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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (11/ ? )

Hallo F-List! Hallo LJ!  I just want to wish all of you a wonderful, relaxed weekend.

I'm in the mood for the next part of "Pictures" - and I hope, you are in the mood to read it. Just have fun!

Title: Pictures (11/ ??? )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke - no pairing
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Please make sure that you read the previous parts first: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten /

Zeke loved to drive around aimlessly, especially if he had problems. The radio's volume pump up, at full throttle, driving just straight ahead and letting wander his mind. Then he could escape from everything that bothered him - and when he returned home, he mostly felt relaxed and serene.

Casey knew all this. Nevertheless, he felt worried and numb. Zeke was furious and disappointed about him. He left in the morning. Now it was nearly five o'clock - and he hadn't still come back.

It was Saturday. Actually he had wanted to go to the shopping center. He still had some savings and he urgently needed some new films. Further he had wanted to look for a book for Zeke. They had recently talked about russian authors. Casey loved the novels by Dostojewsky, but Zeke hadn't read anything of him before.

He had forgotten all these plans. He was not able to leave the house only for a minute. He wanted to be here, if Zeke finally would come back. He wanted to apologize - for what he had done yesterday; for what he had said today.

Casey sighed and switched on the television - only to broke the silence in the house. He couldn't relax and enjoy it, though his favorite cartoons are flickering across the screen.

Then, finally, he heard a car stopping in front of the house.The car door was slammed shut. The backdoor was opened and in the next moment Zeke was there, standing right in front of him.

"You're back," Casey whispered without thinking long about it.
"I was so scared that you'd never come back again!"

Zeke frowned. In his eyes lay a slightly ironic sparkle, but at least he didn't look furious any longer.
"Ähm, Casey... This is my home, y'know!"

Casey swallowed. His heart sank into his boots.
"Yes, yes of course. Do you ... do you want me to pack up my stuff?"


"Oh well ... I think ... Maybe you want me to go? ... Zeke! I know, you are mad about me. But ... I'm sorry. Believe me! I mean ... you've every right of the world to be mad!"

Zeke looked at him thoughtfully.
"Well, I never was," he finally said.

"Never what?"

"Mad about you! It's just ... damn, Casey, it hurt! I'm used to it that most people think I'm just a selfish asshole who cares about no one. But I thought, you would know better!"

His voice still sounded slightly hurt. This was harder to endure as if he had been angry at Casey. He sighed.
"I trust you, Zeke. I trust you so much. I don't know, why I've said it. I didn't even mean it!"
He hesitated for a moment. Then he shook his head and bit his lower lip.
"No, that's not true! I've said it just because I didn't want to believe what I've done ... that I kissed you first ... I'm sorry, Zeke! I know, you would never betray me like this!"

Zeke started to smile slightly.
"Okay Casey, stop it! Stop troubling you. I know all this. Let's forget about this shit!"

"So you are not mad about me any longer?"

"Naw, definitely not! We both overreacted a little bit, eh? You better shouldn't have say it and I shouldn't just run away! So what! Shit happened!"

Casey took a deep, released breath. But there was still something else bothering him.
"And ... the kiss? I mean ... Geez, this is so embarrassing! Can we please forget this, too?"

Zeke grinned.
"No! Why should I? You don't kiss so badly at all, y'know!"

"Jesus, Zeke," Casey panted. But he couldn't help to start giggling hilariously. And it felt so good that Zeke was laughing with him.

Finally he put an arm around Casey's shoulder.
"C'mon. Let's go!"


"How about "Inchin's"? I'm terribly hungry. And I bet, you still didn't eat anything for the whole day, too."


Two weeks later.

Zeke was in the kitchen to make breakfast for Casey and himself. Casey was in his room and tossed his last stuff into his backpack. It was their last morning together. School was over, vacation had begun.

As planned, Casey would go to his Grandma's farm. Normally he would go by bus though it was a long trip - uncomfortable, with changing the bus for several times and a lot of waiting time, but he was used to it. Every year he spent some weeks on the farm - and only seldom his parents took some time to bring him there.

He was totally surprised when Zeke last week offered: "I could bring you if you want!"

"But it's more than 200 miles away, Zeke. You don't have to do this. I can cope with it," murmured Casey.

Zeke shook the head.
"I know this, Case! But I think, it could be fun. Can you imagine a better start of the vacation than a nice, long drive? I bet, I can make it in less than three hours!"

Casey didn't doubt this. First Zeke's driving had frightened him a bit, but in the meantime he  knew, that Zeke was a speedy but safety driver. It was fun to drive with him around and, to be honest, he was glad about the offer. It was much more comfortable than several hours sitting in crowded, hot buses - and moreover -  it meant a few more hours together with Zeke.

Now the time had come. Zeke was surprised that he nearly felt a bit doleful.

There was no reason for. He always had liked it to be alone. Indeed, he loved parties and clubbing, but his home was his sanctuary. Only seldom he invited people to visit him. Especially after this bad experience with his Ex last year. It had started with a lot of fun. She wasn't one of these girls who always bitched around, but she admired him and the sex with her was just amazing. One day she stood in front of his door with a suitcase in her hand ... and it was okay for him.

But it didn't turn out all right. They had hardly lived under one roof,  when she changed. She made high demands, he was not ready to fulfill. She was jealous of his friends. She started to stake him out. Finally they had only fight day by day by day ...

He was glad when he came back one day and and she had left him with all her stuff without a further word. At that time he decided never to live with anybody else under the same roof again. He abided by this decision until the day he found Casey cowering beside the street, drenched with rain.

Zeke didn't know, why he had stopped. Why he took him home, why he finally allowed him to move in. Why he neglected his friends and just hung out with Casey instead for three weeks now. He only knew that it felt good.

Zeke had never really cared about someone. Nobody cared about him. Everybody was responsible for their own life. But with Casey this was different. He had listened to him for hours - this boy needed someone who was interested in him. He deserved closer attention. He was a really good student, he was a brilliant photographer, he was intelligent, he was honest and caring about others. And he was incredibly strong.

Casey Connor and strong - this seemed to be so ridiculous at the first sight, but nevertheless it was true. He had enough guts to tell Zeke the truth if he thought he was wrong. Zeke started to grin when he remembered his surprise when he did this first. Normally nobody dared to bother him. He felt like the King of the Highschool. Everyone respected him - most boys admired him and wished to be so cool like he was. Most girls crushed for him. Even the teachers overlooked a lot of his escapades. But Casey ...

It had been one week ago. Casey had talked about his photography, about his future and the art school in San Francisco. But then he looked up, directly into Zeke's eyes ....

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