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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (4/ 32 )

Good morning, LJ. Good morning F-list. Hope, you all will have a wonderful day.

Maybe the one or other will be waiting for this - the next part of "Pictures". I hope you will have fun ... though ... fun?!? We will see.


Title: Pictures (4/ 32 )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating:  PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Please make sure that you read the previous parts first: one / two / three

It was about ten minutes and they were still sitting in the car in front of Casey's house. Slowly Zeke became a bit impatient.


He saw him wincing.
"I'm so scared, Zeke," he admitted.

"Because of your Dad?"

Casey shook the head.
"He's not at home. It's Saturday. Every Saturday morning they go shopping to the Mall. It's just ... he was so furious. Because of the art school and stuff ... what, if he has done something ..."

Zeke looked at him questioningly.
"What should he have done?"

"The camera ... all my photo stuff ... I mean, he could have dumped them, or he smashed them to bits ... I don't know ..."

And Zeke understood. He didn't know a lot about Mr. Connor, but what he had got to know during the last two days from Casey, let him fear the worst. It was entirely conceivable that he wanted to delete everything what meant so much for Casey. And it would hurt him much more than any humiliation, than any beating. He would hardly bear it.

"I could come in with you if you want it," he said.

Casey looked him thankfully and nodded.

But he didn't move.  Zeke sighed.
"You don't have to do this, Case. You could stay with me over the weekend!"

Casey pulled a face.
"Yeah. And then? What will be tomorrow? I'll have to go back, at least to fetch some clothes and my school stuff. No! I think, I want to get it over with as soon as possible."

He straightened his back and got out of the car. Zeke followed him slowly. He saw Casey's hands trembling when he unlocked the door, his steps slowed down more and more while going upstairs. In front of the door to his room he hesitated one last time. His face was pale and deadpan. Zeke bit his lower lip when he opened the door.

The room was a mess. The floor was covered with photos, black/white and colored ones,  bigger and smaller, some of them tattered and crumpled. Onto the walls only scraps of riped off photos and posters. Several albums with Casey's photo projects lay around, some sides were torn out.

The desk chair had fallen over. The keyboard of his computer was broken. The door to the closet stood ajar - it was half-empty, the clothes were tossed over the bed randomly .

Zeke was surprised when he glanced at Casey. He had relaxed visibly, there was a slight smile on his lips. In the face of this mess it felt completely crazy.

Casey finally realized his look.
"Everything okay, Zeke! He's done nothing!"

Zeke cleared the throat.
"You call this nothing?"

Casey pulled the face.
"Nothing more since yesterday," he whispered.
"Nothing what I couldn't fix again! The camera, all the other photo stuff .... he hasn't touched it! Anything else ... who cares?"

He started to pick up the photo albums and to put them back carefully on the shelf. Zeke picked up the desk chair and sat down silently. It seemed that Casey needed some time for himself. He asked himself if it would be all right to leave him alone now. His parents could come back every moment and Zeke was sure, they would be angry about finding him here.

Then he saw the pics. They were scattered on the floor among all the others.They were an eye-catcher. They were different. He picked some up and looked at them with interest.

This was not the usual porn stuff but full of erotic. All of them were showing just one young man, maybe one or two years older than him, posing lascivious, somehow mysterious, looking sexy as hell. Damn, Casey seemed to know what was good.

He looked at them for a long time. Finally he decided to ask.

"Are these the pics?"

Casey glanced at him. He saw what Zeke held in his hands and he blushed.
"Oh God. Just put them away, please. I don't want to see them any more! Never ever I want to have to deal with all this shit again!"

"You sure? It's good stuff. He looks fucking hot!"

Annoyed Casey pulled the face.
"He is a guy, Zeke!"

Zeke grinned.
"Yeah, I see! It's hard to overlook this!"

"So why do you say that? You like girls!"

"Mhm. Sometimes."

Casey frowned.
"What's this supposed to mean? Either you like girls, or you're gay! You are definitely not!"


"Bi what?"

