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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Discoveries (2)

Hello F-List! Hello LJ. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Wednesday, though it's grey and raining outside. The perfect day for LJ, for writing, reading, posting ...

Here we go ... with the next (and last) part of "Discoveries" ... I hope, you will like it!

Title: Discoveries (2)
A/N: You can't find Part one here, please read this one first!
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Zeke tried to concentrate on the movie. But all he could think was: Casey is gay! Well, he had anticipated it for quite some time now. But it was different to know it. He wasn't as cool as he acted.

They had hang out nearly every weekend before. They had been so close to each other. They had shared everything ... days, nights, weekends, holidays ...

Now he sat beside him onto the couch, like he did so often before. He just sat beside him and they watched this damned movie ... and he could hardly endure the tension inside himself. He knew why...

"He is gay ... He is your friend ... He is gay ... "

He startled when Casey suddenly bent over him.

"Show me," he whispered.

Zeke narrowed his eyes.
"Show you ... what?"

"Show me how to kiss! Show me how it feels with a guy!"
His voice was nearly inaudible, but his eyes sparkled. Zeke closed his eyes.
"Oh God!"

He felt Casey's lips onto his - a bit insecure, but warm and soft. He stopped breathing. He let it go for a short moment only. It was unbelievable. Finally he flinched back.

"Damn, Casey, stop it!"

Casey's look was frightened and injured at the same time.
"But... I think, you want  .... "

Zeke blinked wildly.
"I'm your friend, Casey! Let's leave it at that, okay?"

"You said, it doesn't matter!"

"What doesn't matter?"

"That I'm gay! You say, it's okay! But you can't deal with it, can you?"

Zeke sighed.
"Jesus, Case! It's okay, that you are gay! You want to give it a try! You are curious about all this! That's okay, too! But it's not okay to kiss me! I won't - do you get this? I'm not gonna do this to me!"

"I get it! You are bi! You like kissing guys! But you don't like kissing me! I'm disgusting, am I?"

He looked so lost and sad that Zeke could hardly endure it. He bit his lower lip. The truth ... the truth was different.

"No," he whispered.
"No, the thought of kissing you isn't awful! But the thought to let you go again later! If I'm gonna take you into my arms now, everything will change! All or nothing, Case! ... I want you! Not only to be your friend, but also ... I want all, Casey and I couldn't bear it, to get nothing."

Casey stared at him thunderstruck. He gasped slightly.

"Yeah, wow! Fucking crazy, isn't it? I know you for so long -  we are friends and shit ... and then: bang!"


Zeke shrugged.
"Yeah! It was like a big bang! Do you remember the last year's summer holidays? We were camping with Stokes and Stan. The last evening ... you' ve had a bit too much beer ... you wanted to dance with me  ... and then...

Casey swallowed.
"And then ... God, it was embarrassing!"

Zeke smiled and shook his head.
"No, you were incredibly sweet! This evening changed everything ... Since then I couldn't stop thinking on you!"

"You've  never said anything!"

"What do you expect? What should I say? Casey, I'm your best friend. But I would like to fuck you tonight!"

Casey felt how he became red.
"Well," he murmured.
"Maybe ... we don't have to start with this! But ... "

He put his arms around Zeke's neck and pulled him down him. Zeke tried to escape, but Casey's grip was stronger he ever had expected. He held his face in both hands and made him look at him.

"Please, Case... Don't do this to me!"

Casey smiled.
"Do you want me, Zeke? You didn't only say it in fun, right?"

"No! I know, it's kind of mad, but I really want you!"

Casey shrugged.
"Mad? I don't know. Probably you are right, Zeke: I want to know! I want to try it out! But I need no clubs, I don't have to wait for Mr. Right. Maybe I look at the guys ass at school, but I never wanted them! I always wanted just one guy. It was crazy! I couldn't understand! It scared me! And I wanted this to stop!"

He stroked Zeke's cheek softly.
"Well, it never stopped, Zeke! And now ... Never before it was so clear: I need you, Zeke! No playing around. I want you, just you! Love is always a risk, Zeke. Who knows: maybe you will be sick of death of me in one week. Maybe you will laugh about me and give me a boot ... "

"I would never hurt you," Zeke interrupted him.

"I know! I would never hurt you, too!"
Casey pulled him even closer.
"C'mon, Zeke, just risk it! Maybe it will be all! Give us a chance to find out. Kiss me, please ...."
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