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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (2 / 32 )

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Today the next part  "Pictures".


Title: Pictures (2 / 32 )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating:  PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Please make sure that you read the previous parts first: one

Zeke sighed, while he looked at Casey thoughtfully.

When they had come to his house, Zeke nearly had to pull him out of the car. He trembled more and more. Zeke had sent him to the bathroom, taking a hot shower, while he put his totally soaked clothes into the dryer. Casey had done everything Zeke demanded from him without complaining.

Now he huddled up onto the love-seat, wrapped in a thick cover, a cup of tea in front of him. His injuries didn't look so frightening any more, the shivering had decreased, but he was still pale and kept stubbornly quiet. Zeke considered what probably had happened, to bring him in such a bad state. Even at school, where he daily was bullied and humiliated, he had never seen him so vulnerable and scared.

"Wanna tell to me what has happened?" he finally dared to asked and he hoped to bring Casey to talk about it.

Head shaking.

"Okay then! Ready for a movie? There will be one with Monty Python. Have you ever seen him before? It's fun!"


Zeke sighed and asked himself what he actually was doing here. Geez, it was friday! Weekend! Partytime! He should be on the way to his club, to meet friends, to have fun, to flirt around. This girl he met there last weekend was sexy as hell and he had hoped to meet her again today.

Instead of all this he hang around at home with freaky Casey Connor, watching a boring movie he had seen much to often before. Great done, Tyler!

The movie ended. Casey hadn't spoken even a single word. He hadn't laughed. He just kept his straight face. He had put his head back onto the cushions of the couch and had closed his eyes. But his body was still full of tension. Zeke was sure, he wasn't fallen asleep. Tentatively he touched his arm.

"Case? Do you wanna call your parents?"

The eyes opened slowly. Insecurity flickered into them.

"Your parents! You will get into trouble, if you don't go home soon. At least call them!"

Casey stared at him. Zeke wasn't sure if he actually had heard him.Then he slowly shook the head.

"It was my Dad, Zeke!" he whispered.

Zeke swallowed hard. A suspicion climbed up in him, but it was nearly unbelievable.
"You mean ... "

Casey nodded.
"I mean, he's not waiting for me. He kicked me out of the house!"

"Has he done this? Did he hit you?"

"Yeah! He was so furious .... I've never seen him like this before!"

Casey kept quiet. Zeke tried to understand all this. He didn't give a shit of parents. His own father left him more or less alone for years now - he left the house to Zeke, he gave him a credit-card for free use to his support - this was all Zeke knew about parental care and love.

For Casey all seemed to be different. He had a home. Maybe his parents were sometimes a bit too strictly, too overprotective, but they really seemed to care about him.That there was beating and rejection for Casey at home like it was at school, Zeke had never supposed.

"Did he hit you often," he finally dared to ask.

Casey shook the head.
"No! He is annoyed and disappointed about me. Sometimes he yells at me, sometimes he speaks no word to me for days ... but he never hit me before  ... "

"But ... why? I mean, what the fuck is wrong with him? What could you have possibly done?"
It was too hard to imagine for Zeke. Casey was one of the quietest, most unobtrusive boys at school. He completely lived for school and for his hobby - the photography. He never did what other boys and girls at his age liked to do: he didn't like parties, he didn't smoke, he didn't drink booze, he didn't meet girls. He tried to suit everybody ... he always acted like a good, boring, little boy.

"I never was the son he wanted. He wanted a tough guy ... I tried it, I wanted him to be proud of me, but ... 

I still remember, I was nearly ten years old. He wanted to go fishing with me. I hated it! I couldn't hardly endure it when he landed the fish ... and then he demanded from me to gut it ... it nauseated me and I started vomiting ...

Then he wanted a sport ace son. He wanted me to join the football team ... Don't you dare it, Zeke! Don't laugh! He was serious about this. He wanted to see his son as a quarterback ..."

Zeke couldn't suppress a grin any longer. Even Casey laughed a bit.

"Well, I guess, you're right. This is quite ridiculous, isn't it? I'm not like this! I'm not a tough guy. I'm just Casey Connor ... Well, at some point he got it that I will never be like this. He let me feel it, over and over again ... how much I disappointed him. I'm weak. I'm a coward who can be beaten up by others without at least trying to strike back.

Up to last year. He has never been interested in my grades, it was just taken for granted that I always was one of the best in class. But then ... last year ... the physic project ... this stupid honoring ... Since then he just wants to make a great scientist out of me ... he picked out the best colleges. He forced me send out applications to all of them."

Casey sighed sadly. Zeke looked at him thoughtfully.

"Well, somehow it makes sounds sense. I mean, the shit with the best colleges. You are good, Casey! You are more than good! You can make it!"

Casey nodded.
"Yes, I know ... but ... I don't want this! I don't want to be a scientist!"

"Because you are too scared to go to college?"

"Naw! It can't be worse like here. But ... "
He broke off and hesitated for a moment.
"Mr. Brown ... He has provided me the application papers for the art school in Frisco. It's the best art school at all. He has written a reference for me and helped me to finish the folder. He says, I've good chances to get in!"

"And this is what you want?"

For the first time tonight Casey relaxed. His eyes shimmered excited and he nodded.
"Yeah! That's all I want! If I can get in this school, it was all worth it, you know. Every fucking minute in this hellhole of school ... "

"And your dad ..."

Casey's face darkened immediately.
"He found it out! He was not amused. He yelled at me that he'll never allow this. That photographic art is not a job for a real man. That he won't pay a penny for this shit. And I...

Casey sighed, but then he straightened his back before he continued.

... I told him that I don't care about this! I'm gonna graduate next year. Til then I'll be eighteen and I can go wherever I want. If he doesn't want to support me, all right, I can make it alone. I could get a stipendium, says Mr. Brown ... and I can look for a job, too... I would do everything, just to be able to go to Frisco!"

Zeke smiled. He had never seen Casey so strong-willed before, so ready to fight for something  he really wanted.

"Yeah, I think, you could do this! And your dad was mad about you? That was why he hit you and kicked you out off the house?

To his surprise Casey shook the head.
"No! Well, of course, he was mad. I've never spoken to him like this before. He rushed into my room and he yelled, he'll knock those nonsense out of my head. He started tearing all my photos from the wall ... he smashed the albums with my photo projects onto the floor ... and then ... then he found them ... I think, it was too much. He is exploded ...  "

"He found what?"

Casey hesitated. Finally he shrugged and avert his eyes.
"The pics," he whispered.


"Special kind of pictures, you know!"

For a moment Zeke didn't knew what to think about this answer, until he saw Casey blushing. Suddenly the realization dawned him. He grinned.

"You mean, something like porn?"

Casey only nodded. Zeke frowned.
"Jesus, you are seventeen! It's not that bad that you are interested in girls. This shouldn't be a reason to freak out like he did!"

Casey looked up again. His eyes were sparkling with wild defiance when he said:
"Well, there were no girls!"

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