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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Love kills slowly (Part 3/5)

LJ is sooo quite during the last few days. What's up? I hope all of you are okay!
And now the next part of "Love kills slowly". As ever: read and enjoy ...

Title: Love kills slowly - part three
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: please, make sure that you read Part one and Part two first

When they stopped in the parking lot, Casey dared to look at Zeke. He was grinning.
"What's up?"

"What are we doing here?"

"Theater! And later maybe Pizza Hut ... or whatever you want!"

Casey swallowed. He felt relieved, but .... Zeke chuckled.

"Well, what were you thinking, eh?"

" I ... I guessed ... we ... you ..."

Zeke bent closer to him. His eyes sparkled.
"Disappointed? Don't worry, a night can be sooo long."

Casey winced back  while Zeke gave him a peck onto his nose. Zeke giggled.
"Stay cool, Case! I promise, I won't jump on you right now!"

This was easier said than done. Casey didn't know what to think about all this. He had been sure that Zeke would demand something for his invitation - probably kissing, cuddling and more. The very thought of it was frightening and thrilling at the same time. He feared that it could happen - and at the same time he wished, it would at least happen something.

But Zeke did nothing at all. Apart from the quick kiss it was only an amusing evening which two friends spent with each other. The movie Zeke had chosen was a comedy. Casey loved good comedies. They could make him laugh and he felt better, no matter what had happened before. And he wondered whether Zeke knew it. He could also have decided for the horror film in the theater next door, a movie which he probably would have liked more.

After the movie they went to Pizza Hut. In the meantime Casey had calmed down a bit. Zeke didn't behave like the prick he mostly pretended to be. He was actually interested in Casey's last Photo Project - "A portrait of Herrington High ". Casey had spent weeks to take all the pictures - pictures of the school, the teachers and the students - and he knew, he could be proud of the result.

"How many pictures have you taken," asked Zeke.

Casey shrugged.
"I don't know! Maybe hundred and more! I wanted a wide choice ... But it was worth it!"

"Yeah, it's a good work! I really don't like pictures of me - but you took an interesting one!"

Casey smiled. Yes, it was one of his favorite pics of Zeke, too. But Zeke's next question let him freezing.

"How many pictures have you taken of me ...  over the years?"

Oh God! He had known it? All along? It had started three years ago. First it was a fluke - he had seen Zeke in the parking lot, he had leant casually against his GTO. An interesting motive and he had shoot a photo. While he developed the pic, it was the first time he noticed how amazing Zeke was. From this day on he had used any opportunity, to took photos of him. And soon Zeke had been more than just a good motive. In the meantime there was a whole box of photos, hidden underneath his bed.

"I don't know," he murmured.

He was glad that Zeke didn't follow up this matter. Instead he suggested to go home. Now they where sitting onto the couch in Zeke's living-room. It was a big, comfortable couch. Zeke had switched off the light, up to two little floor lamps. The radio was playing soft rock music.  And he sat beside Casey - all too near - he looked so damn good - his eyes glittered luscious. Casey swallowed. Only the candles and a glass of wine were missing, and it would be like a romantic date ......

"Stop it, Connor," it rushed through his mind.
"Zeke Tyler is not the type for such romantic shit! He wants no dates - he just wants sex!"

He startled when Zeke suddenly asked:
"So, what would you like to do with the rest of this night?"

Casey shrugged.
"It's late, isn't it? Maybe ... we should go to sleep!"

Zeke giggled.
"Sleeping, eh? Your Mom would be proud of you if she could hear you now!"

"Oh, shut up!" Casey grunted - and he didn't know whether he was angry about Zeke or about himself. He was here, alone with Zeke, they had the whole night just for themselves... and he talked of going to sleep? Probably he really was nothing more than a geek!

"How about a nightcap? Maybe a glass of wine?"

Casey gasped. Wine? Date? Fuck! He needed a moment to regain his calm again.
"Do you wanna make me drunk now?"

Zeke sparkled mischievous and bent over him.
"Do I really have to do?"

Casey swallowed. He was too close, all too close. His lips looked so soft and glittering. At this moment he stopped thinking. He did what just came up to his mind. He flung his arms around Zeke's neck and kissed him.

In the beginning it was a bit awkward, he felt the surprise of Zeke, but he didn't want to let him go. It felt all too good. The kiss deepened. His tongue searched for Zeke's mouth and finally Zeke started to return the kiss.

And he knew, it could happen whatever he wanted  ... whatever ... whatever ... and he wanted ... a lot!

Finally he let him go. Out of breath he stared at Zeke.
"May I ask you something?"

Zeke felt relieved that this kiss had ended, though he had liked it. He had liked it all too much! That didn't suit his plans!

Casey tried to avoid  his eyes.
"Did you ... Have you ... have you ever been fucked ... by another guy?"

Zeke narrowed his eyes. What sort of question was this? What was this boy thinking about? While he kept quiet, Casey shrugged.
"Well, you don't have to tell me!"

Zeke pushed forward his lower lip.
"Yeah!... But ...Don't get any stupid ideas now, okay!"

"Why not?"
Casey saw Zeke becoming pale and chuckled.
"It's okay, Zeke! No stupid idea! I just wanted to know ... I've thought about it ...  about the first time. Does it hurt?"

Zeke looked at him dumbfounded. Casey was bashful, he had blushed a bit, but he returned his look determinedly. Damned ... He wanted it! He really wanted it? Zeke hadn't expected that Casey had a lot of experiences. He had known that he crushed for him. He just had wanted to play a little bit around with him, it should be just for fun. But all things had changed ... Suddenly he felt uncomfortable ...

"Yes ... and no, "finally he said.
"It will surpasses all you can imagine! Yeah, it hurts ... first, a bit, however. But if you really want it, it doesn't matter! Because, if you really want it, the world will stop turning around. You will stop thinking! You can't describe it, Case, you have to feel it! It can be so gorgeous ... "

Casey smiled slightly, while he pulled Zeke down to him once again.
"Sounds good, " he murmured.

For a moment Zeke let it go. He held him into his arm , he returned his kiss. God, this boy could kiss so damned well ... where the hell had he learned this? This moment should last forever. Never again he wanted to let him go. He wanted ... he couldn't ... he wouldn't ....

Gently he pushed Casey away.
"Stop it, Case!"

Casey opened his eyes and stared at him nearly shocked.

Zeke slowly shook the head.
"Stop it! We won't do this!"

TBC .. go to Part four
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