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Happy birthday, Honey ( FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Dream on, baby )

Today is a special day! Birthday of honeyandvinegar  , the queen of our fandom.

I don't know you as long as others do, but I'm glad to meet you here. You are such a wonderful, young lady and an amazing writer. I really love, love, love your stories and as much as I wish, to do something for your birthday ... it was hard.

Well, to make a long story short - I was scribbling a little bit around and this is the result. Maybe you like it a little bit ...

Title: Dream on, Baby
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R / light NC 17 ?
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: this birthday fic based on a story by Honeyandvinegar and/or on a dream of Casey

It was an overcast weekend, cold, grey and it was raining cats and dogs. Stokely had just called, to cancel their appointment tonight because Stan was ill and she didn't want to leave him alone.

"What we're wanna do now," asked Zeke.
"There is this new club .... "

"No clubbing today, please!"

"So, what do you like to do?"

"Hmmm," Casey muttered and snuggled a bit closer to Zeke. Zeke chuckled. This was an interesting offer ...
"I've dreamed last night!"

For a short moment Zeke was astonished about the changing of subject. But he knew, Casey sometimes loved it, to speak in riddles. He would explain it soon.

"Do you remember our first time?"

Zeke smiled. Of course he remembered. How should he forget this? They were already been together for some weeks. It had started with a few shy kisses and a bit petting. Only slowly it had become more. Step by step ... until Casey one day blurted out, what both of them were dreaming of all along.

"I wanna fuck!"

It had been wonderful. First it was a little bit awkward and shy; both of them had no great experiences, if it came to things like that. But they learned quickly. And it had been a wonderful night. Unforgettable!

"I've dreamed of it. Everything was like it used to be ... except one little detail!"

"What was it?"
Zeke was curious how this would go on.

Casey put his arms around his neck. His eyes sparkled high-spirited.
"Wanna play, Zeke?"

Zeke bent over him and kissed him softly.
"Sure ..."

To his surprise Casey broke away from him.
"Not now, Zeke! Let's play! Can you guess what I've dreamed of?"

Zeke glanced at him amused. Casey often had such weird ideas. But he liked them, and this wouldn't be the first time that it ended with hot sex. He was all too ready to get into in this game.

"Gimme a moment! Was it a crazy dream?"

Casey grinned.
"A little bit!"

"Was it hot?"

The grin deepened.
"Hotter than hot!"

"I know! Handcuffs! You are tied up on the bed poles and I'm gonna do with you, whatever I want. This is sooo cool, Casey! I'm gonna kiss you and stroke you, I'm gonna suck your nibbles and you ... "

Casey grabbed his wrists to stop him, when he started to unbutton his shirt. A light kiss, a mischievous grin.

"Would you like this, Tyler?"

"Mhmm. C'mon, let's try ... "

Casey chuckled.
"Keep cool, babe! Maybe another time. I'm so sorry, but this is the wrong answer! Come on, Zeke, try a bit harder! What have I dreamed of? If you can find out, I will be yours for the rest of the night. All what you want! I'm gonna do it!"

Zeke grinned. Pictures rushed through his mind - kinky, exciting pictures.
"Are you sure? Whatever I want?"

"Like I said: All! ... But if you can't find the answer ... you are mine! And you let my dream come true!"

Zeke winked.
"Just tell me, Case: Would I like it?"

"Yeah, sure! You're gonna love it. Could be so fucking great ... "

"Sounds interesting ... Shower! I love it, when you suck my dick in the shower. Your skin is so wet and steams from the hot water. First you're gonna wash me. My hair, my chest and then ... God, Casey, wanna take a shower now?"

Casey giggled.
"Don't be so eager, Tyler! Sorry, wrong again!"

Zeke bent over him. He narrowed his eyes.
"Casey, do you like to make me squirm around? Wanna fuck you!"

"Yeah, of course, it's so much fun! Wanna give up?"

"Naw! I get it! Ménage à trois ! I would like watching! Wow, the other guy looks so good. You put up your little ass for him. He is ready to fuck you and ... oh god, Casey, his dick is so big .... "

He stopped while Casey screamed with laughter.
"Sounds amazing! You sure, you're gonna like it?"

Zeke grinned.
"Probably not. But it's somehow hot to imagine! I am hot! I wanna do it. Now!"
He pulled Casey closer to himself and started to kiss him again. Deeper and rougher than before. He felt that Casey was as hard as he was. Good ... he wouldn't resist him any longer.

He started to unbutton Casey's shirt first, then his jeans. Occasionally greedy kisses, demanding touches. Casey undressed Zeke, too. Both squeezed together onto the couch. But when Zeke started to caress Casey's ass, he pushed him away determined.

"You've lost, Tyler," he murmured.


"Do you forget it? My dream! Tonight it's my turn, baby!"

Zeke pulled him back into his arms.
"So what! Just tell me, Casey! How can I make you happy?"

Casey returned his deeply kiss.
"You have nothing to do! Just relax, Tyler, and take it! I'm gonna fuck you now!"

He felt how Zeke stiffened in his arms.
"This is a joke, isn't it?"

"No, this is my dream!"

Zeke wheezed.
"Dream on, Case! You can't do this!"

"Why not? You have a dick to fuck me. I have a dick, too, so, why I shouldn't fuck you, too?"

"This is ridiculous! It's my dick in you ... it has always been that way!"

Casey grinned.
"Well, it's high time to change it! You've said this in my dream, too! I've convinced you! I can be very convincingly, you know?"

He reached into the drawer to take the lube out of it. Carefully he spread it onto his fingers and on Zeke's cleft. Zeke gasped. He couldn't believe what just happened. Never ever he has been able just to imagine something like that. Never he has guessed that Casey had such weird wishes, such fucking dreams. But it was too late - everything was too late ... Casey could be so damn stubborn and ... oh god!

"Just relax, Zeke," murmured Casey when he began to lower a first finger into Zeke.
"Trust me! Take it, baby! Just feel it! It's such a gorgeous feeling.You'll like it, I know ... "

And Casey's dream became true ...

Pssst ... if you want to know more about Casey's weird dream, click here

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