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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Love kills slowly (Part 5/5)

A wonderful weekend to all of you - just enjoy the spring and don't work too much!

And if you can spare a minute, maybe you like to read the next past of my little series "Love kills slowly". Today it's time to say "Goodbye", because it's the last one. But don't worry, you won't get rid of me - there are other stories I've in mind. ;)

Same blahblah as ever: without beta and in my "special" english ...

Title: Love kills slowly - last part
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG13 /maybe a little bit R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: please, make sure that you read Part one two , three  and  four first

The night was like a perfect dream - different from all Casey had ever imagined. Nobody else had ever seen the Zeke Tyler he got to know. A Zeke Tyler who gave more than he demanded, who was careful, tender and soulful. It was Casey who pushed him further than he was ready to go.

"God, Zeke! You really act like a fucking virgin! But this should be my part, you know?"

Zeke had burst into laughter.
"You're absolute amazing, Case! You sure?"

 "Sure! Fuck me, Tyler, please!"

And finally he had done it. It was like walking on air. Afterward Zeke held him close into his arms, until he was fallen asleep. But when Casey awoke next morning, he was alone. Downstairs he heard muffled noises, but he hesitated to go down to Zeke. Instead of this he took a shower first, then he dressed. He cleaned up the bathroom and made the bed ... In the end he couldn't delay it any longer.

"Hey," he murmured while he entered the kitchen.

Zeke looked up only briefly.
"Hey! Coffee?"

"Yeah, thanks. Coffee sounds good!"

It was a tense situation. They had been so incredible close - and now mountains seemed to be between them. Casey knew what he wanted! He crushed for Zeke for years now, but this night had changed his feelings. It meant a lot more by now. This night had been something special - also for Zeke -  he felt this. But he also knew, Zeke wasn't used to cope with such feelings ...  

"If you are ready, we can go," Zeke suddenly said. He didn't dare to look at Casey.
"I've promised your Mom to bring you home to dinner!"

"I guess, that's it, right?"

Zeke shrugged.
"I've told you, Casey! It was ... nice - but it can't be more! One night ... there is no room in my life for more!"


But it wasn't okay. Yes, he had told him. Yes, he was Zeke Tyler and he didn't want a complex relationship. But all what had happened this night had felt so different. And it hurt, it hurt much more than Casey had supposed, that he could shrug and call this night 'nice'. Nice?!?

 Zeke looked at him and he knew it. He bit his lower lip and sighed.
"I'm sorry ... "

Casey tried to keep calm, even if it was hard. No, he wouldn't cry! He had promised it ... he would go ... he wouldn't whine ... he wouldn't complain ... he would just go!

"You don't have to be! I knew what I was letting myself in for. So don't worry about me. I can cope with it!"


The next days at school were as ever. Casey tried to avoid Gabe and his buddies, sometimes successful, sometimes not. He decided to give Zeke a wide berth, but secretly he observed him. He was bored in the lessons, in the boys room he made his dealings with scat, porn and whatever shit, between the lessons he flirted with the girls. For Casey he had no eye.

Then everything changed. Lunch time. Casey sat, as usual, alone onto the bleachers. Again and again he glanced to Zeke who stand nearby with some girls.

"Bitch," Casey thought, while he saw Ginny, one of the girls, touching him here and there. It should look accidental - and it was so evident. It didn't seem to mind Zeke, he was the old Zeke Tyler again - caring about nothing and just having fun. The night with Casey seemed forgotten. Casey sighed. Whatever he had felt in this night, probably he had fooled himself again ...

"Wow, what's this?"

Casey winced, as one of the girls screeched loud.

"Love kills slowly! Sounds scary!"

Love kills slowly? Casey looked up. The girl had griped Zeke's hand and turned his arm easily to be able to look at the bracelet. Casey hold up his breath. He wore it! He still wore it?

Zeke kept quiet for a moment, then he lifted his head and glanced directly to Casey. It was so unexpected that Casey couldn't turn away his eyes any more. Damn! It shouldn't seem like he was observing him.  

Zeke turned back to the girls. Now his voice became louder, he sounded a bit huffy. Casey could understand every single word.
"Scary? Nope! It's so damn true... Just fall in love and you are so fucked up!"

The girl stared at him dumbfounded.
"Love?! You're talking about love, Zeke? I guess, you need to get laid! Wanna come with me after school?"

"Oh ... Fuck off!"
Zeke pushed her hand away.
"I don't want you! I don't need you! I don't want any of you bitches! 'cause I'm gay - I'm fucking gay!"


Casey found him at the parking lot. He leaned smoking against the hood of his car. While Casey came closer, he didn't even look up.

"Hey,"  Casey murmured and he felt uncertain as ever in his presence. Since "their" night they hadn't talked any more. But he had to know.
"Why have you done this? The whole school is talking about you!"

"It was time to do! To stop all this bullshit! Just to be what I am!"
Finally Zeke dared to look up and he saw directly into those wonderful blue eyes. God, he'd missed them.
"Don't do this, Case! Don't look at me in this way! You shouldn't even be here!"

"Why not?"

"I don't want you to get involved in this," Zeke said.
"Yeah, they are talking about me! But they've always done. It makes no difference, as long as they leave me alone, I can deal with it! But for you it's different  ... "

Casey smiled slightly.
"Could be worse! Only a few month, then I will graduate and go to college ... Fuck off all this shit here ... "

"It's not so easy, Casey! The rumors won't stop at school. What about your parents? What will they say when they find out?"

"We've never spoken about it. But I'm sure, they suspect it for a long time! And my mom loves you! Every day she tells me, I shall invite you to dinner!"

Zeke chuckled a bit.
"I'm sure, she won't love your boyfriend!"

Casey coughed. His voice trembled while he asked:
"So ... are you this? My boyfriend?"

Zeke swallowed. Panic! Casey!! Anticipation! Casey!! Hope! Casey, Casey, Casey ....
"It's your choice! You know, sometimes I can be a real prick! And I can't promise you anything!"
He hesitated for a last short moment - but it felt right to say it.
"I miss you, Case! I need you so much! So, if you can risk it .... Yeah... I would like to be your boyfriend!"

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