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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (5/ 32 )

Good morning Lj! Good morning F-List. I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend. I just hope, mine will not be as hot and sticky like it was the last days. Pfft - don't like it hot! ;(

But, whatever, it is like it is. Coming back to the fun in my life - coming back to "Pictures". This story was meant as a little series first, but it's growing up and up ... just wonder, where it is going to ... sometimes I can surprise myself  ;)


Title: Pictures (5/ 32 )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating:  PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Please make sure that you read the previous parts first: one / two / three / four

"Casey? Are you back?"
A soft, female voice  - unsure and relieved at the same time.

"Meredith! Take care off the shopping. I'll attend to this affair!"
A loud, male voice  - authoritative and cold at the same time.

Casey startled visibly when they heard steps coming upstairs. Right from the moment Mr. Connor rushed into the room, Zeke felt, this wouldn't turn out well. There was no relief that Casey had come back home. No excuse for what he had done to him. Just disdain, humiliation and a barely hidden rage, when Casey at last dared to ask for a bit understanding - suppliant - beseeching.

Seeing his father slowly clenching his hands, stepping closer to him, Casey looked paralyzed and resigned. It was too much! Zeke knew, he wouldn't wait until things would totally get out of control. It was all too evident: Mr. Connor was not ready for a decent discussion.
Protectively he stepped between them. Mr. Connor stared at him with narrowed eyes. For a short moment Zeke feared he would try to hit him instead of Casey. He was not sure what to do then. Of course, there were other punch-ups in his past, he was able to defend himself. But this was different - it was not a fucking prick from school, it was Casey's father!

"You should better don't meddle into this. It's a family affair! Just get out of my house and keep your dirty hands off my son. Or I'll call the police!"

"You should better do it yourself," Zeke hissed.
"Call 'em - and try to explain, what you were doing to him!"
He carefully put his arm around Casey's shoulders.
"Case! You okay?"

No reaction. Probably he hadn't heard him at all. Zeke shook him slightly.

"C'mon, Case! Pack your stuff together. And then lets get the hell out of here!"

Halting Casey saw from Zeke to his father and back again.

"Consider well what you are doing, Casey! If you will go with him now, you won't be my son any longer! Then you will never be able to come back here, do you understand? Never - again!"

Casey stared at him. Even if he tried to force tears back, Zeke saw the suspicious glint in his eyes. Finally he shook the head.
"I can't! I can't, Dad! Please ... please ... I ... "

Mr. Connor looked at him disdainful.
"I should have known it! Weak, as usual! Not ready to make the right decision! You are not my son! My son would never have act like this! You're such a pathetic loser! Get you gone!"

With these words he left the room. Casey stared after him in dumb silence. Zeke cautiously put a hand on his arm, but Casey shook it off and stepped back from him.

"Why have you done this?" he hissed.

"Done what?"

"You should have kept out. Now ... now he'll think ...  I ... we ... "

He suppressed a sobbing and Zeke shrugged.
"Well, he has thought this anyway! The disdain in his eyes was obvious. Fucking fagots! That's what he think about of us. I can deal with it!"

"I can't!"

Zeke frowned.
"How do you mean this?"

"I don't want him looking at me in this way! He's my Dad, Zeke!"

"He is a damned bastard and he gives a shit about you. He was ready to hit you again, Case! Don't call him Dad, he doesn't deserve this!"

"But, nevertheless, he is, Zeke! He will always be! I don't want him to be furious about me! I want him to understand and ... I don't want to leave in this way!"

A long pause followed.

Casey stared at Zeke stunned. His voice suddenly sounded annoyed. His eyes sparkled furiously.

"This is what you want?" Zeke continued.
"You want to stay here? Okay! Then better forget Frisco! Better forget art school. Fuck, you'll never get in there, Casey, if you don't stop whining around!"

You'll continue doing everything to satisfy him. Just do it, Case! Give up your life! Forget your dreams! But he will never ever be contented with you. He could be so proud of you, Casey, he just have to pay a little bit more attention to you. But he doesn't want this at all. Because he is just a selfish prick ..."

Casey looked at him bewildered. Tears welled up into his eyes.
"I know, Zeke," he whispered.
"I know, you are right. But he is my Dad ... and I somehow love him!"
He hesitated for a short moment, then he added:
"I thought, you would understand. Do you never miss them?"

Zeke looked at him confused about this changing of subject.
"Miss them? Whom?"

"Your parents!"

Oh shit! He didn't want to talk about his parents, fuck no! It was all about Casey's fucking Dad, wasn't it? But Casey just looked at him, with this great, blue, innocent eyes, waiting for his answer. He snorted contemptuously.

"I can barely remember that I have one. The last time I saw my father is six months ago. It was around christmas and he found some time for his son, two hours at the airport, during he was waiting for his connecting flight. New years eve at Hawaii with this fucking bitch was much more interesting than christmas with his son!"

Casey swallowed.
"With ... your Mom?"

"Oh God, no! My Mom has died when I was twelve. Cancer. It was over quickly. One day she was still there - next she was gone. And I was alone ..."

"But your Dad ...."

Zeke laughed out bitterly.
"Do you listen to me, Casey? There was no Dad!  I was twelve. I was a lonesome, furious, bulky teenager! And he gave a shit about me. He was free! Free for this fucking bitch, nowadays my stepmother. She's just ten years older than me. She had already stretched out her tentacles towards him, while my mom was still alive. Now she wanted all. She wanted expensive clothes. She wanted exclusive jewelry. She wanted to travel - today Europe, tomorrow Asia. But she never wanted me!

He would have done everything for her. Fuck off your son! He dumped me off in a boarding school. Three month later I was kicked out. Next school, same procedure. It was the greatest fun in my life, to see in her fucking face when they had to pick me up again. I knew she hated me and I knew he would have to pay for this.

After four years, he took me home to Herrington. Fuck! Home! Better to say, he couldn't find another boarding school which was ready to accept me. So: Herrington High.The last-ditch attempt ...

It's like a deal, y'know. I don't drop out school - he makes sure, that there is always enough money in the account. No school - no money ... That's all! I know, he is only waiting for the day I'll graduate and I'm gonna disappear out of his life!"

Casey had listened to him in silence. How often he had envied him for his freedom. But now: for the first time he noticed the price Zeke has to pay for all this. It was not nearly as easy as it seemed to be.

"I'm sorry," he murmured.

"Aw, fuck off, I don't need your compassion! It's not that bad, y'know. At least he lets me live my life without bitching around. And he would never hit me!"

When he saw Casey wincing, he swore inwardly.Yes, at that moment, he just had wanted to hurt him so he wouldn't have to admit how much hurt he was himself. But it had been unfair. He knew it.

"C'mon! Get your camera and the other stuff you need. Let's go home!" he murmured.

Go to part six
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