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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Bad boys (Part 3/4)

Next part of the "Bad boys" ... I hope you will have a little bit fun with it, though it isn't perfect ( as ever, you know ;) )

Title: Bad boys - Part three
Fandom: Casey / Zeke ( no pairing ??? )
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: please, make sure that you read  Part one  and Part two first

During the next week he avoided being together with Zeke. Sometimes he saw him from the distance - and once he believed to see how Zeke's keen look rested on him. It confused him. 

Then it was friday. He was already on the way to the bus when Zeke suddenly stood in front of him.
"C'mon, I'm gonna give you a ride home!"

Casey looked at him distrustfully. He didn't want to be alone with Zeke, definitely not to be confined with him in the GTO.

"I owe you something! So c'mon!"

Anyhow he sounded honestly. And, actually, he was right. He had saved his neck the last weekend - a drive home was the least what he could do in return. And Casey nodded.

"Okay! But you have to drop me out at the corner. My Mom ... well, I guess she wouldn't like to ... "

Zeke grinned.
"Alrighty! Nasty Zeke Tyler! He would lure her little Casey on to destruction."

The drive ended too fast. They didn't talk a lot, and at first Casey had to fight against a light uneasiness, so near to Zeke in his GTO - in the GTO, Casey smiled when he remembered the night, he had driven along the streets of Herrington - but then he relaxed and started to feel fine. Zeke's driving style was extremely fast, but safe. He had turned on the radio, a station which only played rock music. Music, Casey normally didn't hear, but he liked it.

When they were at the street corner near to his house, Zeke stopped and Casey felt nearly disappointed. Zeke looked over to him while he got off the car. For a short moment Casey's breath caught, because the sparkle in Zeke's eyes reminded him of this afternoon, of their kiss. But, he wouldn't dare it, would he? Not here, nearly on his doorstep ...

He didn't do it! Instead of this he handed Casey a small piece of paper. Then he slammed the passenger's door and was gone. Without saying a single word!

Casey stared after him. Soon after the GTO was gone, he remembered the paper he still held in his hand. He unfolded it.

Belle Ave 20
Gonna wait for you

Casey gasped loudly. What was that supposed to mean? An invitation? A request? An order? Okay, it didn't matter at all! He wouldn't go. Of course he wouldn't go!


Just in time he stood in front of the house number 20 in the Belle Avenue. Zeke opened the door and grinned.

"There you are!"

Casey followed Zeke haltingly into the house. He knew the stories about Zeke: that he virtually lived alone. His parents were most time away on business. Zeke had had to learn quite early to fend for himself. Casey was surprised. Anyhow he had expected a messed up house, but this was not the case. It was tidy and clean.

Zeke went over to the living room. The TV was running on MTV.
"Do you want a drink? A beer?"

Casey shook the head.
"Maybe ... maybe a soda?"

Zeke chuckled.
"Good boy! A coke?"

Casey nodded.
"Okay, coke sounds fine!"

He simmered with excitement. Everything felt terribly unrealistic. What the hell was he doing here? What would Zeke await from him? And, even more important, what did he expect from Zeke?

Zeke came back from the kitchen with the coke in one hand, for himself he had got a bottle of beer. He stretched out onto his couch.

"C'mon Case, just sit down. Or would you like standing there the whole evening?"

Casey swallowed and sat down on a chair as far as possible away from the couch. He sighed. What a fucking weird situation! He stared into the TV, tried to listen to the music. Zeke said nothing, but Casey felt his scrutiny look. He felt quite nervous. He didn't know what to say or to do.

"Why were you doing this, Zeke? Why have you invited me?" he finally asked, simply to broke the silence.

Zeke shrugged.
"Like I've said: I owe you something. I'm just gonna do what you want! You want to be here! And what more do you want?"

Casey felt how he became red. He wondered if Zeke was able to read his mind. Everything was possible. Zeke chuckled and switched the TV off.


His heart was in his mouth. If this meant what he thought that it meant ... oh God! He was unable to move. The next he felt was Zeke's hand. He took Casey's wrist and pulled him up from his chair. Casey struggled against him but Zeke's grip was tight. He narrowed his eyes.

"Stop playing around with me, Casey!" he hissed.

"But ... " he groaned. And he tried to find out which feeling was stronger in him: Panic or excitement. He didn't really know. Both were mixed up to an almost unbearable tension.

Zeke pulled him closer. His mouth reached Casey's ear.
"And don't fool yourself, okay? You knew, it would happen when you come here," he whispered.

His lips moved to his earlobe, it felt warm and soft and it tickled a bit. It was a weird but very nice feeling. Then he allowed his lips to walk further to Casey's neck. He started to nibble, to lick and to suck. Casey closed his eyes and in this very moment all he could think, was: don't let it end - don't let it end - don't let it end! He heard Zeke giggling slightly.

"You like this, eh? There is more ... so much more! Do you wanna get it?"

He took Casey's face in both hands and forced him to look up.

"C'mon Case! Be my little, bad boy!"

... TBC ...go to part four

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