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Love you friend

Sean Astin Says Daughters Crave Spotlight


“I said, ‘That’s Daddy,’ and she looked at the screen then looked back at me like I was as dumb as a box of rocks and said, ‘That’s Oso, not Daddy.’”

OMG, this is sooo sweet!

You should read the whole article - it's about Sean and his three daughters .... and it's cute! I really hope there will be more Astin-Movies in the future.

Sean Astin Says Daughters Crave Spotlight

Btw: I've just figured out, you can pre-order his movie "Forever strong" now - it will be released on May, 26.

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So sweet! I do hope they get Number the Stars made!

Yeah, I hope so, too. It's a sad but interesting story.

He's got such a purdy family. His oldest daughter's really growing up!!

Oh yes, he has three wonderful daughters. It was so great to meet them at RingCon ... it's over two years ago and yes, they are growing up.

They seem to be such a nice family.

Yes, they are. And Sean is a wonderful daddy. I'll never forget the Closing at RingCon when he came on stage with Alexandra and he said: "This is my daughter Alexandra. She is playing Eleanor in Lord of the Rings!" Later he came back with Elizabeth, his second daughter. God, she was such a cutie.

Wow, so you're a Sean fan too; I can't believe how big these girls are now and look at Allie, she's a young woman already!

It's hard to meet him and not to like him - he is such a sweetie. And his girls ... aawww ...

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