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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - About loneliness and friendship (California 1)

Good morning, LJ! Good morning F-list!  Good morning everyone!  I just enjoy my vacation, the rising sun and my first cup of coffee today. Seems to be a nice day ... the right day to post more of my little series "About loneliness and friendship". It's named "California" and I think there will be four parts of this.

I really hope you will like it, though it is without beta and in my rough english as ever. To write this was much more difficult I ever expected, but now it's mostly done (well, this first part is) and I hope it's okay, because I really like to do this parts (and my very first OMC ;) )...

Well, to make a long story short: here we go:

Title: About loneliness and friendship (California 1)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: G
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: Please, read  Part one / Part two / Easterdinner 1 / Easterdinner 2  first

Casey looked around. He felt sick to death. Zeke had been right! Everything was completely different as he had hoped it.

They were coming here to the birthday party of Izabell Thunderfeld - the 80th birthday of Zeke's grandmother.

When Zeke showed him the invitation two weeks ago, Casey had been completely excited. Zeke only shrugged. He didn't want to deal with her - not with his grandmother nor with anyone else from his family.

"This is no invitation, Case, this is an order. I've no fucking idea what she is getting at. But she wants something, that's for sure!"

But Casey wasn't dissuaded by his statement.
"Maybe she realized her mistakes. Maybe she tries to make good for something. You're her grandson, Zeke!"

Zeke pulled his face.
"Oh Case! You are too good for this world," he grunted.
"You can't imagine it. She is just cold-hearted and calculating. She doesn't know any feelings. Feelings are weakness for her. Be glad that your family is different!"

"So you won't go?"

"Of course, I will!"

Casey looked at him amazed. Once again, Zeke would always be great mystery.
"But ... "

"I will go and hear what she wants to say me. And then I'm gonna say what I wanna say her for years. She will never forget, so help me!"

"Oh God! You can't do this, Zeke!"

"Why not?

Casey felt unhappy and helpless.
"Because ... well, she's your grandma. It's the only family you still have. Everybody can make a mistake, Zeke! Maybe you should try to make up with her. You ... need a family, you need  someone who loves you!"

Zeke laughed bitterly.
"Who does what? I'm The Tyler, the bad boy, Case, and no one loves me! We're not talking about the 'Happy Connors', you know. For you this may work! You love each other, you can fight and make up later. You respect yourselves. With the Thunderfelds this is different. There is my grandmother - and that's it! All the others are only puppets in her hands .... When she expects to put me in there, too, just because she sends me a damned check once a month, then she is fucking wrong!"


Two weeks later.

Zeke stared at Casey impatiently. This couldn't be true, could it? He had been waiting at the airport for the call of his flight to California when suddenly Casey stood beside him. With a small suitcase in his hand and absolutely resolved to fly with him.

Zeke tried to talk him out this nonsense.

"Casey, you can't come with me! Do you know the price of a flight to Cali? Who should pay for this?"

Casey shrugged.
"I already have a ticket. Do you remember - my parents have given me this voucher last year. I have told to you about it!"

"Yes, you have! You wanna go to New York in summer  ... "

"Who needs New York? I've changed my mind. I mean, California is very nice, too!"

Zeke stared at him.
"You must be mad, Connor! Why the hell do you do this?"

"Well, I'm your friend, am I? I think, you're gonna need a friend to talk with!"

Zeke had to grin.
"You mean, I need a nanny to keep an eye on me! No, thanks!"

Casey swallowed.
"Well, I think ... "

"But besides that, what have you told your parents? They let you fly alone with me to Cali?"

"It's okay for them " murmured Casey.

He knew that he didn't sound quite persuasive. First he had almost inclined to hide the truth from his parents - but finally he wasn't able to do so. He had never lied to them before. And he wanted that they also trusted him this time. It was not easy for them. He knew that they still had problems with his friendship to Zeke - but they understood that Zeke means a lot for him and that he wouldn't abandon him.

His Mom had looked at him thoughtfully.
"What does Zeke really mean for you," she had asked.

"He is my friend!"

His Mom had nodded and had pulled him into her arms.
"Okay! But you know, you can tell us everything! We will always love you!"
It had felt a bit awkward, but Casey had let it go for a moment. It seemed that his mom needed it.

His Dad had driven him to the airport. Before he left the car, he had looked at him with serious eyes.
"You won't rush anything, will you?"

"Of course not, Dad!"

"Okay then! But if there are any problems ... "

" ... I'll call you. Don't worry, it will happen nothing, Dad. It's just a birthday party! Only three days ... sunday evening we will be back again."

Zeke startled him from his thoughts.
"This was the last call of the flight. I've to go now, Case! Will you be okay?"

Casey swallowed.
"I'm okay! And I'm gonna get onto this airplane and I will fly to California ... with you or without you!"

Zeke sighed.
"Casey, you are the most stubborn, little bastard I've ever seen. You will regret it, believe me!"


Casey looked around. He felt sick to death. Zeke had been right! Everything was completely different than he had hoped it.

Zeke's grandmother seemed to stiffen in every movement in the moment she noticed them. In spite of the invitation she acted as if she hadn't expected him.

She surveyed first Zeke and then Casey with cold eyes and pursed lips.
"What has come over you, to gatecrash this party," she hissed.
"And that you dare it to bring your friend along ... "

Without a word Zeke showed her the invitation. She stared at it amazed. Probably she would have liked it to kick them out of the house, but she felt the first curious looks by the other guests resting onto them.

"Well, someone will have to pay for this," she finally murmured.
"And you ... if you expect furthermore financial support from me, you will keep your temper. Behave unobtrusively and take a back seat. Don't talk with anyone!  As fast as it's possible without looking impolite you will retreat. And then I never want to see you here again. Do you understand?"

Casey felt how Zeke stiffened. Reassuringly he laid his hand onto his arm.

"I get it," murmured Zeke.
Casey wasn't sure whether this was aimed at him or at his grandmother who suddenly looked at him with narrowed eyes. Casey felt shivers running down his spine. Then she turned away without another word and looked around searching.

She waved to a young man who stood alone near the other guests.
"Take care of your cousin and his... companion! Make sure that they don't bother anyone. Best you keep them a little bit apart ... "

"Okay, grandma," murmured the young man.
When she moved to the entrance to greet new guests, he turned to Casey and Zeke with a slight, but honest smile.

"Hey, I'm Samuel. Sam! Nice to meet you!"

TBC - go to Part 2

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