"I'm bi! It's fucking great, y'know. You always can choose the very best from both!"

Casey looked at him sad-eyed.
"You don't have to make fun of me," he murmured.

Zeke sighed slightly. He never meant to hurt him.
"Naw, I don't! Quit pro quo, Casey. You were honest to me, I'm honest to you, too!"

"Oh, don't you fucking fool me! You can't like guys! The whole school knows that you chase everyone in a skirt!"

Zeke pulled the face.
"Yup! Everyone at school knows that I'm a dealer. Everyone knows that I'm hanging around in clubs and get drunk every weekend. Everyone knows that I'm just an ice-cold prick who cares about no one. People like to gossip a lot, Casey, although they know nothing at all!"

Casey looked at him thoughtfully. It was hard to believe, but it sounded somehow true.
"So .... who are you?"

A slight grin crept onto Zeke's lips.
"Wanna try to find out?"

The smile on Casey's face vanished when outside a car door was banged. 

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Ooh... This is developing nicely. I can't wait to see how the interraction with Casey's dad goes down.
Great fic so far Pris x

Thank you for reading and commenting.
I'm glad you like it a bit, though I think, Honey and you and others are writing, I'm just playing a bit around with the boys. But it's fun to do ;)

I'm glad Casey's camera was okay, but was still sad to see the destruction in Casey's room. I was hoping he would leave with Zeke again before his Dad got home...Oops! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.

Thanks for reading, Addie.
We will see what happens next, with Mr. C coming back and finding Zeke around with Casey ...

(Deleted comment)
Thank you for reading, Mews.
Interesting facts about Zeke? Yeah, but nothing new for us, isn't it? ;)

Okay, I get it now, Casey left his own room in a shambles and his father didn't destroy anything, right? I'm glad Zeke finally came out to Casey, that can only give him some more courage and I like him knowing he has to have it out with his father at some point. He's right, he can't keep running.

Good going girl, liked this chapter a lot.

Oh no, it wasn't Casey, it was his dad, but he did all this yesterday and it was nothing new.

Yeah, Casey needs time to realize what Zeke had told him, but then it may help him.

He really wants to try it with his father, question is, what will Mr. C doing? Is he ready to deal with all this?

Edited at 2009-07-01 07:15 pm (UTC)

Ahh, poor Case. His self-esteem is low, low, low, putting up with and accepting that crap. And now who's coming home? *lip-bites*!

Yeah, poor Casey, it's hard for him. 17 years with his father who always told him he is a looser. He can't just shake this off ...

Oh...Need more need more need need need...
Casey's parents seem very dangerous... Casey shouldn't be here, he needs to be protected...Fortunately he is not alone

:) Thanks for reading - I'm glad you like it!

ooh, got caught up on this! This is a very intriguing plot. I'm hoping that Casey will end up staying at Zeke's and away from his violent home life!

Thanks for reading. I'm glad you like it a bit.

Yeah, we will see what will happen with Mr. C. ... next part is on ...

Oh, I like this. you put a huuuge smile onto my face, dear.
Go, Casey, go! Zeke IS waiting...
But I'm a little bit worried what the Connors will say .

MORE please :-))

Thanks, Julchen! I'm glad you like - this thing is going out of control ;) It was meant as a little series with three or four parts and now ... I don't now, where it goes to ... well, I think, I know, but I changes my mind about it nearly every day :)

I'm just an ice-cold prick who cares about no one.

Yow! I like that description. He sounds so grim saying it, like 'yup, that's all they know'. He's shocked Casey with his bi revelation. I hope it means good things ahead for them!

"I'm bi! It's fucking great, y'know. You always can choose the very best from both!"

LOL!!!!! What a brilliant excuse. And Casey is THE very best - of both :-)

And Casey's Dad is so mean and cruel. I love hating on his Dad because he didn't believe Casey about the aliens :-)

Sorry I'm late catching up, but very cool chapter!

Oh no, don't be sorry for reading late, you can read and comment whenever you want. Your comments are worth it to wait!

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