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F-Zeke Tyler giggle

Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (9/ ? )

Hello LJ. Hello F-list. Today the next part of "Pictures" - I think, a funny, a bit surprising one ;) I hope, you will like it!


Title: Pictures (9/ ??? )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Please make sure that you read the previous parts first: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight

They just had seen the first movie of the evening, 'Pulp fiction' - definitely hard stuff, full of violence, sex and black humor - but finally it served it's purpose.

Casey was completely spellbound by the movie. It was the first time in his life that he was confronted with such dark stuff and he got enthusiastically into a lively discussion with Zeke. The incident from the morning had stressed him a lot, but now the tension decreased visibly.

They had ordered a pizza. Zeke got up to fetch a beer from the fridge.
"Case? Wanna Coke?"

"Naw! Gimme a beer too!"

Zeke raised the eyebrows amazed and grinned.
"This is cute!"

"What is cute?"

"You're cute! Trying to play the bad boy, eh?"

Casey rolled his eyes.
"Geez, Tyler, I'm just wanna beer. It's not that bad, isn't it?"

Zeke chuckled.
"Naw! You want a beer, you'll get a beer. I'm just afraid, my influence on you is not the best. First Tarantino, first beer ... what first time will come next?"


The second movie - the second beer ...

Zeke threw an amazed glance to Casey when he suddenly moved closer to him and put his head onto his shoulder. But it was okay. After all what Casey had to go through last week, it was good that he finally could relax a bit. He was his friend, wasn't he? There was nothing to it to gave him a little bit comfort.

Casey closed his eyes and Zeke was sure that he would fall asleep soon, when he suddenly murmured:
"Hmmm ... it's good!"

"What is?"

"Good! You're smelling good. This new shower gel you bought today ... I like it!"

Zeke coughed slightly.
" 'kay," he murmured.
"You can use it if you want!"

Casey snuggled up closer to his neck and took a deep breath.
"Naw! This wouldn't be the same, y'know!"

Zeke grinned and decided to ignore this. Casey was trying to flirt with him? It was funny, though it was all to evident, that Casey was not used to drink alcohol and these two beer had been enough to let him say things he definitely not meant. Oh God, it would be a rude awakening next morning, if he remembered what he had said. Poor boy. He would be ...

Suddenly he felt a soft tickle onto the back of his head. He flinched back.
"Fuck, Casey!"

Casey giggled.
"What? You don't like it?"

He stopped tickling Zeke, his hands ruffled his hair slightly now. Casey sighed and snuggled still closer to Zeke. Geez. Zeke swallowed - and allowed it. He had to admit: it felt damn good. Casey's fingers were so gentle, he could feel his breath on his neck, warm and soft ... Fuck! This was not gentle and soft! Suddenly there were Casey's teeth, biting his neck.

"Ow! Stop it, Casey! What the fuck are you doing?"

Hilarious giggling. Then Casey pulled him back in his arms.
"I'm a vampire! I want to suck you out!"

"Oh God! No more beer and no more Tarantino for you, I promise!"

Casey's face was quite near in front of his now. He slowly licked over his lips.
"Wanna kiss me, Zeke? I know, you like kissing!"

Zeke wheezed, but he couldn't stop staring at these alluring lips.
"I mean, yeah, of course I do, but ... you are boozed, Casey!"

"Am I? So what! I'm fucking fine. C'mon Zeke, don't be such a party pooper!"

Zeke stared at him. There it was, the gentle smile on his lips, the sparkle in his eyes. He had so wonderful, great, blue eyes. He had always liked them. Zeke groaned, nearly against his own will his thumb glided softly over Casey's cheek. Then their lips met.

First it was only a slight touch, but Casey wanted more, more, more ... Zeke started to lose himself in the kiss. Of course, Casey was a bit inexperienced, but he was willing to learn, to take everything in what Zeke was ready to give. And it felt good, all too good. He never wanted it to stop again. He wanted ...

Okay, that was it! Stop it, Tyler! Stop - it - now!

It was Casey, who lay in his arms. Casey, who longed for warmth and nearness. Casey, who had drunk too much. Casey, who would hate him tomorrow if he acted like an asshole today  ...

Carefully but determined Zeke freed himself out off Casey's arms.

"Get up, Case! Bed! Now!"

Casey giggled once more and turned beet red.
"You don't wanna lose time, huh?"

