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F-Zeke-lonely rebel

Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - About loneliness and friendship (Easter Dinner 2)

Good morning, LJ - Good Morning. f-list, Good morning, all of you!

Today the next part of my little series "About loneliness and friendship" ... if you like to read it, I hope, you can enjoy.

Title: About loneliness and friendship (Easter Dinner 2)
Fandom: Casey / Mrs. Connor / mention of Zeke
Rating: G
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: Please, read Part one / Part two / Easterdinner 1 first

The phone call didn't run as expected. Well, he should have known it, but Casey was injured at Zeke's reaction.

"Just forget it, Casey!"

"Why not? My parents would like it when you come over for dinner!"

"Oh yeah, sure they would! Nope, Connor!"

"Zeke, please!

"Stop bitching around, Case! No! I hate such family shit, you know this!"

"My Mom is a good cook," Casey tried to lure him.
"You have to try her Green Bean Casserole."

Zeke started to laugh.
"No chance, babe! Never!"

Casey sighed. He felt that he couldn't convince him. He could be so damned stubborn! The thought that he should enjoy Easter dinner together with his parents, while Zeke was at home alone, hurt him.

"Zeke ..."

"Shut up, Connor! Come over tomorrow if they let you go. I'm gonna be at home!"

And a short click broke off the call.


Even if Casey didn't want to admit it, he loved Easter. His mom always cooked a marvelous dinner. His Dad let work be work and enjoyed his free time with his family and Casey felt excited like a little boy.

This time everything was different. He couldn't stop thinking at Zeke. For his Easter eggs he had no look, during the dinner he sat at the table in silence and poked around in his food. His mother observed him carefully - she guessed what depressed him. Only his father enjoyed the Easter dinner as ever.

After dinner Casey helped his mom to clear up the table, while his father went to the porch to smoke a cigar.


Casey nearly dropped the plate he was toweling when his mother started to speak.

"You're thinking about him, aren't you?"

Casey shrugged. Yes, he did! It was the first Easter, since his Mom died. Casey knew, how painful the situation was for Zeke, even if he showed it only seldom. Days like these would rouse the memories again ... and he had to cope with it alone, as ever.

"Well... he's not as cool as he always acts! I wished, he would be here!"

"You really care about him, do you?"

Casey nodded and his Mom smiled.
"Go ahead, Casey! Don't let him alone today!"

Casey stared at her. It was like a law in the Connor-house: Sundays and Holidays were family days - always spent together! No exception! Never!

"But... Easter... Dad ..."

"Don't worry, I'll explain him. Please, be home at six o'clock. But now hurry up!"



Zeke stared at Casey amazed. Today he hadn't counted on him.

"Case! What are you doing here?"

"You're not coming!"

He shrugged.
"I told you! No Family-Easter-Shit for me! Do you get it?"

"Get it! Can I come in?"

"Come in? What about your parents? It's Easter!"

"Yeah. And I want to be with you! My mom understands!"

Zeke narrowed his eyes.
"She does? What did you tell her?"

Casey chuckled.
"Nothing great, I promise! Can I come in now? I want to bring this into the kitchen!"

Zeke stepped aside and let him enter. He pointed to the bag Casey carried.
"What's that?"

"A dish of my mom's Green Bean Casserole! It's awesome! You have to taste it!"
Casey put the bag onto the counter in the kitchen. Then he hesitated a short moment. He knew that holidays for Zeke had no meaning - he ignored them, he made fun about people who celebrated them. But, nevertheless...

"Ähm ...",  he murmured. "Happy Easter, Zeke!"

Zeke stared amazed at the little basket, Casey hold up to him.
"What's that?" he asked once again.

"Eggs. Easter eggs! And a chocolate bunny!"

"I can see this! But what's that in aid of?"

Casey swallowed.
"Have you never got an Easter egg before? I ... I've done this one just for you!"

A bright grin spread onto Zeke's face, while he reached for the coloured egg.
"Oh God! You are dyeing eggs? You're really a little geek!"

Casey looked at him injured.
"Yes, I dye eggs. Every year. Together with my Mom," he blurted out.
"I love dyeing eggs! I love Easter! What's wrong with this, eh?"

Zeke hesitated, then he smiled. Finally he reached for Casey's chin and stroked it softly with his thumb.
"Nothing at all, Case! You are a sweet, little geek ... and I'm glad that you are here! Happy Easter to you, too!"

TBC - go to California 1

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"Nothing at all, Case! You are a sweet, little geek ... and I'm glad that you are here! Happy Easter to you, too!" - Aw, that is so sweet!

I was hoping that Zeke would come over for dinner, but thank goodness Mrs. C is so understanding and let Casey go, and even more so, thank goodness Zeke didn't get mad at Casey and send him away, but accepted his Easter gifts.

Yeah, it love this sentence, too! I think, Zeke can't resist his new friend, though he tries to act as cool as ever.

Of course he didn't want to come...But Casey did :)

Of course? Hmmm ... but I think you are right. He is used to be a loner. But Casey understands ...

(Deleted comment)
He is, isn't he? He is a really good friend. And his mom - well, maybe she is a bit unsure about Zeke, but she trusts Casey's feelings and she is ready to give him a chance.

There is a big difference between being a loner and feeling lonely. Thank goodness Casey realized that difference. It warmed my heart that Casey brought Zeke food and an Easter basket.

I told you! No Family-Easter-Shit for me! Do you get it?

I think Casey's approach to Zeke is so disarming, he can't get angry with him. Lovely chapter.

Thanks you for reading. I'm glad that you like this chapter.
I think, it's hard for Zeke to deal with other people, too often he got hurt and disappointed. But Casey sees behind his shell. He is stubborn enough to ignore Zeke "roughness" and he gets through to him. Good for Zeke - but I think, good for him, too.

"Nothing at all, Case! You are a sweet, little geek ... and I'm glad that you are here! Happy Easter to you, too!"

Awww, there he is - the sweetheart (mostly hidden in a nutshell).
I love this, sweetie! I love this story soooo very much and I'm curious how this will go on.


He is, isn't he ... a hidden sweetheart!
How this will go on? Hmmm - I have an idea in my mind, but I haven't written it by now ... we will see.

Hugs you, Julchen

I was very happy that Casey choose to spend the holiday with Zeke. He's a thoughtful and loyal friend. It was good that his Mom understood and was supportive. It does make me giggle to think of Casey hunting for Easter eggs at seventeen but I love him for it. Maybe he can introduce some childlike fun and wonder into Zeke's lonely life. *hugs you for this story*

Well, I think, Casey can enjoy childlike fun. Maybe others will laugh about this, but he is .. just Casey! And I'm sure, Zeke can understand ...

Aw, so nice of Mrs. C to see JUST what her son needed. Bringing Zeke goodies is just what that poor boy needs. No family, friends... but there's Casey, sweet as ever, on his doorstep. :) So cute and sweet!

You know, I love being sweet with my boys! ;)

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