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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (10/ ? )

I'm back again with the next part of "Pictures" ... OMG, this was meant as a little series with about three or four parts, now I'm posting part ten and there is no end in sight. :) Well, what shall I say, these boys are getting out of my control.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the reading ...

Title: Pictures (10/ ??? )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke - back to normality - no pairing ;)
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Please make sure that you read the previous parts first: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine

It was about seven o'clock in the morning. Casey just wanted to sneak into the kitchen to get a glass of water. He had an awful taste in the mouth, his head hurt like hell and his eyes felt puffy. But the worst of all: he was not able to settle up his thoughts and feelings.

His head felt like a mess. Blurred dreams and reality melted with each other to an inextricable chaos.

He still remembered clearly the first movie, the first beer.

Pulp fiction. Crazy stuff, full of violence and sexual hints. His father would never have allowed him to watch such a movie. He hadn't even been able to fancy that such weird stuff existed at all. Most likely it would have freaked him out under other circumstances, but he knew, with Zeke he didn't need to feign that he was shocked. He liked what he saw - and it was all right.  

The beer had made things even easier. It was the first beer in his life. To be honest, it was not to his taste at all, but it didn't matter. Zeke, Pulp Fiction and beer. He was a bad boy tonight. And it felt damned good. He had the feeling to be able to do all, all he wanted ...

Oh shit. What had he done?

"Hey, you okay?"

Casey winced while he suddenly heard Zeke's voice. He sat in the living  room onto the couch and read.

"I don't know," he murmured and felt suddenly even weaker than before. He staggered a bit and grabbed the back of the couch for support.

Zeke grinned and stood up.
"Just sit down, Case!"

Casey dropped into the nearby love seat and curled up. Zeke went off to the kitchen, only to return a few moments later with a mug of black, strong coffee and a glass of water in the hand. He held out a box Advil to Casey.

"Have a go at this. It might help you to feel better! Want anything to eat too?"

Casey groaned.
"Don't you even dare it to talk about eating!"

Zeke smiled.
"So bad? Don't worry, you will survive! First times are always hard!"

The first time...

Casey stared at him and groaned while he tried to remember the previous evening once again.
"Oh God... What is ....?"

He broke off. No, he was not sure, if he really wanted to know was has happened. Zeke chuckled slightly.

"Just the beer, Casey! It was the first time you got buzzed, right?"

Casey pulled a face.
"Just a beer," he repeated.
"Was that all?"

"Well, what do you think? Believe me, if something else would have happened you would know!"

Casey felt becoming red.
"But ... you have carried me into my room. You put me to bed!"

Zeke nodded.

"Great! And then ... "

"Then you had fallen asleep!"

Casey stared at him distrustfully. He felt, there was even more, but he couldn't say, what.
"You sure?"

Zeke nodded without hesitation. If Casey couldn't remember exactly what he had done last night, then he wouldn't stir up the whole thing again. To be honest, he preferred not to have to talk about it. He had spent the whole night to understand his own feelings - and he had failed.

It still frightened him, how much he had wanted Casey. Sure, he had been with other guys before. But it only happened at parties or in the club. A lot of booze and sometimes also weed was involved and they had fun together for one night. Next morning everything was over and out with.

Last night all had felt completely different. It was not just about fucking. It was not just about him. It was all about Casey ...

Casey's voice tore him out of his thoughts.
"Tell me! What has happened?"

"Well, what do you want to hear?"

"The truth! I feel, I've done something ... stupid ... I just have to know!"

Zeke shook the head.
"Just forget it, Case! It was nothing. Believe me, I've already done worse when I was fucked up!"

Casey pulled the face.
"Well, after all the shit you have already done, this is not really reassuring," he sighed and closed his eyes again.

"Aaww, c'mon," Zeke chuckled.
"I'm not that bad!"

"Of course, you are! Everyone knows.You are the worst guy in Herrington!"

"And you kinda like it!"


"After all you've done yesterday, I would say, you kinda like me ... bad or not!"

Oh! Shit! Casey threw a killing glance at him.
"Oh fuck! What - has - happened?"

Zeke swallowed. Casey seemed to be really upset now. If he wanted, that he continued trusting him, all what could help now was the truth - at least a part of the truth.

"It was just a kiss, Casey," he murmured.
"Just a kiss, I promise!"

Casey's eyes gaped in horror.
"You ... took advantage of the fact that I was drunk?"

Zeke stiffened for a moment and felt growing anger.
"Oh no, Casey, definitely not," he hissed.
"It was you ... just you! You tried to turn me on! You tried to kiss me! And if I would be such a  asshole you think, you would fucking regret it today ..."

He saw Casey fighting back tears. But he couldn't care less. That Casey could think something like this about him, hurt all too much.

"Zeke," Casey stammered helplessly.
"Zeke, I'm sorry! I didn't mean this! I know, you would never hurt me. But ... You ... I'm not ... "

Zeke jumped up from the couch and rushed to the door.
"Aw, shut the fuck up, Casey," he screamed.
"Better sober up again before saying more bullshit like this!"

He slammed the door and was gone. Only a moment later Casey could hear the high-pitched noise of his car when he was speeding down the street. He felt as shocked and embarrassed as never before ...

You can find Part 11 here
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