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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Surprises

Hello LJ! Hello F-list! Hello everyone!

I know, some of you are waiting for the second part of my last story ... ähm .. please, be patient and wait a little bit longer. I will post it soon.

But today is a special day for lireeli  - it's her birthday!

Enjoy a wonderful day with your family and friends - with fun, sun, presents and whatever you want.

And now a little bit Casey & Zeke for you. I hope, you will like it!

Title: Surprises
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R /  maybe NC 17?
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Casey's parents had decided that Casey was old enough to spend this weekend alone. It was their 20.anniversary and they had booked a suite in a little nice hotel outside Herrington. Casey took advantage of this situation; he could stay a little bit longer than normally with Zeke. They had watched some movies, had ordered chinese food and then ....



"Last week ... at the party ... I've thought about it!"

Zeke looked at him distrustfully.
"About what?"

"You ... you've kissed me!"

Zeke swallowed. Yes, he had done it! No, he shouldn't have done it! No, he didn't want to talk about it!
"A bit too much beer, I think. ... It should never have happened! Sorry!"

"Why not?"


"Why not? What's wrong with it?"

Zeke stared at him.
"Casey ... darn, Casey! We are friends! Friends don't kiss each other .... certainly not in this way!"

"Why not?"

"Case, don't drive me crazy!"

Casey chuckled.
"You like kissing me, right?"

Zeke swallowed.
"That doesn't make it better," he murmured.

"Why ... "
Casey stopped and giggled hilariously as he saw Zeke pulling a face.
"It' okay, I like it, too!"

"That's the problem! You have no fucking idea of what you were doing!"

"Zeke! I'm seventeen years old, you know! I don't believe stories about cute bees and sweet flowers anymore. I know about sex! And I know that sometimes guys love sucking dicks and fucking each other. And it was just a kiss! So, where is the damned problem?"

Zeke stared at him thunderstruck.This was not the shy, unsure Casey Connor he knew.
"You've no idea of what you are talking about, Casey! You didn't still have a date till now, not to mention ...

"Who says?"

Zeke took a deep breath.
"You already have ...Oh, c'mon, this is ridiculous!"

"I can show you!"

He put his arms around Zeke's neck and pulled him down. Zeke struggled against him. It wasn't right. It felt all too good. He wouldn't do this. He felt Casey's lips on his and he returned the kiss all too willingly...

Finally Zeke freed himself and stared at Casey breathless.
"Damn," he murmured.
"Where the hell have you learned to kiss?"

Casey grinned.
"I think, I have no clue of anything?! Wanna get more? C'mon Zeke, let me show you how much I know!"

Zeke gasped for air. Fuck! Things were running quite out of control.
"Jesus, Casey, stop it, please! This is pure nonsense! I don't want ..., I don't want ... "

"What's wrong? What's the matter with you? Where is the big, cool Zeke Tyler? King of the Highschool! Come on, Zeke, normally you don't miss any opportunity! You are afraid of little, geeky Casey Connor?"

Zeke sparkled furiously.
"I'm not, okay!"

"Well, then do it, Zeke! I know you want it!"

"Shut this fuck up, Connor! I'm not gonna kiss you again! I'm into girls, do you get this? And I won't do anything what I'll regret later!"

Casey looked at him thoughtfully.
"You've never kissed another guy before?"

"Of course not! I'm not gay!"

Casey grinned mischievously.
"Fucking cool! You regret kissing me?"

"I ... yeah .... No, but ... oh fuck!"

"Good! Then tell me that you don't want me, Zeke. Just tell me to stop - and I will never try it again!"

"I want ... "
Zeke broke off when Casey straddled onto his lap. It felt so good, when his hands started stroking him. This little, sweet, demanding hands. Gliding underneath his T-Shirt, finding his nibbles. Zeke could feel Casey's cock becoming hard. And he pulled him even closer to feel more of him.
"This is ... not just kissing, Case! This is not fair!" he groaned.

Casey giggled.
"So what! You just have to say: 'Stop'!"
His lips found Zeke's neck, his tongue glided from the neck to his earlobe. Teasing, nibbling, softly sucking.
"Do you want me to stop, baby?"

"Oh fuck! Don't you dare it!"
Zeke put his head back and moaned.
"And can you do this again, please!"
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