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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - About loneliness and friendship (California 2)

Good morning, LJ! Good morning, F-list! I hope everyone is ready for a wonderful weekend.

Time for the next part of "California" ... let's see what will happen to our boys today ;)

Don't forget to read the other parts first: Part one / Part two / Easterdinner 1 / Easterdinner 2 / California 1


Title: About loneliness and friendship (California 2)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG 13 with a touch of R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

One hour later.

At last the tension had subsided. First it felt a bit awkward. Zeke was not in a talking mood. Casey didn't know how to handle the whole situation. Sam talked about all sorts of things, he seemed to be a nice guy.

Then Casey and Sam realized, that they had a lot in common. Sam was interested in modern art and painting, Casey loved photographic art. Soon both were involved into a lively discussion about different forms of art and important artists.

A subject that made Casey forget time, place and anything else. He simmered with excitement, jumped up and ran to and fro, gesticulating with his hands. His eyes sparkled lively, he twittered loud and quick.

Zeke observed him in silence and with narrowed eyes. He had never seen him like this before. It was a different, a strange Casey, not the friend he had got to know and who was always there for him ...

Suddenly their eyes met. Casey hesitated, then he swallowed.
"Sorry," he murmured.

Zeke shrugged.
"For what?"

Casey smiled slightly.
"It's not your thing, right? All this art shit!"

"Who cares? It's nice to know that at least one of us have fun!"

Also Sam felt the tension recurring. He turned his eyes towards Zeke.
"Well, I think, it's high time to tell you something.The reason, why you are here ... "

"Yeah, I would like to know, too," murmured Zeke.

"I have sent the invitation! I wanted to meet you!"

Zeke narrowed his eyes. Also Casey looked up surprised.
"You did?! Why?"

"I wanted to get to know you. It's because of your Mom ..."

Zeke stared at him.
"My Mom? What do you know about my Mom?"

Casey felt his increasing anger. If it came to his mom, Zeke was vulnerable. He put his hand onto his arm to calm him down.
"Let us hear him out, okay?"

"For what? She is dead, Casey! He could have been there for her when she was still alive! But nobody was ready to help her, nobody!"

Sam sadly shook his head.
"You're wrong! I really ... "

The sharp voice of his grandmother startled them all.
"Hold your tongue! Without delay! How often should I still say it to you? No one in this house is  allow to talk about this subject!"

"But she was his mother," murmured Sam, scarcely audible.

Zeke turned around and snorted.
"Why not? Are you afraid that the truth will be unearthed? That you disowned your own daughter? That you rather let her die, then to .... "

"Don't you dare to talk to me in such a way, Ezekiel, not in my house. I knew what is good for your mother. But she was so embarrassing. Idle talk about love! Feelings! Well, she had made her bed, she had to lie in it! If she hadn't been so weak, she could be still alive today!"
She turned around to Sam.
"And you ... pull yourself together! Act like a man - not like a mollycoddled queer ... "

With this she was gone. Casey swallowed and tried to understand what just had happened. It was nearly inconceivable for him. How could a grandmother treat her own grandchildren with such disdain and hatred? How could someone be so cold and hard-hearted? 

He glanced at Sam - his eyes looked sad, concerned and resigned. He glanced at Zeke - his eyes sparkled furious and wildly determined. Both needed a family who cared for them. Both were lost and lonesome. For the first time he really understood the desperate attempt of Zeke's mother to escape from these compulsions, to find a new life far away from California and her family. She had failed.

Zeke shouldn't fail. The coldness and lovelessness in this family shouldn't break him down. He shouldn't make a rash decision now and regret it later. He had to bring him out off here - before it was too late!

Zeke stiffened when Casey suddenly pulled him down and kissed him. It was just a quick, but deep kiss.

"Let's split, people like us aren't welcome here!"

Then he grabbed his hand and pulled him into the direction of the parking lots under the stunned looks of all other guests. Zeke broke away.

"What the hell was that," he blurted.

Casey swallowed. Zeke's voice didn't sound surprised but quite furious. And to make Zeke furious was never a good idea. 

" I ... I just wanted ...! "

"You wanted what? To proof, how cool you are?"

"No! I just wanted  ... I wanted to bring you out off there!"

