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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Love kills slowly (Part 2/5)

I have to go to work a little bit later today, so it's time to post the next part of "Love kills slowly" ... I admit, I really love this part :) Poor, poor, Casey ...

Title: Love kills slowly - part two
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: G
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: please, make sure that you read Part one first

It was Saturday afternoon. Casey tried not to think of Zeke, but he consulted the watch again and again. He wondered, if he was waiting for him - if he was disappointed or maybe even furious. He wondered what would have happened if he had gone....

Casey knew the rumors that Zeke liked to meet guys from time to time. Was it that? Would he have try to seduce Casey? He knew, it was ridiculous, but he asked himself how it probably would be with Zeke. Would he gently stroke him, kiss him? Or would he just take him, without asking? Could he be tender and considerate? Or was he just demanding, rough? Would he only think of himself? Or would he want that also Casey liked it?

Casey sighed. This had to stop! He had to get Zeke out of his mind. He had to stop this senseless crushing. Because one thing was clear: He didn't want to be the toy of anyone only for a few hours. He wanted more - and he would never get this by Zeke Tyler!

When his mother called him, he startled from his thoughts. He had promised her to help clearing up the attic this evening. Ordinarily he wouldn't like doing this, but today it was a welcome distraction.

When he rushed into the kitchen he stopped flabbergasted. His mother was not alone. He gasped.

"Casey! Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell what?"

"Zeke has told to me that he has invited you to his birthday party. Why don't you want to go?"

"But ..."
Casey stared at her. He didn't dare to look at Zeke, who was standing next to her with his most charming smile.

"Why didn't you tell me about your friend? It's great, honey! The attic can wait! Just go and have fun ..."

"But ..."

"C'mon Case," Zeke interfered. "It will be great!"

Casey glanced at him. His voice sounded as amiable as the smile which he gave his mother. But his eyes sparkled amused. Everything was just show .... just show .... just show.... Never! Never ever he would go with Zeke!

"Really, Mom," he murmured.
"It doesn't matter! I don't like this party shit, you know?!"

But his mother pushed him upstairs into his room. She sighed.

"Case! I don't know what's wrong with you! I mean, Zeke seems to like you and ... "

"Of course, he does," Casey snorted.

"Well, he is just coming here to pick you up! That's nice, isn't it?"

Casey's voice sounded nearly desperate.
"He is not a nice guy! He is ... Zeke Tyler, you know!"

His mother paused for a moment.
"Oh! This boy ...."

" Yeah, exactly! This boy! You already know: Drugs, booze, ... "

"But this has to be nonsense, Case! All these bad gossip around this poor boy! I've heard, his parents leave him alone all the time. It's a shame! No wonder that he is a little bit wild ... Maybe we should invite him for dinner sometime!"

Casey felt thunderstruck. This must be a dream, a nightmare! Of course, Zeke could impress all the girls and the teachers at school with his charm, but ... his mother!? He couldn't believe that.

A quarter of an hour later he stood together with Zeke into the door, ready to go.

"Ähm... Zeke," said his mother. "Casey's curfew is usually at eleven o'clock!"

Casey's squirmed. He was sure that Zeke screamed with laughter secretly. Curfew! This was something typical for little Casey Connor! But Zeke kept a straight face.

"Yeah, sure! I'll bring him back in time. ... Though ... some of my friends spend the night at me and ... "

He left the sentence unfinished. Casey giggled slightly. Got you, Tyler! You've gone to far! No chance! His mother would never let him stay overnight.

"Oh! I should talk with your father first," murmured his mother thoughtfully.

"It's okay, mom," said Casey.

She sighed and looked over to the two boys.
"Okay Case! I think, I can deal with it! Finally you don't go to a party every weekend. Just promise me that you will be back to dinner tomorrow ..."

"But ...."

"Oh, this is so nice, Mrs. Connor! I'll keep an eye on Casey and I bring him back in time."

His mother smiled at Zeke.
"Oh, I know, I can trust you, Zeke! Have a wonderful birthday! "
She winked at Casey.
"Have fun, honey!"

Casey followed Zeke to his car. His mother still stood on the porch and looked behind them. She wasn't able to see, what Casey saw: the wide grin onto Zeke's face.

"That's so cool!"

"What the fuck is this good for, Zeke?"

"Calm down, Case! Just wanna have a little bit fun. It's my birthday!"

Casey snorted.
"You have lied to her! Party! She would never allow me ...."

Zeke giggled.
"So what! You should be a bit more grateful to me! Just imagine: Freedom for a whole night! You can do, whatever you want! ... Or whatever I want you to do ... "

Casey swallowed. No, he rather didn't want to imagine that. He wanted to be back in his room, back to his crazy, but innocuous dreams. Everything was better than the prospect to spend a night alone with Zeke. Everything ... except of his mother ... She was still standing on the porch, ready to wave to the boys for a last time ...

TBC ... go to Part three

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