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The Chaos goes on - Zeke & Mr. Smith & Casey

Thank you, thank you, thank you

to belleferret  for her birthday drabble "Home from Rio". It's a response to my fun-story "Sex, drugs & booze" with Zeke and Mr. Smith. But (for all who missed him) ... 

Yeah, Casey is back!

You can find her drabble here, please read it ... it's so much fun!

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Hee, this is my first C/Z, and I made it a C/Z/S!

Yes, I know, you are not so much into this fandom - but it's a great drabble, as ever!

Hey baby--just wanted to drop in and say thyat I'm *so sorry* that I missed your day. I made a LATE Happy Birthday post to you, and god, I've tried to come up with a fic-treat to give, but my brain is mush! Left work early, feeling nasty, etc.!

But I luv ya, and I'm gonna catch up on all the C/Z goodness you've been posting. *HUG*!!

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