came out of the house. She put a hand onto his shoulder and squeezed it slightly.

"Can you spare a little bit time? I'm just pickling vegetable," she said.
"I could use your help!"

Casey had to smile. His grandmother knew him all too well. She always felt when he was sad and lonely.

Since he was a little boy she always had taken him into her kitchen then. It was warm and cozy. It smelt of spices and fresh herbs. In the background the radio played softly. Here, alone with her, he had always felt safe. She never bothered him with questions, she just handed him a bowl with cherries for pitting or a basket full of veg to clean. And she waited, until he was ready to tell her everything what depressed him. Everything what he couldn't tell anyone else.

"Okay," murmured Casey and followed her back to the house.


Zeke hit the pedal to the metal and sped down the driveway. Suddenly he couldn't wait to get away from here. When he reached the highway that would bring him back to Herrington within less than three hours, a thought suddenly struck him. The seat-belt! He had forgotten to buckle up. Casey would be mad with him.

Zeke had to grin about himself, while he reached for the seat-belt. He had never wasted a thought about this 'til three weeks ago. Casey had refused to get into the car with him if he didn't fasten the seat-belt.

"The way you drive," he had said.
"I don't feel like scratching your ass from the street ..."

Zeke still laughed when he bent forward and switched on the radio. Not his usual techno shit, but light rock music. He already wanted to change the station, then he decided differently. Actually, Casey's music taste was not that bad at all. Just perfect for a longer drive. He sped up and relaxed. His fingers tapped on the steering wheel to the music.

He let his mind wander around today's evening. He had told Casey, he would like to go clubbing and meet his friends. Well, to be honest, the idea of a smoky loud club, of stupid gossip, of curious question from his friends was not really tempting.

Maybe he should consider a quieter start into this weekend. Just call one or two friends - going out for a pizza and afterward maybe to the cinema. This week the new movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger had started up. Actually, he had still wanted to see it with Casey, but finally they had had no time for it anymore.


Zeke snorted slightly. No matter what he did and thought, Casey seemed to reappear over and over again into his mind. He had told him there was no reason to be sad. After this fucking, nearly three month long vacation they would meet again. At least at school. Probably Casey would then have his own flatlet. His grandma already knew about his problems with his father. Casey had told her about it on the phone. She has promised to help, she knew a nice, elderly lady back in Herrington with a vacant basement flat  ... No, it would never be the same.

Stop it, Tyler!

It was fucking nonsense to feel sad about this. He knew it. But he would miss him. His laughing, his blushing, his curiosity, even his bitching around from time to time. Their movie nights, their endless discussions about all and nothing.

Time to get over it!

Zeke hit the pedal even more. High speed back to Herrington, back into his life. Tonight he would go to the club. He would get drunk. Maybe a little bit weed too. Everything to calm down, to forget. He would laugh about the last three weeks and this little geek with his pals. He would flirt around with every bitch he would meet and he would definitely not go home alone tonight.

And finally - finally - he would banish every thought about Casey out of his mind.

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