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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Bad boys (Part 4/4)

Last part of Bad boys ....

Title: Bad boys - Part four
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating:  light NC 17
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: please, make sure that you read  Part one  and  Part two  and  Part three  first

Zeke couldn't take his eyes off Casey. While he had dozed off, he looked so relaxed and innocent. But Zeke knew he wasn't. Maybe he had never been. Everyone only saw the nerd, always ready to be bullied - the everlasting loser, who wouldn't dare to say boo to a goose.

Zeke had got to know another Casey. A Casey who was ready to do what must be done, a Casey who knew what he wanted ...

He thought back to the last hour and he smiled.

They had kissed each other. But quick it had become more. They dearly hugged, hands stroked, lips searched, licked and sucked. It was rough, it was demanding - even if Zeke knew that he had to take things slow.

He had guessed that this would be the first time for Casey, but he had also felt, that he wanted it so much. He was inexperienced, but ready to be tempt by Zeke. In the beginning he was a bit tensed up, but then he calmed down a bit. And Zeke knew: he would be able to do everything with him, everything he wanted - he just had to handle it clever enough....

Soon Casey was nothing more than a "helpless, shaking little bit" in his hands. When he started to stroke his cock and to lick it softly, he squirmed. Helplessly trembling, loudly groaning he got off so fast, without knowing exactly what happened to him or how he should handle with it.

Zeke just held him into his arms. He had to admit that this mixture of  insecurity, embarrassment and desire which Casey radiated, was somehow thrilling. Something intense like this he had never felt before.
"God," Casey finally gasped.

Zeke glanced at him and giggled.
"It's too late, Casey!"

Confused he glanced at him. His eyes were big and dark - and so delightfully blue.
"For what?"

"To blush!"

Casey turned from red to beet-red. He tried to avoid Zeke's eyes, but he just stroke his cheek gently with his thumb.

"Hey! It's okay! You like this, right?"

And Casey wasn't able to do anything else but nod.

"Gooood! Then just say me: Want more?"

His eyes brightened. A faint smile crept onto his lips, while he licked over his lower lip. Zeke knew the answer, before he heard it.

"More! All!"

While Zeke bent over him and started to kiss him again, he flinched a bit. Zeke knew why. The taste of his own cum onto Zeke's lips was new and unexpected. Zeke didn't let him go, he deepened the kiss, until he felt Casey calming down.

"Wanna fuck you, Case. Do you want me to fuck you?"

Casey's look was ambiguous.

"C'mon," murmured Zeke, while his lips run over his chest. "Say it! Say: Yes! I know, you want it!"

"Okay ... but ... I wanna be on the top! Let me ride you!"

Zeke's body stiffened. He had expected a lot, but nothing like this! This made him dumbfounded for a while. Then he puffed out a laughter.
"You are kidding, right? You know as much about it as the man in the moon!"

Casey narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips. At this moment he anyhow reminded of a little, pouting boy - but there was a determination behind it, which Zeke tied up in knots. Casey Connor wasn't strong-willed, Casey Connor wasn't self-confident and Casey Connor didn't push demands. Definitely not demands like this!

"Who says?"

"Nobody has to tell me! You've never done anything like this before, right?"

"So what! I've seen pics! A lot of pics! And I know,  I want it .... I dream of this, Zeke!"
But his voice sounded a bit more uncertain than before. Zeke snorted.

"Pictures, eh?"
He pulled Casey back into his arms. His hands glided over his body, over his chest, his hips, his thighs ...
"Dreams! God, Casey, you are such a cute, little baby-boy ..."

"I'm not ... Urgh!"
Casey stiffened in every movement when he felt Zeke 's hand onto his butt.

"Shhh ... just relax Casey, okay? Leave it to me. Just to me. You're gonna love it .... "

His voice sounded uncertain and decided at the same time. When Zeke began to spread the lube around his cleft, he reared up. When his first finger slit into him carefully, he yelped out, but he let it go. Zeke held him into his arm, he could feel how Casey tried to relax. He dared to use a second and, in the end, a third finger. Casey squirmed underneath him, but his moaning got more and more ecstatically and finally he started to follow Zeke's movements. And Zeke knew: He was ready for everything.

"It's nice to be a bad boy, eh," he whispered.

Casey chuckled a bit. He put his arms around Zeke's neck and pulled him down to kiss him deeply.
"Fucking nice," he groaned.
"Want you! Now!"

"Whatever you want," murmured Zeke and pulled his fingers back slowly. He reached for his cock ... and hesitated. Whatever you want? A pictures raced through his mind and surprised himself. Casey on the top! He had never done something like this before - neither with a girl nor a boy. Hey, he was Zeke Tyler, always the guy on top. ... Casey didn't know and he didn't have to know. But Zeke had to admit: the thought was quite thrilling ...

"Are you sure? Do you really want to do it in .. this way?"
He had asked the question without thinking long about it. Casey's eyes sparkled.

"I'm your bad boy, Tyler" he said mischievous.
"Bad boys always do what they want! You should know!"

At this moment Zeke was ready to believe him everything. He swallowed.
"Okay, it's your turn!"

He stopped thinking when Casey straddled over him. Casey groaned slightly, while he reached for Zeke's cock and started to lower his body. Zeke hold on his breath; he knew he had to give things in Casey's hand. For a moment he feared, he wouldn't dare it.

When Zeke's cock first breaches him, Casey bit his lower lip. He threw back the head, closed his eyes. Zeke could see, that he cringed back from the unusual touch, from the pain it aroused.

"Case," he whispered with a hoarse voice. He wanted it, he wanted it so much. But he knew, he might not push him now.
"You don't ...."

His eyes found Casey's. He slightly smiled.
"'S okay! I can .... I want ... you ... inside me ... want you ....all too long!"

Then he slowly began to took up Zeke's cock deeper and deeper in himself. And the world stopped turning ....

If somebody had told him two weeks ago that he would have the most screwy, hottest sex of his life with little, geeky Casey Connor, he would have screamed with laughter. And there was more to it than that.

Zeke liked sex, but he didn't like complex relationships. A few hours of fun, this was all he expected. If  it was over, it was over! No romantic shit, no flirting around, no promises ... Only a last, briefly kiss and then: Goodbye!

Now he lay here with Casey in his arms and he didn't even knew exactly how it had happened. Casey had cuddled up to him, before he was fallen asleep - and it was fine for him. He had pulled him even closer to himself, until Casey's head rested up onto his chest ...

Zeke didn't want to think about the meaning of this. He just wanted to hold him -

his little, bad boy.
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