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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - The rat (Part 1)

Today is a special day - a birthday.

Happy Birthday addie71 

I hope you will enjoy your day with a lot of friends, presents and fun, fun, fun.

Warning 1: My little story for you is all around fluffy and sweet - a little bit angsty at the end, but.. well, we will see.. ;)
Warning 2: as ever without beta and my english is a bit rough

Title: The rat
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

"Stop! Oh my god, stop, Zeke!"

Zeke startled and slammed on the brake when he heard Casey screaming. The car stopped at the roadside. Zeke looked to Casey confused and concerned. But Casey didn't take the time for great explanations. He threw the door open and jumped out.

Zeke watched him running over to the edge of the forest. He bent down and a moment later he held something in his arms. Zeke saw something wriggle around, but couldn't make it out exactly. He heard Casey murmuring softly.

Finally he followed him frowning.
"What's hap .... Oh my god. What's this? Something like a rat?"

He pointed at the hairy little bit which snuggled trembling against Casey's chest.

"Shshsh," Casey murmured and fondled reassuringly over the small head.
"Don't be afraid, he won't bite your head off. He is always like that!"

Zeke chuckled amused, while Casey threw an angry look at him.
"How can you say this? You get her scared!"

Zeke's grinning widened, but he stretched out one hand to stroke the little dog. Casey observed him distrustfully, how he stroked gently over the straggly, matt fur. The shivering in the little body decreased and Casey relaxed too.

Zeke's look glided to the rope which still hung loose around his thin neck. Poor little fellow - someone had marooned him, tied him at a tree and left him alone. The street here only had light traffic, the edge of the forest was a good piece away. If not Casey would have had so sharp, attentive eyes which were constantly searching for new, interesting photo motives, nobody would probably have found him.

Zeke frowned. Casey cuddled the dog once again, then he started to go back to the car, with the dog in his arms.

"Hrm ... Casey ..."


"You don't want to take him with you, do you?"

"Of course, I will!"

"You can't!"

Casey sparkled at him furiously.
"What do you think I should do? To leave her here? Shall I tie her up again? Shall I just let her go? She will stray around here; she'll be alone and scared and at last she'll starves or maybe be eaten by wild animals. Is it that, what you want?"

"Yes ... no, of course not! But, Casey ... I feel sorry for him, too... but ... what the hell shall we do with him?"

"If you don't take her with you, I'm gonna stay here too! I'm not gonna get into this car without her! Do you get this?"

"This is stupid, Case," murmured Zeke - and he knew that he had lost.

Zeke sat on his couch and observed Casey, who were sitting in an armchair opposite him. The little dog had coiled up onto his lap and slept. His small world was okay by now.

On their way home Casey had insisted to stop at a pet shop - he had bought dog shampoo and food. At Zeke's he had first bathed her and then brushed her fur carefully. The dog let everything happen without complaining. It was evident that she trusted Casey blindly. And it was evident that Casey loved this little fellow.

Zeke sighed slightly. Things would go complicated.


He looked up. Zeke could see that he guessed what he was going to tell him. But the fear in his eyes was mixed with defiance and determination.

"We have to talk about it. What shall we do with him?"

"I don't let her alone again!"

"However, he can't stay here, Casey," Zeke said softly.
"We'll have to make a decision!"

"Why not?"

"I don't want a pet, Case! Yes, he is a cute, but ... "

"I want her! I always wanted a dog or maybe a cat. She could be my dog! I could jobbing after school. I can pay for everything she needs. And I would drop in every day and look after her. She ... she just have to stay with you ... temporary!"

Zeke had to laugh about his fervor. But he shook his head.

"Just forget it, Case! No! A pet needs a lot of care and attention, you know? You can't act any longer spontaneously! No camping over the weekend! No more loud parties! And if you want to hang out with someone ... god ... have you ever seen a jealous dog?"

"She won't freaking out just because we are hanging out. She likes me!"

Zeke snorted.
"Well, to be honest, it wasn't exactly you I had in my mind!"

Casey understood and swallowed.

"Yep! My Ex has one of those little curs. Once I held her into my arms, she kissed me, she was so damn hot ... and suddenly this fucking cur rushes at me and bites me in my foot."

Just the thought of it made Casey giggle. Zeke threw a furious look at him.
"It wasn't funny!"

