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Love you friend

Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Love month 2009

I don't know why I'm so nervous about this. I like playing around a bit with my writing, though I know there are a lot of better writers than me. But it's so much fun to do. So I like to be part of the Love Month this year.

As ever, the story isn't betaed and my english is a bit rough, sorry for all mistakes.

So, let's do it now!

Titel: The big guys game
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating:  R / light NC 17
Disclimer: of course, not mine


Casey couldn't sleep! He lay on the couch-bed in the living room and tossed and turned sleeplessly. He had turned on the TV, but he didn't listen at all. He still felt the hard grip of Zeke while he had pressed him onto the couch. He knew, it was always a great fun for Zeke to terrify others. But there had been even more! Hadn't it?

Casey knew it was a kinky idea. Hey, he was Zeke Tyler, the King of the Highschool. Most other guys admired him and longed to be so cool like he. And the girls ... Casey snorted when he thought of all the bitches who adored Zeke. He could get them all - and he liked that.

So, what had he felt just now? He tried to get rid of the picture, but it didn't let him go. For a short moment he had been so sure. While Zeke grabbed his arms, he had been so damn close to him. He had felt his warm breath and he had seen in his mockingly sparkling eyes. And suddenly he knew that Zeke wanted the same like he did...

It had been just for a moment. Then Zeke had pushed him away and had rushed upstairs with a loud: "Fuck!" And Casey was alone ...

The memories didn't let go him. Zeke, Zeke, Zeke was all he could think. He imagined, how it would have been. If Zeke would have held him tight; if he would have pressed his lips onto Casey's. Possessive and imperious, as he always was. And Casey would have given him all willingly ... all ... all ...

"Casey Connor, you're fucking crazy," he murmured. "Zeke Tyler and gay? Zeke Tyler and the loser of the whole school? No chance!"

But he knew, he wouldn't forget. Zeke was all he wanted - for years now. Then he made a decision ...


Zeke couldn't sleep! He lay onto the bed in Casey's room and tossed and turned sleeplessly. What nearly would have happened didn't let him come to rest. He didn't know exactly how it could have had happened.

Everything was as ever. It was like a game. Zeke, the winner and Casey, the loser. He loved it to play.

Zeke knew, many guys at school were scared of him and he enjoyed the feeling of  power. He had everybody at his beck and call! It was fun, but sometimes this got a little bit boring ...

Casey was different from them. In his special way he offered him resistance. Up to now Zeke hadn't found the certain point to break him - and it was great fun to seek for it. When they were selected for a science project at school together, he thought this would be quite comfortable. Casey would do most of the work all to willingly. When Casey's Mom suggested, he should come over for a weekend, to work more concentrate onto the project, he broke out in laughter first. When he heard, that Casey's parents wouldn't be at home all the time, he started to like the idea. One weekend alone with Casey and he would eat out of his palm!

But what would have nearly happened tonight, didn't fit into this picture. He had been so close to him. It had felt so good - all too good! Casey's eyes could look so defiantly, even if his mouth had trembled. And he wanted to know! He wanted to know how it felt if he pressed his mouth onto Casey's ...

At the last moment he had pushed him away.
It was like a flight. He ran back into Casey's room and slammed the door.
Now  he lay onto the bed  - Casey's bed! - and he tried to understand what had happened. He wasn't gay! Of course not! To be honest, for several times he had had sex with a boy. But, and that was obvious, this was only deadly boredom - a good opportunity - a little bit fun ... So, why to hell he wanted Casey so badly?

He startled when the door to the room was opened slowly and Casey sliped in.
"What do you want?" he grunted.

"This is my room!"

"I am tired, Casey! Go and sleep onto the couch! And don't bother me now!"

But he didn't go. He came over quite slowly to the bed and stared at him. Damn! Zeke felt Casey's intense look onto him. He wished, there would be more than his boxers and the T-shirt which he always wore for sleeping.

"What the hell do you still want," he hissed again.

A moment of  tense silence - then he heard Casey's answer. His voice was hard to understand and  trembled a bit - nevertheless, Zeke knew immediately that he meant what he said.
"I want you!"


This was mad! This was fucking mad!

He lay onto his bed. Zeke lay onto his bed! He had turned his back to Casey and had moved away as far as possible, but Casey felt his warmth and his tension.

He had done it. He had really done it. Casey Connor had seduced Zeke Tyler. With the thought of this he started to tremble. Oh God - what had got into him?