Zeke snorted.
"I get it! It's kinda difficult to say: 'Zeke, I wanna  go home now!' "

"And you would have gone? No, Zeke, you wouldn't! You wanted to say them all to fuck off! You would have done something stupid - and later you would regret it!"

"Oh yes, of course! Outing - fake outing - in front of the whole family, this is not stupid, right? How could I forget this!"

While Zeke unlocked the car, Sam arrived at the parking lot.
"Hey! This was cool - fucking cool! Have you seen her face? The whole party is talking about you! Oh God, this was the very best party I ever have experienced."

Casey couldn't resist giggling a bit.
"Well, then it has at least been worthwhile!"

Sam looked at him curiously.
"So, you and Zeke ...are you really together?"

Casey shook the head.
"No! We are just friends. Though... I am gay... but Zeke is not!"

Casey heard Zeke taking a deep breath. He didn't dare to look at him.

"Well, I'm ..." Sam started to say, but he was interupted by Zeke.

"Would you like to stay here for longer now? A little bit more small talk and .... "

"No, let's go," Casey murmured, but he glanced at Sam once more.
"Are you okay? Or would you like to come with us?"

Sam hesitated.
"No, thanks, I can deal with it! But ... I really would like to talk with you once more! It's about your mom, Zeke! You should know!"

Casey nodded.
"We could meet later this evening. How about eight o'clock? Opposite our hotel is a little diner, we could meet there!"

"Just forget it! I'm not gonna talk with him. Not with him, nor with anyone else of this fucking family!"

Sam looked at Casey, then at Zeke.
"Have a think and take your time with the decision," he said.
"I'll be there, okay?"

Casey watched him walking back to the house, then he got into the car beside Zeke. Without a word he accelerated and raced out of the parking lot, barely that Casey had closed the door.

They were quiet, until they came back to the hotel. Zeke drove the car into the parking garage, banged the door and was gone into the lift without looking after Casey. He sighed slightly, then he followed Zeke up to their room. He had to straighten out some things ... though he still didn't knew where to start.


"I'm sorry, Zeke, okay? Maybe it was a stupid idea! I shouldn't have kissed you  ... "

"Oh fuck! It's not about this! I couldn't care less what they'll think about me!"

"But what's the problem then?"

"You are gay!"

Casey took a deep breath. This was Zeke's problem?!? He had expected a lot, about his mother, his grandmother, Sam ... whatever ... but not this.
"Yes, I am," he whispered.
"I'm not able to help it, Zeke! Believe me, first it frightened me to death and I've tried to ignore it, but it's useless! I am like I am, I am gay .... But this has nothing to do with us. I'm your friend, Zeke, just your friend!"

Zeke sparkled furiously.
"Yeah, it is quite evident that you don't want my ass! But what about Sam? Would you like to get him?"

Casey coughed and felt thunderstruck.
"You don't really mean that!"

"Why not? It is evident! Sam here, Sam there! You fit together! He likes talking, you like talking! And if you have talked enough, then ... "

"Zeke ... "

"What do you take me for, an idiot? Why the fuck have you kissed me? Just to turn him on! Oh well, it has worked, hasn't it? He finds you ... cool ... "

Casey gasped for air.
"This is ridiculous!"

"Do you think so? You make a fool out of me since weeks, Casey! You're talking about friendship and trust to me! You trust me? You trust me so much that you didn't even dare to tell to me that you are gay ... though I'm your best, your only friend. But you had to know him not even one hour, Casey ... What should I think about this?"

Slowly Casey lost his temper.
"You are pissed off with me, Zeke. But can you keep Sam out of it? He has done nothing at all!"

"He is part of this damned family! That's enough!"

"But you are, too! Some things can't be chosen! But it's up to us what to make of it. You can't condemn him, just because he is a Thunderfeld. I think he is a nice guy. And I'm sure, your mom meant a lot for him .... "

Zeke's head jerked around and he grabbed his arm harshly. Casey startled. Never before he had seen Zeke so beside himself with rage.
"Shut up, Casey! And - keep - my - Mom - out - of - this!"

"You hurt me, Zeke," he murmured and tried to force back his tears.

"Aw, fuck off, Case!"
Zeke pushed him away, then turned round, ran over to the bathroom and slammed the door. 

Go to California 3.
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