"I know, sorry!"
Casey chuckled a last time and pet the little dog.  She wagged her tail slightly.
"You would never bite him, won't you? You're a friendly little girl!"

It was as if the little dog could understand him. She got up, stretched herself and jumped from his lap. Only to hop across to Zeke and to jump beside him onto the couch. She snuggled against his thigh, laid her little muzzle onto it.

Casey beamed with joy, Zeke groaned.
But he wasn't able to resist, he had to pet the dog's head a bit. The little dog sighed contently and closed the eyes again.

"Maybe you should talk with your parents!"

Casey shook the head.
"No chance. My Mom is afraid of dogs. As she was a child one day a dog bite her into the cheek! Luckily it was not all too serious, but she has a scarf from it till now. And the shock was deep-seated. She loves pets, but she can't deal with dogs!"

Zeke grinned and stroked the dog once again.
"You could put him into a cage and tell her, it's just a rat!"

Casey threw a furious look to him.
"It's a she, Zeke, a she! And I really don't know, why she likes you. And why I'm your friend. You can be such a prick!"

"Oh well, it is like it is. She's a she, " Zeke chuckled.
"You know, no girl can resist my charm!

Casey snorted.
"Pfft. So, Mister Charming, just tell me: Can she stay?"

Zeke groaned. It was hard to resist - to resist Casey and to resist this little dog. But ....
"Sorry, Casey! I wished, I would know another way. But we will graduate soon. What then? Work. College. You can't take a dog with you to college, Case! You can't take it with you to work! What will happen then? We will have to give her away at the latest then. And it won't be easier then!"

Casey sighed deeply. He knew that he had lost. Of course, Zeke was right. It was not possible for them to keep the dog. He tried to fight back his tears, while he was looking for an acceptable solution.

"And what can we do now?"

"We must bring her to an animal shelter!"

Casey started sobbing. The dog immediately jumped back onto his lap and started to lick his hands. Casey sobbed still more.
"She is still so small. She needs someone to love her!"

Zeke stared at him and didn't know what to do. Finally he put his arm around his shoulders - he kept half an eye onto the little dog, but she seemed to be okay with it.

"We're gonna do what is best for her. We will bring her to a shelter. They will find a good home for her! She's gonna be okay, Case! Okay?"

One hour later. Casey sat beside Zeke in the car and stared out of  the window. Since they had left the animal shelter, he still hadn't said a word.

Zeke sighed.
"Case. It was the only way. She is well accommodated there. They will take care of her."

"I've betrayed her! I feel like shit! "

"I know!"
Zeke hardly bit his lower lip to stop himself. He also felt like shit. He just hoped, that Casey would never find it out  ....

When they had stopped in front of the long, grey-painted shed that accommodated the animal shelter, Casey pressed the dog at his chest and shook the head.

"I can't, Zeke! I can't do this!"

Zeke had gently taken the dog out of his arms.
"It's okay, Case! I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna bring him in, okay?"

The little dog cuddled up confidently in his arm. Zeke had to swallow when he entered the animal shelter. He was not as cool as he acted. The employee seemed to be nice. She listened to the story he told her, at last she sighed.

"Yeah, we hear stories like this over and over again. Lately there were a lot of abandoned animals brought to us - and only seldom someone dropped by, to pick up one. We are hopelessly overcrowded."

"But he can stay here, can't he? We really don't know what we shall do with him!"

"Yes, of course, we'll take him for the moment. But ... I can't promise anything for his future. It's so sad! It would be better if he could stay with you!"

Zeke hesitated, threw a look at the little dog. She snuffled around curiously. A lot of new, thrilling smells ... Finally Zeke shook the head.

"I'm sorry. But it's impossible. We'll graduate soon, then college and work  .... what should we do with him then?"

The woman nodded.
"It's okay, don't feel too bad about it. You've brought him here, that's more than most other people would do. And well, she is still young, and she's a cutie  ... I would say, she has a rather good chance to find a new home!"

Zeke wasn't sure if he really wanted to know, but he decided to ask.
"What happens, if no one wants her?"

She shrugged
"Well ... then ... Animals we couldn't place within three months, we must euthanize. I know, it sounds hard, but there is no other way. Our capacities are very limited.We cannot keep them all here forever ..."

No, Casey should never find it out  .... he would never forgive him that he left her there regardless of the consequences.

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