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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - The decision

First of all: This post is for our birthday girl, mews1945 


Dear Mews, I wish you wonderful day, full of sunshine, friends, presents and whatever you are dreaming of.

I wanted to write something for you ... and I decided to make a little trip into your "family-universe" (I hope you don't mind). For all who didn't read this great story before: you should do it now. You can find both parts of it in Mew's journal. Family and Family2

My little story takes place somewhere, sometime after Family2 though not all the wonderful characters of Mew's story are involved.  Maybe it's a bit hard to understand, if you are not familiar with Mew's "family-universe', but I don't want to tell you too much. Just go and read it! (just as much: Casey is a miracle healer in this story - after Marybeth he and Zeke are on the run, but finally they find new people to live with - their own, special family)

Title: The decision
Fandom: Casey / Zeke / other character
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

It only happened seldom that they had breakfast together. Mostly they were quite busy in the morning. Pearl tried to kick Mike out of her bed and to got her ready for school. Redwyn just had time for a quick mug of coffee, then she would hurry up to her exam room. Her little patients would already awaiting her. Zeke got ready for work; there was this garage in town, he used to help out from time to time. He loved doing this, because it felt like fucking normal life.

Casey would start the day silent, thinking about this and that, as usual. He liked what he did, he liked the relieved, lucky glimmer in the eyes of the people when he had been able to help them, but it was stressful and sometimes a bit dangerous what he was doing. He had learned to control his power, but he knew, sometimes he overdid it. There were so much people needing his help ...

Today was one of the seldom, quiet days. They were sitting together, talking a bit, sipping on their mugs of coffee. No one seemed to be in a hurry. Campbell got up, to pour in another mug of coffee. Then it happened. She paled and faltered. It was just for a split second, but Casey was used to notice every small change in the behavior of others.

Instinctively he reached out for her hand to give her a bit hold. And he felt it! He hesitated only for a moment, then he pressed Campbell carefully back into the chair and took the mug with coffee out of her hand.

"Maybe you better should try this," he murmured and put a glass of fresh orange juice in front of her.

Campbell narrowed her eyes, then she shrugged.
"Why not. Vitamins are always good!"

Pearl looked from Casey to Campbell and back to Casey. Something strange was up in the air, she could feel it. Campbell seemed to notice her look.

"It's nothing," she tried to play down the situation.
"Just a little bit stress with John. We broke up yesterday!"

"Oh. What happened?"

"Like I said, it's nothing," Campbell repeated.
"He is just a selfish prick!"

Redwyn looked up.
"You will get over it! I could already have tell you this before, but you wouldn't have listened to me. You never do!"

Campbell stood up and hurried to the door.
"Well, I think, it's time for me now. I've things to do ..."

"Campbell," Casey hold her back.
"Please, don't rush it!"

She looked back to him, with a sad glance in her eyes.
"Believe me, I've thought about it over and over again. I'm gonna do the right thing!"

Casey sighed while she left the house. A moment later they could hear her driving away ....


Zeke followed Casey to their room. He kept stubbornly quiet and started to change the sheets of their bed. It was not necessary, Zeke had done it only two days before. And he felt, Casey just did it to do anything! 

"What's wrong," he  finally asked.

Casey looked at him questioningly.

"Casey, don't try to fool me! I know you all too well. What was this with Campbell?"

"You've heard it! She broke up with John!"

"Yeah! But that's not the point! I've seen it, Case! She paled and you reached for her arm ... you've touched her and you've felt something! What's wrong with her?"

Casey hesitated with the answer. Yes, he had sensed a lot. Desperation, fear, sadness, hope and love. She had already made her decision - and Casey knew it was the wrong one. She would never be able to get over this. He wished he could stop her - but he was not allowed to do it. He always tried to help other people, sick people, desperate people, but this didn't lay in his hands.

"I can't tell you, Zeke! Sorry!"

"If something is wrong with her, we should know it, shouldn't we? We are one great family, Case! We should help her!"

Casey moved up close to Zeke and saw directly into his eyes.

"I can't, Zeke! Please, don't bother me with questions! It hurt me! You know, I would love to help her. I would love to take her pain away ... but I can't! And you can't. No one can!"

He sounded so desperate. Zeke pulled him into his arms. He could feel him trembling and soundless sobbing. Only seldom he had felt so helpless. Casey was strong. Casey was ready to help everyone. It was nearly unbelievable that he didn't at least try to help Campbell if she had such a hard time.

It must be something horrible ... It scared him ...


Campbell came back three hours later. Casey sat on the porch and smoked to calm down when she drove into the gateway. Impetuous as usual she slammed on the brake, then she jumped out of the car.

He had expected to see and feel her pain. But there was just a bright smile on her lips, when she rushed over to him and took him into her arms.

Casey swallowed as he it felt again.
"You didn't do it!"

She shook her head.
"Nope! You were right. It would have been a mistake!"

"But ...."
Casey looked at her amazed.
"I've said nothing!"

"You didn't have to! I've seen it in your eyes. You wanted to cry out loud: 'Don't do it! It's fucking wrong!' .... But you kept quiet. You let me go."

Casey nodded.
"There are decisions you only can make by yourself. You would hate us, you would hate her, if we had forced you to a decision."

"That's why I didn't said anything. I didn't want someone telling me what I should do. ... How would you have reacted if I had done it, Casey?"

Casey smiled slightly.
"What I always do when people are suffering. I'd have tried to help you. I'd have tried to take the pain away. But it wouldn't have been easy ... and it would have hurt. It would have hurt a lot ... "

When Zeke entered the porch, he saw Casey and Campbell, sitting together on the swing. Campbell had put her head onto Casey's shoulder. Both of them were whispering, smiling and visibly relaxed.

"Hey. Wanna share your secrets? Or should I be jealous?"

Casey chuckled. Campbell smiled.

"It's okay," she said to Casey.
"Tell him!"

Casey pulled Zeke down into a quick kiss.
"We will have a baby soon," he whispered.
"A little baby-girl!"  
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