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Fan Fiction: Zeke & Mr. Smith (Sex, Drugs & Booze)

Sorry, I couldn't resist to write this one. It not my fault, please blame belleferret for her comment here

No Casey (sorry !!!) but a sexy Zeke and a cute Mr. Smith ...

(For all who don't know about them: Mr. Smith is a character of "Jeremiah" - a young man who lives in a world where all adults were killed by a virus. He has got a mission from God, who is speaking to him. He led him to Thunder Mountain, a safe place for some survivors. Here he met Kurdy, a big, strong, cool guy. Zeke is a character from "The Faculty" - sexy, simply irresistible, a little macho with a heart of gold)


This one is for belleferret , for all Zeke- and Mr. Smith Fans, and, of course, for everyone else who like to read it ....

Title: Sex, drugs and booze
Fandom: Zeke (Faculty) / Mr.Smith (Jeremiah)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, I don't owe anything of Faculty or Jeremiah

Smith was frustrated. Kurdy had been on the road again, the whole night, with Jeremiah. He had calmed him down and had murmured somewhat of "old friendship ", but Smith knew, there was more. The both always were so close, all too close ...

"Rio de Janeiro! Sex, drugs and booze! What do you think about this?" said the voice.

Smith frowned. This seemed to be one of these strange orders of God again. Why could he never say what he expected from him? What should he do in Rio? Without his partner! Without Kurdy! Kurdy would never be his partner again!

"The solution of your problems lies in Rio," the voice repeated in his head.

Smith sighed. It made no sense. God said: Rio ... okay, then it had to be Rio.


The way had been long and exhausting, but finally he arrived in Rio. The bar at the end of the street looked not quite inviting, but maybe he could satisfy his thirst at least.

The room was full of smoke and noise, it smelt of booze and .... of something sweetish, heavy ... this had to be these drugs. Kurdy had told him about them.

Smith sighed. He couldn't get him out of his mind. He was more than a partner, a friend. But he didn't want to think of this now ...

Then he saw him. He stood behind the bar. Big, slender, long legs, deep brown, shoulder-length hair and brown, sparkling eyes. He was not Kurdy - but Smith had to admit that he looked sexy.

Their glances met. The young man smiled and it was too late.
"Fuck you, Kurdy," Smith thought, while he went over to the bar.

The man put a whiskey onto the bar in front of him.
"I guess, you need that. You look so lonesome," he murmured.

This voice! These eyes!
"I am! Thank you!"

"What's wrong? Problems?"

Smith nodded.
And he told everything. He didn't know, why he confided this good-looking stranger, but it seemed to be right. All what he had kept inside him for years he blurted out now.

How lonesome his life had been - always on the road, without friends. Until God had led him to Thunder Mountain. Here he got to know Kurdy who became his friend, his partner fast. There was even more! But this couldn't be...

The young man looked at him.
"Why not?"

Smith startled.

"Why not? What's your problem? Sex can be sooo relaxing!"

Smith became red.
"I can't, "he murmured.

The young man laughed.
"Of course, you can! Every one can!"

"I can't! ... Kurdy is .... well, he seems to be so experienced ... And I ... He would laugh about me and I couldn't bear this!"

The smile got wider. Smith swallowed. This smile ....
"Life is so damn hard for a virgin, eh? Can't your God help you?"

Smith shrugged
"I guess, he has to deal with other problems," he murmured.

"Hmmm ... I don't!"

Smith stared at him.
"You .... what ...."

"I can show you! And when you return to this Mountain, you're gotta know more about sex than your Kurdy will ever know .... "

Suddenly Smith understood, why God had led him here.
"I ... I didn't even know your name," he stammered.

"Tyler, Zeke Tyler," said the young man and pulled him into a deep kiss ...

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