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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (3 / 32 )

Hello F-List. Hello LJ. Just want to wish you a wonderful weekend. Mine will be fine - though today I have to go to work - but then three days off :)

Today the next part of "Pictures" ... I hope, you will like it a bit

Title: Pictures (3 / 32 )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating:  PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Please make sure that you read the previous parts first: one / two

Without losing another word, he jumped up from the loveseat and run over to the bathroom to fetch his clothes out of the dryer. Then he tied his shoes up with trembling fingers. He tried to ignore Zeke's penetrating gaze, that seemed to go right through him.

"What's all this fuss about, Case?" Zeke finally asked.

"I think, it's time for me to go!"

"Why? I've told you, you can stay here for the weekend!"

Casey stared at him.
"This was before, Zeke!"

"Before what?"

"Are you listening to me, Zeke? I've just told you that I am gay!"

Zeke couldn't restrain a slight grin.
"Yeah, I get this!"

"Well, and what do you still want from me now? Please, let me go!"
Casey wanted to push Zeke aside, but he held him back.

"Do you want to ravish me tonight, Casey?"

Casey gasped.
"No, of course not," he stammered.

"All right! And where is the damned problem then?"

Casey looked at him distrustfully.
"You can't want me to stay here, Zeke!"

"Well, do you have any better idea? Where the hell do you want to go?"

"I don't know," Casey had to admit.

"Then stop bitching around. You can sleep here onto the couch, far, far away from my room, if this relieves you. And tomorrow ... well ... Everything has its price, you know! I would like to have eggs and bacon for breakfast, pancakes would be fine and ... yeah, a great pot of coffee, white and sweeet ... "

Casey had to laugh.
"Sounds good to me! ... Thanks, Zeke!"


Next morning Zeke stepped dozily into the kitchen. He stopped numbly. The smell of bacon and coffee wafted up his nose. Casey stood in front of the cooker, stirring with a spatula in a pan.

"What are you doing?"

Casey looked up. Oh God! Zeke only wore his pajama bottoms, no T-shirt. For one second he couldn't help staring at him, then he turned his eyes away.
"Breakfast service!" he murmured.
"I hope, scrambled eggs are okay for you?"

Zeke cleared his throat.
"Case. You don't have to do this, okay? It was only a joke!"

Casey shrugged.
"Nothing big. I couldn't sleep any longer. I had to think about a lot!"

Zeke dropped down onto a chair and watched Casey filling a big mug with coffee. He looked tired, it seemed that he hadn't slept well.

"Sit down, Casey! You look like shit!"

He glanced over to him, swallowed and shook his head.
"I can't ... ! I ... I have to go ..."

When he fled from the kitchen into the living room, Zeke followed him. He grabbed his arm to stop him. Next moment he knew, it had been a mistake. Casey struggled against him, panic in his eyes. And Zeke started to understand. He went over in the bathroom and reached for a T-shirt.

"Better? Can we have breakfast now?"

Casey sighed.
"Sorry! I know, I'm acting like a damned idiot."

Zeke pulled him back to the kitchen and pressed him into a chair.

"It's okay. It's hard for you, eh? Have you ever spoken about it before?"

Casey shook the head.
"No. Sometimes I feel like an alien .... I'm an abnormal geek!"

"This is bullshit, Case! There are a lot of gays around in this world. You just have to find them!"

"My Dad consider me as a sicko. He doesn't want to have a perverted, gay whore in his house! That's what he called me."

Zeke sighed loudly. He felt, Casey's actual problem was his father. Before he couldn't detach himself from him, he would never be able to accept his homosexuality.

"Your Dad is an ignorant bastard. He has not the faintest idea of what he is talking about. He is just furious because you're not like he wants you to be! But this is his problem, not yours! It's your life!"

Casey hesitated for a short moment, then he whispered:
"I'm gonna go home, Zeke!"


"I'm gonna go home! Now!"

"But he kicked you out of the house! He hit you!"

Casey shrugged.
"It's my home, Zeke. The only home I have. Don't know where else to go!"

Zeke opened his mouth ... and shut himself up. No! It was one thing to accommodate him for one weekend but letting him move in was another cup of tea. Bad idea! He was a loner, he didn't want a housemate. He liked it to be alone. Though he felt pity for Casey, it was time for him to grow up and to find his own way ...  and it was not Zeke's job to help him. He had done enough ....

"Okay then. I can give you ride, if you want to!"

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Casey should be more concerned with why Zeke is so nonchalent about the whole thing.

Will Zeke take him home?
Will he get out of the car?
hmmm We'll see...

So many questions and no answer ;) ... Well, we WILL see ...

Oh, Casey. Stop your nervous flitting about and realize that Zeke wants you more than breath and life itself. Hee... and you, Zeke--come on, get in there, too!

Lol ... well, Mrs. Impatience, give them a little bit time ;)

I think Casey needs to find a place to calm down and relax before he confronts his Dad again. More please.

Yeah, I think, you are right, Casey needs time to find to himself and his Dad is not really helpful. Maybe it's to early for a confrontation ...

Don't worry, there will be more soon.

I think that so much has happened so quickly that both C & Z need a chance to catch their breath and think things through. Maybe Casey's dad needs this as well. Can't wait for the next part sweetie.

Thanks for reading. Oh yes, they all need time to realize things. For Casey there is a lot: the art school in Frisco, his gayness and, of course, his Dad. For Zeke things are difficult in a different way: he isn't used to it to care about other people - but he really cares about Casey, though he can't understand why.

We will see ...

(Deleted comment)
Yep, Zeke tries to be cool as ever ... but he isn't. He really wants to help Casey. And for Casey it is all difficult, yes, he needs time, though ... when will he get some?

Edited at 2009-06-28 06:09 am (UTC)

Oh, don't stop here, don't stop at all!!
Pff...I get it, I just have to wait but damn, it's hard!

Lol, just wait a little bit. I'm working on the next part ...

Oh no, he's leaving? I want him to stay and get cozy with Zeke.

I loved that Zeke had making him breakfast as his 'price' of staying over. That was so funny and such a Zeke thing to say.

The shirtless encounter was very exciting and Casey certainly couldn't hide what it did to him. He's very teenage boy with his hormones, getting revved up at the sight of a naked male chest. Wait a minute, it's Zeke's chest, of course he is! *g*

I'm getting very absorbed in this and I like the high-tension between them. I also love all the sound good sense that Zeke is giving. He's got good opinions and is very well-balanced. Casey needs a friend like him.

Looking forward to more!

Thank you for reading. I'm glad that you like it a bit.

This makes me curious for more, sweetie. So many things happened in a few hours, things they both have to think about. Love this story, dear. Absolutely.
*hugs tight*

Thanks, Julchen, I'm so, so glad you like it.

Hugs you back

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