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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Bad boys (Part 1/4)

Hallo LJ! Hallo F-List! I hope you all have a wonderful sunday.
Time for a little bit more writing. As ever, anbetaed and my rough english - but I hope, you like it a little bit, because it was great fun to write this one ;)

Title: Bad boys - Part one
Fandom: Casey / Zeke ( no real pairing)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

When Zeke awoke, he didn't know where he was. He lay on an unknown couch in an unknown living room. The curtains were closed, it was dim in the room and he could hear rain dripping against the windows.

He tried to remember. He had been on a party. It was a great one with a lot of people, with booze, drugs (not that Zeke used drugs, but he was able to find a few new customers for his scat) and - of course - amazing girls. Fun and sex, all what he expected from a good party. And then ...

He looked up when he heard steps coming downstairs. Then he startled. Casey?! Casey Connor?! All became more and more mysterious. He knew Casey from school - who didn't knew him? The everlasting loser, the nerd, the geek - mostly ignored and bullied. Zeke had never tormented him - but he ignored the cruelties of the others deliberately though he sometimes felt a bit guilty about it. But he didn't want to interfere. Everybody had to resolve ones own problems. Previous experiences had taught him that it was best to have only one center in his life: Zeke Tyler!

Now he found himself in an unknown house with Casey and he hadn't the slightest idea what had happened with him. This was beyond his gasp.

Casey slowly came closer to the couch. A slight smile flashed over his face.
"Oh, finally you are awake! Do you feel better?"

Zeke winked confused.
"Why should I feel bad?"

"Hm, last night ... you were not really well! I've been worried ... "

"Worried? About me?"

Casey shrugged as if that could explain all.
"You can't remember, can you?"

"So, what's up here,"Zeke growled and tried to sit up.
Ow! His head hurt pretty much and one of his arms was gone to sleep. This fucking couch was quite uncomfortable.
"Where are we? How do you come here?"

"I'm living here! You are at my place!"

Zeke stared at him.This couldn't be true, could it? He had been on the party! There was this fight about one of these chicks. The last thing he remembered clearly was that he had get into his GTO and had driven away furiously ... And Casey? Casey definitely didn't fit into this picture.

"I've taken you home with me! You were ... in a really bad state!"

"Casey, could you please stop talking in fucking riddles! What the hell is happened?"

Casey stared at him and struggled for words.

It was rather late. Normally he didn't go out by his bike so late, but he had visited a friend. They had watched a few movies and they lost the track of time. Well, his parents weren't at home this weekend, so they wouldn't notice his tardiness.

He was almost at home when he saw the black-red GTO at the cross road. Curiously he went closer. Yes, it was the car of Zeke Tyler. Casey's heart dropped into his gut. What was he doing here?

Casey dismounted his bicycle and approached hesitantly the GTO.The windshield was steaming up at the inside, but he could see the blurred silhouette of Zeke. He sat on the driver seat and didn't move. No sound was to be heard. This was somehow creepy.

Best he would ride away as fast as he could. He was sure: Zeke wouldn't be amused to find him here, squashing his nose curiously against the car-window and observing him by doing ... doing whatever .... But he had a bad feeling. Something was wrong here. Maybe Zeke needed his help?

He went back to the car. He considered for a moment, then he knocked at the window. No reaction.
No answer.

Casey tried to make a decision. Should he look for help? But probably he would make a fool out of himself. Better first to find out what was going on here. Hesitantly he reached for the door handle and opened the door.

Zeke had closed his eyes. The whole car smelt of booze and cigarettes. On the passenger seat lay a half-filled bottle Jim Beam. Casey swallowed. It was evident: Zeke was drunk. Beastly drunk.

Casey remembered stories which he had heard. Stories of people who had drunk so much that they had died of it. Shaking he stretched out his hand and touched Zeke's face. It felt warm, he could feel his breath and suddenly he murmured.

"Not now, baby! Wanna sleep!"

Casey chuckled slightly. Baby!? It was obvious that he didn't mean him, but it sounded all to cool. His relief lasted only one short moment. Because his main problem wasn't solved:

What should he do now? His parents weren't at home, apart from the fact that they probably had no interest to help Zeke Tyler. His reputation was not the best in Herrington and his parents wouldn't be pleased if he dealt with him. Best it would be to call up the police - but this would bring Zeke into a lot of trouble, that was sure. He didn't want this. He only wanted to help him.

... TBC ... Part two
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