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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (12/ ? )

Good morning LJ! Good morning F-List!

Time for the next part of "Pictures" today .. please remember the last part, this one will tell you what happened between the boys a few days ago ... Have fun!

Title: Pictures (12/ ??? )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke - no pairing
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Please make sure that you read the previous parts first: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven

It had been one week ago. Casey had talked about his photography, about his future and the art school in San Francisco. But then he looked up, directly into Zeke's eyes ...

"What will you do after graduation," Casey asked..
"Chemistry? Physics? Did you already have chosen a college?"

"No college for me! I'll not graduate!"

Casey looked at him frowning.
"What do you mean?"

Zeke shrugged.
"Well, it's not that hard to understand! I'm not gonna make it! Why should I? My father only waits for the moment I'll finish school. Then he has fulfilled his duty, he says. And I can see how to manage my life alone!"

Casey had to think about this for a moment.
"And you ... are you worried about this? You don't have to!  I ... I could help you if you want."

Zeke smirked.
"Oh yeah, thanks! But you will go to Frisco, remember?"
Then he got serious again.
"That's not the point, Case! I'm already alone for years now. But why should I give him an easy way out? Let him pay ... This bitch beside him will be fret and fume because he'll have to pay for another year. He will swear like a trooper - about her, about me, but finally he will fill out the next check. And every time, every fucking time he does, he will remember having a son ... This is funny, isn't it?"

"No, it's not! It's just idiotic! Have you already thought about it, that he could stop playing along with your fucking game? Then you'll stand there empty-handed. You will have nothing - no graduation, no money, no home ... What the hell you're gonna do then?"

"I'll do what everyone does. I'm gonna looking for a hovel, I'm gonna looking for a job. And somehow I will go on. That's fucking life, Casey!"

Casey shook the head.
"You can't be serious. Geez, Zeke, you are good, you are damn good! You could be one of the best in class, if you would try. You could do college blindfold! You can't dump your future, only to upset your father. He is not worth this ... "

Zeke pulled the face. As usual, when his father was mentioned, he became anxious and irritable.
"Better mind your own business, okay? You've not the faintest idea of it!"

Casey hesitated for a short moment. He didn't want to fight with Zeke. But finally it burst out of him.
"Oh fuck, this is so pathetic! I have no idea of it, Zeke? Your father is not around? This is shit! But at least he is ready to support you until graduation. He gives you a chance for a good start.

My father hit me, Zeke. He threw me out of the house. I've nothing, Zeke, nothing! No money, no home, and he gives a shit about it! It hurts, it fucking hurts. Because I fucking love him. But  one thing is for certain: I will never go back! Not on his terms! He will not dash me dreams!

For as long as I remember I'm a dreamer. Taking photos - this is all I always wanted. Not stupid pictures for a tabloid paper. I want to tell stories. I want to reach the people. I want to be good, really good, I want to be at the top ...

But from nothing comes nothing, Zeke. I know, I will have to work for it. This is why I have to go to Frisco, to art school ....

Though it damned freaks me out! Frisco is not Herrington. Frisco is fucking big and far, far away. I will have to do everything on my own, because I don't know anyone in California. I'll need a job, I'll need a flat. And I still have no idea how to manage all that ... However, I will do it!

It's my future! It's my life! And I won't allow that my dad dashes it!"

He broke off, sobbing and struggling for breath. Zeke stared at him flabbergasted.
"Wow," he finally murmured.

Casey looked up and smiled uncertainly.
"Yeah," he said, calm and softly now.
"I haven't always thought of it in this way, y'know. Still two weeks ago I have doubted whether it was right what I was going to do. Was it worth it, to give up everything for a stupid dream, my parents, my home, a secure future ... And then I met you. You changed all. You believe in me. You encourage me. You have said, it's always worth to fight if you know what you want. And now you wanna tell me that all this simply doesn't count for you?"

Zeke swallowed.
"I'm not you, Casey! You deserve that your dreams come true!"

"Have you never dreamed? Have you never tried to imagine how your future will be?"

Zeke grinned.
"Sure I did! When I was five I dreamed of working in a candy factory. At ten I wanted to fly to the moon!"

Casey had to giggle, though he actually was not in the mood for laughing. Zeke's resignation made him sad.
"And at fifteen?"

"Seventeen. Do you still remember that they nearly dropped my out of school two years ago? Because I have dealt with Scat?"

"What is that?"

"Speed. Drugs. You can call it whatever you want!"
Zeke shrugged.
"Well, harmless stuff. But the effect was first-class. ... I haven't just dealt with it, y'know. You can say, I've discovered it ... "

Casey looked at him curiously.
"How do you mean this?"

"I've had a complete lab in my garage and I was playing a little bit around. This was the result. Scat! It was damn good. Everyone at school wanted to try it out."
He grinned and threw a look at Casey.
"Well, nearly everyone!"

"Pfft," Casey snorted.
"I don't need shit like this!"

"It was not, Casey! It was brilliant. One day I got a phone call from a pharmaceutic lab. Don't ask, where they have known it from, 'til today I've no clue. But they wanted to get my Scat. They even wanted to pay for the formula if I would promise that I'd never use it again afterward!"

Now Casey was really impressed.
"How much did they paid for it?"

To his surprise Zeke shook the head.
"Nothing at all. I haven't done it! It never was about money. I just wanted to know if I would be able to do it!"

"And what has happened then? I mean, you don't have the lab any more, right?"

"Not only the pharma-lab has been interested in it. Somebody has called the police. They didn't even asked what Scat really was. I could have told them - just a mixture of legal stuff. Most of the shit you can buy in every drugstore. But they called it drugs, illegal shit. They wanted to put me in prison ...

This was the fucking best. I've never heard my Dad cursing so loud before. But finally he provided the best lawyer for me. This and a lot of his money saved my ass, but it was the end of my dreams of an own lab."

"But it don't have to be, Zeke," said Casey.
"You were seventeen and have made it quite alone. Damn, you must be good! I'm not a scientist, no matter what my Dad thinks about it. I mean, I understand the theory, this is easy. But my heart is not involved.Yours is! You love doing this stuff."

Casey put his hand onto Zeke's arm and squeezed it.
"Don't discard this, Zeke. Please, promise me. Promise me that you're not gonna do this to yourself! First graduation. Then college. You will make your way, Zeke!"

Zeke looked at him thoughtfully.
"Why is this so important for you, Casey?"

"Because you mean a lot to me," he whispered.

Zeke kept quiet for a long time, before he nodded slowly.
"Okay. I'm gonna think about it. But this is all I can promise you now ... "

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