He had expected that Zeke would him push away, that he would yell at him. Zeke was stronger and bigger than he was - maybe he would hit him!But he had only lain there and had allowed it. First Zeke was a bit numbly, but then ... It was like a game, a game with exchanged roles! Casey had led and Zeke had been the toy.  

He had only done what he always wanted to do. He knew exactly what he wanted - and he knew exactly what Zeke wanted in this moment! Every touch, every stroking, every kiss - it had felt so gorgeous. When he had begun to suck Zeke's cock he was a bit uneasy for a short moment. He had never done this before - but it felt right and good what he did.

He knew it when he heard  Zeke groaning loud. His breath went noisily and hard. It was a damn great feeling, because it was he, he alone, Casey Connor, who could cause this. Zeke's orgasm came shaking, groaning and finally he cried out his name. "God, Casey!"

It was unbelievable. He had done it! He had really done it!  

Zeke's question jolted him out of his thoughts.
"How often have you already done this before?"

He didn't need to think long about an answer.


This was mad! This was fucking mad!

Zeke couldn't catch it. Casey Connor, the nerd, the geek, the loser - always scared and uneasy ...  had he really came to him into this bed, ready to seduce him? Next to him everything was quiet, but he felt Casey's nearness, his warmth and his tension ...

Zeke tried to understand what had happened in the last half of an hour. It would have been his chance to get Casey totally under control. Casey Connor was gay! And he knew it now! He could tell everyone if he wanted to do! Casey Connor tried to seduce Zeke Tyler! Hah ... What a hoot!  

But everything was completely different! He hadn't pushed him away. He hadn't laughed about him. He had only lain there and had let it happen. He had wished, it would never end. He had got off and it had been gorgeous, friggin' gorgeous. "Casey, Casey, Casey, "was everything what he had been able to think. Had he only thought it? Or did he shout it out? Oh God! He couldn't remember.

Zeke had to admit that he had never felt like this before. Of course, there were all the girls from school. They threw themselves at his neck. Why should he have shoved them aside? He knew how to satisfy a girl. In return they gave him sex and fun. But afterwards he felt pressured and ill at ease. He was always glad if they finally left him alone.

With the boys the sex was different. Harder, more demanding and anyhow more satisfying. But also here he stayed alone at the end. He could never figure out a real relationship with one of these guys.

Casey! With him everything was always different. Also the sex! Zeke shuddered when he thought of his hands onto his body. They were tender and rough - they were warm and cold - they were searching and finding. They were Casey! His lips, his tongue. Fleetingly, sometimes scarcely to feel. And then nearly greedy and possessive. Timid and then again so adept... Stop! Wait a moment! Adept? Casey Connor? This was ridiculous, wasn't it?

He had brought up the question, before he thought about it.
"How often have you already done this before?"


"Pffft!" Better to say nothing now. This wasn't the answer which he had expected - and which he had wanted to hear.

It went quiet for a moment, but then Casey whispered.
"Always with you! Every night!"


He had finally said it! And he wasn't sure about Zeke's reaction to this avowal.

Zeke turned around and stared at him with narrowed eyes.
"Grow up, Casey! You've sucked my dick! This is called sex, y' know? Stop bugging me with such romantic shit!"he growled.

It hurt! Well, what had he expected? To be honest, for a moment he had believed, there would be more between them. And Zeke would feel something for him. But probably he only had wanted to believe this. Zeke was ... Zeke! And sex was sex!
He wasn't sorry to have done it. Nevertheless, he couldn't stay here any longer, in his bed with Zeke, all too near. He would go back to the couch in the living-room. He knew, he wouldn't be able to sleep, but maybe he could try to watch a bit TV and calm down. However, even as he wanted to get up, Zeke grabbed Casey's wrists and pressed him back onto the bed.

Casey yelled surprised. It was so unexpectedly - and the grip was hard and rough. Zeke leant near to him. His eyes sparkled furiously. Casey swallowed. God, he looked so damn sexy!

"You'd better watch out, Casey! If  you tell anyone about this shit, I - will - kill - you," Zeke hissed.

Casey gasped for breath. No, he wasn't scared,  but the nearness and evident fury of Zeke let him tremble.



"Okay! ... Kill me, if I do! I won't, Zeke! What should I tell, eh? Hey guys, I was fucking Zeke Tyler yesterday! Yeah, it will be great fun, I'm sure.  ....  Could you be so nice and let me go now? You are hurting me!"

Yeah, he was right. What could he really tell? And who would believe him?

"You're a crazy, little fucker, Connor, y' know this?"

