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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Bad boys (Part 2/4)

Today it's time for my Bad Boys again. Hope you like it!


Title: Bad boys - Part two
Fandom: Casey / Zeke ( no real pairing)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine
A/N: please, make sure that you read  Part one  first, because this part starts where part one ends

Casey shrugged.
"That's it! Then I've taken you here! You lay down onto the couch and you slept for hours."

Zeke didn't have to know the rest of it. How he put off his jacket and his shoes, how he covered him up. How he sat beside him for the rest of the night and nearly the whole day, to take care of him ... and how he couldn't resist to stroke his face at least once, to feel his warmth; his wonderful, soft lips. Never before he was so close to him and never again he would be ...

Zeke had listened to him in silence. He didn't know what to think about all this. It was just unbelievable. No one cared about him. Why did Casey, though he gave a shit about him? But he lay onto this couch and Casey sat onto the edge of it near by him. So it had to be true. Oh God, he couldn't remember to had had a mental blackout like this before.

Suddenly an idea rushed into his mind. All the time he had had the bad feeling to overlook something important. Now the scales felt from his eyes.

"My baby!"

Casey stared at him.
"Your...  what?"

"My baby! The GTO! I 'm gonna go now! I've to look at him! If he got a scratch or a dent ... "

Horrified he left the sentence incomplete and jumped up from the couch.
"Ow! Fuck!"
The shotting pain in his head reminded him to be a little bit more careful.

Casey felt uneasy. He bit his lower lip.
"Zeke! Please, calm down! Your GTO is here! Outside, in the driveway!"

Relieved Zeke subsided back onto the couch. So there was no reason for panic haste. He could consider things slowly. Casey sighed with relief when he suddenly saw Zeke stiffen.

"Wait a moment! Just a moment, okay! How does he come here? Did I drove him here?"

Casey swallowed. He had hoped Zeke would overlook this fact. He knew, the truth would be his death warrant.
"You couldn't drive anywhere!"

Zeke frowned. An idea crossed his mind - but this was impossible. Absolutly impossible! He hadn't done this! Right? Right???

"What the hell have you done?" he finally dared to ask.

Casey took a deep breath.
" I... I ... I didn't know what to do! But the key was right in the ignition .... So I took you here! God, it was only a few minutes drive and the streets were empty and ... "

Zeke stared at him. This had to be a nightmare! Just a fucking nightmare!
"You didn't even get a driving licence!"

Casey shrugged. He tried to stay relaxed but his voice trembled.
"But I'm able to drive! My Dad let me drive his car now and again! What should I have done then? You were obviously not able to go anywhere alone! And I didn't want to leave you in the lurch!"


Zeke ignored his headache and the fact that it was raining cats and dogs. He ran out of the house to the driveway without his jacket. The rain couldn't care him less. His baby! The only thing he cared about. Casey observed him from the front door. He was sure, Zeke would get into the car and speed away. But he walked around the GTO again and again, he inspected every bit of it suspiciously. And finally he came back into the house. He was soaked to his skin. Furiously he pushed Casey aside.
"Where is the bathroom?"

While Zeke tried to towel himself as good as possible, Casey went over to the kitchen. He decided to make a strong coffee and toast with scrambled eggs. Zeke had eaten nothing during the whole day. It would be good for him. Besides this, it was good for Casey to do something, so he didn't have to think about Zeke and the GTO and about what he had done last night. Finally he heard Zeke coming out of the bathroom. He followed Casey to the kitchen. His eyes still sparkled furiously.

"God! I just can't believe it! My baby! No one - no one but me has ever touched this car ... Fuck! If you have crashed it ...  "

At this moment Casey felt a touch of annoyance. Was he only be able to reproach him? Hadn't he saved his ass last night? Though this could have bring him into a lot trouble himself?

"Well, I haven't, right," he interrupted him.
"You should be rather glad that I took you home with me. Otherwise one of the residents would probably have called the police. And you would be in a cell by now. And forget your baby! You would probably never get it back ... as boozed-up as you were ... "

Zeke stared at him amazed. Wow, this little fucker could become really furious.
"I need a beer! Do you have one?"

Casey snorted.
"I think, you've had enough yesterday! You can get a coffee!"

To his surprise a slight grin creeped onto Zeke's face.
"Without cream! With three spoons of sugar!" he growled.

Casey decided to ignore his rudeness. Actually he shouldn't have expected anything different from Zeke. And, anyway, he had driven the GTO, Zeke's baby - and he was still alive! This was a lot, wasn't it?

He filled a mug with coffee and grabbed the toast with the scrambled eggs. Zeke frowned  while he put the mug and the plate in front of him. At first Casey was sure that he would say something disparaging again, but then Zeke just started to eat without saying a word. He seemed to be really hungry.

"Why do you do all this, Zeke," Casey finally dared to ask.

Zeke looked at him above the rim of his mug.
"What do you expect? I'm the most terrible guy of Herrington - always bad and mean!"

Casey shook his head slowly.
"I don't think so!"

Zeke raised his eyebrows.
"So, what do you think, then?"

"You are lonesome! Lonesome and furious and lost! You need someone to take care of you!"

For a moment Zeke felt thunderstruck. He only could stare at him. Then his eyes sparkled mischievous. For the first time in this afternoon he felt really good. His baby was okay, the headache was nearly disappeared, the coffee warmed him up, the scrambled eggs were delicious - and Casey ... Casey was somehow cute!

"Wanna do it right now," he asked.

"What ... " Casey stopped when Zeke bent over him and started to kiss him. It was a rough, demanding kiss - and Casey accepted it. First he had trouble to understand that this really happened. But then ... it felt good, so good. Shaky he began to return the kiss .... But suddenly the panic prevailed. What the hell was he doing here? He broke away and stared at Zeke breathlessly.

"I guess, it's better you get out now! My parents will come back soon .... "

Zeke grinned.
"Oh, right! Mommy wouldn't be amused to find her cute, little boy in the arms of these wicked guy, eh ... "

"You are awful, Zeke!"

"Yessss, I am ... I love to be the bad boy! You should try to be, too! It's hell of a lot fun!"

Laughing he left the house. One minute later the engine of the GTO howled. Casey still stood there numbly and wondered whether all this had really happened. It seemed to be like one of this bewildering dreams he often had - all too often - and all about Zeke Tyler.

...TBC ... go to Part 3

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