Grinning Zeke shook the head and pulled Casey up from of the couch.
"Not what you think! Sleeping, Casey, just sleeping!"

Casey snorted.
"Pfft! I don't go to bed alone tonight!"

Zeke chuckled when Casey pouty sank back onto the couch.
"Okay. You asked for this," he murmured.

Without further ado he took Casey onto his arms. He felt so lightweight, so warm and soft. He flung his arms around Zeke's neck, his head rested onto his shoulder. He giggled once again. Zeke asked himself how clever it was to allow this nearness. On the other hand: what should he do? If he rebuffed Casey, he risked falling down the stairs together with him ...

Carefully he carried him to the guest room and lay him down onto the bed. Casey had closed his eyes now. He took a deep, satisfied breath while Zeke started to undress him, up to his boxers and his t-shirt. Zeke couldn't help but staring at him. It was so highly visible that Casey was hard as a rock. He was so ready to take the next steps. Fuck, it would be so easy. He just had to take him into his arms, to kiss him, to caress him, to fuck him. And it would be his first time - the next first time Zeke would give him ...

Zeke took a deep breath to calm down himself and covered Casey up.

"Don't go," he whispered.

His voice sounded soft and blurred. Zeke felt that the tiredness caught up with him now. Nevertheless he pursed his lips and stretched his mouth towards Zeke.

"One more kiss! Please!"

Zeke hesitated only for a short moment. It was too hard to resist. Slightly he stroked Casey's lips with his thumb. Casey smiled. Then Zeke bent forward and pecked him on the forehead.

"'night, Case. Sweet dreams!"

"Not of you, Tyler, you are such a coward ," Casey murmured, before he coiled up and finally fell asleep.


Zeke laid on his bed and stared up to the ceiling. He didn't even try to sleep. He knew if he would close the eyes, the dreams would catch up with him. Strange, bewildering dreams which he didn't want to dream.

Still two weeks. Two long, short weeks. Then Casey would vanish again out of his life. And he could do again what he always did: going to clubs, hanging out with friends, having fun, enjoying good, smoothly sex. Life would be so easy again without geeky Casey Connor ...

Casey, Casey, Casey

He couldn't stop thinking of him.

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Oh, Zekie boy, that little geek has you under his spell!

Lol. Yes, he has, but it's so hard to admit it to himself. Poor Zeke.

"You can use it if you want!"

Casey snuggled up closer to his neck and took a deep breath.
"Naw! This wouldn't be the same, y'know!"

Aw, I liked that bit. And Casey calling him a coward, all pouty... but there's Zeke, being kind and gentle, making sure Casey won't regret anything. Even if he WOULDN'T Sex him up, Zeke! Lol!

Thanks, Honey.
Oh, I know that you would say this - always impatient. ;)

When alcohol makes good people do bad things...

I'd love to see what happens between them in the morning.
Will either be embarassed?
We shall see...

Aaawww - it's not that bad, isn't it? Could be worse :)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, Mews.
Yes, I wanted this a little bit fluffy.
Casey means a lot for Zeke. Maybe he hasn't realized it yet, but he would never take advantage of the situation.

So sweet and gentlemanly of Zeke to do the right thing. But that may have been his last chance to resist geeky Casey Connor. What will happen in the morning?

Lol. What is this? You are waiting for more? .. Yeah, we will see ...

lovely next chapter! I can just agree with the others above.

"You don't wanna lose time, huh?"
isn't it one of the most embarassing and funny things to say? XD love it

Thanks for reading.
Well, Casey is a bit drunk, there is no time to feel embarrassed ... but maybe tomorrow ???

Oh, I love it! That little "Don't go" just killed me. And when he was so soft and snuggled in Zeke's arms. And playing with his hair, all high and mischievous. Zeke is too scrupulous - he should just go for it! Lovely kissing and very lovely tension and desire. *hugs you silly*

Hugs you back.
Thanks for reading. I'm glad you like it.
It was fun to write a little bit snuggling around, it was high time ... but now it's enough. Back to normal life :)

What a lovely chapter. It makes me feel good and warm inside. Zeke is a good boy, isn’t he?

“"You don't wanna lose time, huh?" I love this line :-))
I’m curious about the next morning.

Og course, Zeke is a good boy, he wants his Casey so much, but he knows, that it's better to stop here.

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