He loosened his grip a bit, but he didn't let him go. He didn't want to let him go, not yet. He wanted ... oh fuck, he wanted ... Dead slowly he bent over Casey, until their noses nudged together. Casey squirmed underneath him, his eyes became great. God, these were so gorgeous blue eyes, full of insecurity and lust at the same time.

"You need it, little boy, you need it so much," he murmured.

"Need? What?" Casey stammered.
"Zeke! What you're gonna do?"

He grinned roguish. Oh yeah, so things should be, just like this and not different. Casey would be putty in his hands. And it would be great, so fucking great.

"You wanna play the 'big guys game'? Good, let's play! But you need someone, to show you how to play! It's my turn, baby!"

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This was damn sexy!!!!!!!
God want more of this, tell me about the second round , tell me about Zeke being in charge!!
*hugs *

Thank you, I'm glad you like it a bit.
**hugs you back **

I always love your in-denial!Zeke, heehee! This was hawt and sweet, baby. Zeke's frustration at his wanting Casey/"but I'm not gay!", Casey's bold and brave insistence... excellent. :D

LoL - you knows me too much ;) I'm so in love with this "I'm not gay but I want Casey!Zeke" ...
Thanks for reading!

Oh, what a dramatic story! And you are such a tease letting it end this way! I want to know what happens next!

I was impressed by Casey's daring and a bit saddened that Zeke is still so resistant and not ready to admit his feelings - but I have hope. :)

Thank you for contributing to the C/Z Love Month and for braving the language barrier. I hope you will write more C/Z - and maybe you should look into getting a beta!


Sigh ...yes, Zeke can be so complicated ... but there is always hope ;)

It's so much fun to write about these boys, though it's more playing around for me.

** hugs you back **

Oh, this is cute. :D

I love your style.

Thank you. I'm glad you like it a little bit!

(Deleted comment)
Casey can be so strong and he will get what he wants: Zeke! And Zeke will have to realize that this is a lot more than just to have a little bit fun! ;)

"It's my turn, baby!"


That was so great! I loved the switching POVs as I love to see inside the heads of both boys. The misunderstandings were so cute, with them both craving the other so much!

It was very realistic, with typical boys pride and machismo blocking their feelings for each other. The image of Zeke pushing Casey down into the couch in rough play and only then realising how much he wants him, and his coldness and aggression on the bed made it feel very life-like. And their hesitancy and doubt made it all the more thrilling when Casey pushes past his fear and makes his move! Wow, he was sexy and daring to take charge like that, and what a brilliant description of their love-making:

Casey had led and Zeke had been the toy.


He had only done what he always wanted to do. He knew exactly what he wanted - and he knew exactly what Zeke wanted in this moment! Every touch, every stroking, every kiss - it had felt so gorgeous.


Oh man, that hits the spot! *g* You can feel Casey shaking like a leaf as he takes from Zeke his every naughty desire.

I thought he'd screwed up when he told Zeke he'd done this "often". I was so happy when he said it was in his dreams! Zeke almost ruins it with his threats but thank god Casey's fiesty little spirit finally seduces him for keeps! And what a role reversal - I just hope he is as nice to Casey as Casey was to him!

"You need it, little boy, you need it so much," he murmured.


Thank you very much for this very sexy tale!

Wow ... what a comment - longer and better than some of me stories ;) Thank you sooo much!

Yes, it was fun to write it in this special way. I like my brave Casey - but at the end I needed a little bit of my Macho!Zeke ;) Of course, he will be nice to his boy ...

Oo, Zeke can be such a meanie when he's bewitched, bothered, and bewildered, can't he? hehehehe ;)

Yes, he can - and I like him this way ;) because in his heart he can be such a cutie ...

Goodness! This blew me away!!! I love the switching back and forth, Casey to Zeke, Zeke to Casey... so it wasn't a game at all. It wasn't what Zeke expected but all Casey wanted. Fantastic! THE Zeke seduced my Casey. Wow!

"Casey had led and Zeke had been the toy."

*bites fingernails*

"He had only done what he always wanted to do. He knew exactly what he wanted - and he knew exactly what Zeke wanted in this moment! Every touch, every stroking, every kiss - it had felt so gorgeous."


Great work, my dear! But you can't stop here, do you know this? MORE PLEASE!!!

Love and hugs,

THE Zeke ... this is good! Yes, he is, but sometimes THE Casey can surprise him, can't he?

Thank you, Julchen. Hugs you!

Why does Zeke try to convince himself he doesn't want Casey? He needs Casey and he knows he does, silleh boy!

I really enjoyed this.

LoL ... He loves his Casey and I love him silly! ;)
Thank you, Addie

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