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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Discoveries (1)

Yeah - back from work - time for LJ ... a lot to read. But first I like to post a new story. Don't worry, I think there will be more "Loneliness & friendship" but I need a short break to think about it. So today a shorter story , posted in two parts. As ever, without beta and blablabla .....

Title: Discoveries (1)
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Saturday evening. Casey went over to Zeke for a long DVD evening. But he was obviously not in the mood to enjoy the movies. Finally Zeke switched off the television.

"So, tell me, Case! What's wrong?"


"You're so moody all along. Close-lipped. Bitchy. You've hardly touched the pizza, but you have your third bottle of beer. And the movie ... "

"The movie is a shit!"

"You wanted to watch! You love Woody Allen!"

Casey threw a wry look at him. Then he got up and reached for his jacket.

"What are you doing?"

"You're a pain, Zeke! I'm gonna go home. I just wanna be left in peace!"

He wanted to leave the house, but Zeke slammed the door in his face.
"Stop this shit, Casey! Tell me what has happened! It's Peg, isn't it?!

"To hell with Peg!"

Zeke pulled him back to the living room and forced him onto the couch again.
"It didn't work so well yesterday, did it?"

Casey pulled a face and sighed.
"Nothing has happened, okay!"

"She didn't let you do it? Shit happens, Case! Girls are like this! They want to be conquered!"

Casey stared at him. His eyes were a mixture of annoyance and insecurity.
"She wanted, but ..."

Zeke started to understand.

Casey snorted.
"Yeah. Oh! What's wrong with me, Zeke? First Del! Now Peg! She is pretty, isn't she? She is nice, she is smart and she wanted me. It's always the same lame story! First everything is okay. We can talk, we have fun, we kiss each other ... "

He hesitated for a moment. Then it blurted out of him what he had been keeping secret all along.

"I like to kiss them! I mean, it's ... nice ..., but .... but I can't get rid of the hollow feeling that something is wrong. And yesterday ... she has started stroking me and ... oh God ... she ... she took my hand and laid it on her boobs. It was all too obvious what she wanted and I ... "

"And you?"

Casey took a deep breath.
"I broke away and run! I wasn't able to do differently, Zeke! I couldn't think clearly any more! I just wanted to run away!.... Oh God, she'll tell it all around! I'll never ever go to school again!"

Zeke grinned slightly.
"Trust me, she will keep quiet! It's all too embarrassing to be abandoned!"

"It's embarrassing to be afraid of a girl! I knew exactly where this would lead to and suddenly I  only felt panic .... "
He sighed.
"If I continue acting in such a way, I'm gonna end as a lonely virgin!"

Zeke looked at him thoughtfully.
"Maybe you're looking at the wrong place!"


"Have you ever dated a guy, Case?"

Casey's glance flickered.
"What sort of question is this? You know, we're hanging out together almost every weekend!"

"That's not the point, Case! Have you already kissed a boy?"

Casey became bright red.
"You are totally crazy, you know!"

Zeke smiled.
"Really? So, tell my, why are you looking at the boy's arse and not at the tits of the bitches at school?"

"Oh, stop this bullshit, Zeke! I've never done this!"

"Of course you do! But don't worry about it, you can hide it quite well! I'm sure, no one will notice it. But don't try to fool me! I'm your best friend - I know you better than you know yourself!"

"But I would never  .... "
Casey broke off and stared at Zeke. He was his best friend - he knew him all too well - and it didn't make sense to try to pull the wool over his face. To fool himself even longer.
"So what! I am a weird geek, good for kidding around and for using as a punching ball. Now I am still a pervert, little fag, too! Great!"

Zeke narrowed his eyes.
"This is bullshit, Case! You are just what you make of yourself! Don't try to be what you can't be! This will never make you happy!"

"You can talk! No one laughs about you! Everyone respects you!"

"Yeah! But it hasn't always been like that! There was enough shit to deal with! But I didn't bury my head in the sand, Case! I have struggled against it ... and I'm still doing it until today - against all, against myself!"

"You're not gay, Zeke! Do you know what they're gonna do with me?"

"I don't talk of a coming out, Case! But you will have to find out for yourself who you really are! It's your life, you know!"

"This is not so easy! You have no clue of all this.You don't know how it feels to be the eternal loner!"

"Believe me, I can understand better than you think. I am bi!"

"You are... Oh God!"
Casey stared at him bewildered.
"You don't say this just to calm me down, do you?"

Zeke laughed.
"Nope! It needed a while admitting it to myself, too. But it has become easier, since I know who I am. You can live with it, Casey! It's shocking?"

Casey shook his head. Shocking? No! Surprising? Yes! He had seen Zeke always as a heartthrob who enjoyed flirting around with every girl. Never ever he would have figured out that he also could be interested in guys.

"Naw! But ... this is not you!"

"Nevertheless it was always a part of me! I'm the same as ever, Case! I'm bi. But this doesn't make me to be a monster! I am what I am! You are what you are!"

Casey looked at him thoughtfully. Zeke could feel his head spinning around. Finally he looked up.
"So ... were you already ... together with a guy? Did you get laid with someone?"

Zeke nodded.

Casey swallowed.
"Do I know him?"

"Nope! It's not too clever to do something like that in Herrington! I am mostly in a club in Mansfield ... Maybe I could take you with me some day!"

"I don't know!"

"You don't have to. Take all the time you need, Case. And if you wanna talk: I am here!"

Casey nodded.
"Okay! Thank you, Zeke! Hrm  ... Can we watch the movie now?"


TBC - read Part two

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Of course Zeke could tell that something was wrong with Casey. I'm glad he made him stay and talk it out. I'm looking forward to part 2.

Oh yes, Zeke is a good friend to Casey, he is always ready to be there for him.

Thanks for reading!

Oh, this is quite addictive already!! Need more!!
Give it to me!!
I'm pushy.. do you mind? ;)

**hugs you back**
Don't worry, there will be more ;)

Thoughtful, selfless Zeke... didn't think I'd see that :)
I like that he offered to take him out, rather than being his usual depicted self.

Well, I think, Zeke is a good observer - he sees a lot, though he doesn't talk about it.
Thank you for reading!

"You are just what you make of yourself! Don't try to be what you can't be! This will never make you happy!"

Oh, what a great story, dear. Poor Casey, so confused and scared to hell ... I'm glad Zeke's here for him.
Now I'm curious, VERY curious, how this is going on.


Oh yes, I love confusing the boys, you know? ;)

**hugs you back**

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for reading, Mews.
I think, it must to be hard to admit it to oneself that one might be gay. A good friend may help.

Maybe Zeke's been expecting something like this, considering he suspected Casey was gay. He'd probably been dying to ask him how the date went all along.

I think, Zeke sees a lot and knows a lot and he feels that Casey needs to talk ...

Zeke's gaydar PINGED off the map, lol! This is a fun one, hun. Poor Casey and his confusion; give it up, boy. Girls suck. Oh, I just said that, didn't I? Hee!

*onto 2*

Woah, that was great! Casey was so sweetly upset over his failed date. It's relatively rare to see him at this stage with NO CLUE what is wrong, LOL. It makes me smile and sigh for him at the same time. Thank heaven he has Zeke around to put him wise and shut him up with that revelation! If the coolest, hottest guy, his friend, can be bi, then why not? Nice to see Zeke so wise and sussed. Excellent!

Oh, I don't know: Did he really have no clue what's going wrong - or did he just try to ignore it? Well, Zeke is ready to show him the right way!

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