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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Lesson number one

Hallo everyone! I just wanna wish you a wonderful sunday.
I was playing (writing ;) ) around today - this is the result. I hope you like it a little bit, it was so much fun to write - though, as ever, without beta and maybe a little bit strange english.

Titel: Lesson number one
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: PG 13 /  light R
Disclimer: of course, not mine

Once again Casey was at  Zeke's house, to do some work for school together. Well, to be honest: as ever Casey would gonna do the whole work while Zeke relaxed on his couch, smoking a cigarette and reading the newest car magazines.

Casey knew, Zeke only took advantage of him. He was a straight A-student and he really liked to do complicated math lessons and write long essays. Zeke needed the best notes if he wanted to graduate this year. Not that was he that dump. In Casey's mind he was one of the most brilliant heads at Herringston High. He just didn't show even the slightest interest in school.

So one day they had ended up as a team. Sometimes Zeke gave him a ride home after school. It was a great feeling - to sit beside him in the GTO and to know, all the others, who were bullying and ignoring him during the whole day were envious at him in this moment.

He was sitting at Zeke's Computer and tried hard to concentrate. But today it didn't want to work right. He couldn't get over the rumors he had heard at school today. Finally he gave up.



"May I ask you something?"

"If you have to !"

This sounded not very promising, but Casey decided to risk it.

"Everyone is talking about it! You and Michael ... in the boy's room ... "

Zeke put his magazine aside and looked at Casey curiously.

"And? What?"

"Well... is it true? Did you ... do it?"

He didn't know, from where he had taken the courage to dare this question. And actually he didn't expect an answer. Most likely Zeke would kick him out as soon as he had recovered from his surprise. He flinched, when Zeke was suddenly by his side. He hadn't heard him standing up and coming over. Casey swallowed hard. He was so near - all too near!

"Sneaky little boy, huh? Do you really wanna know?" Zeke murmured.

Casey blinked nervously. Of course he wanted to know. Though in this moment he almost wished, he hadn't asked and Zeke would still be on his couch, at the other side of the room, reading his magazine and ignoring Casey. He shook his head.

"No, of course not," he stammered.
"This is non of my business. Let us forget it, please!"

Zeke frowned.
"So, and why did you ask then?"

Oh God! Casey closed his eyes. He felt Zeke's breath onto his neck. He seemed to come closer and closer .... if this was actually possible ... warm lips almost touched his earlobe. Casey didn't dare to move.

"Yeah, I did," Zeke whispered.
"Can be fucking fun, you know!"
His lips searched and found Casey's mouth. Holy ... shit! Zeke Tyler was kissing him. Him! Casey felt shocked but his lips opened under Zeke's probing tounge. He could just let it happen.

Zeke looked amused and surprised when he finally let him go.
"Oh shit," he murmured.

"What," Casey snaped and tried to avoid his eyes. He knew that he turned beet red.

Zeke laughed mischievously.
"You like it, do you? That's so cool!"


Zeke's grinned wide while his eyes wandered a bit deeper.
"C'mon, Casey! You are as hard as a rock!"

Casey gasped. To be honest, he was right, but he wished, Zeke wouldn't have notice it. Or, at least, he wouldn't mention it!

" You are .... you are so disgusting ... !"

"And you are just pissed off  because I know!"

"Oh fuck!"

Zeke winked.
"Yeah? Would you like that too?"

Casey jumped up to his feet. It was enough! It was too much!  He just wanted to dart off, as fast and as far as possible. And he never wanted to see Zeke again.

"You are not better then anyone else! Asshole!"

Zeke observed him rushing to the door. He really looked kinda sweet ...  so confused, so furious and fucking hot. Till now Casey had only been the nerd from school who was all to willing to do Zeke's homework, but at this moment ... this could be fun ...


"Shut up!"

"Five minutes!"

Casey stared at him.

"Gimme five minutes! If you then still wanna leave ... byebye, baby!"

Casey looked at him distrustfully.
"What do you wanna do?"

Zeke grinned a bit provocative, then shrugged.
"Just risk it!"

Casey's head felt reeling.
"Don't do it," he thought."You can't trust him!"

But he didn't want to hear this. He was curious, he wanted to know. And anyway - five minutes - what could already happen in five minutes? And then Zeke would leave him alone for good. Even better!

"Okay! Five minutes! And you're never gonna talk about this shit again!"

"Whatever you want!"
When Zeke reached for him, he swallowed hard. Maybe his decision hadn't been the best. Though his insecurity was mingled with a thrill of excitement...

"Zeke? What ...." His voice sounded hoarse.

Zeke took his face into both hands. His thumbs lay down on his mouth.
"Not now, Case. Just shut up, okay?"

The thumbs were replaced by his lips. It felt so good, warm and soft, but the kiss deepened fast, a tongue was sneaking into his mouth, stroking and searching. Casey dared to put his arms around Zeke. Time seemed to hang suspended. All his dreams became true at this very moment.

But the kiss ended. A last, quick peck onto his lips and it was all over. Casey nearly felt disappointed. He wanted more! Zeke narrowed his eyes and looked at him grinning.

"Shut you eyes!"


"Do you trust me?"

"No, not really," it rushed across his mind. And he nodded.

"Goood! Just do it, okay?"

Another suspicious look at Zeke, then he took a deep breath and shut his eyes. He felt how Zeke reached for his wrist and pulled his hand up to his lips. He nibbled a bit - small kisses onto every finger. Quite warily first, then he started to stroke his thumb with his tongue and to suck at it. It felt weird - but anyhow thrilling.

"I like this," he heard Zeke murmuring suddenly. "I would love to suck your dick now!"

And Casey felt like becoming even more hard - if this was possible.
"Oh God!"
This was too much to endure. He tried to free himself, but Zeke's grip tightened.

"I got five minutes, Case," he giggled.
His tongue, his teeth, his lips onto his thumb. And his whispered words.
"Don't worry. Just playing. Can you imagine? Would be so great! Your dick so damn hard! And I'm gonna play with him, with my lips, with my tongue. Can you feel it, Casey? Then I'm gonna take him into my mouth and I'm starting to suck ... I could even deep throat, if you want this ... "

"Zeke ... Zeke ... please ..."
Casey squirmed helplessly in his arms. He groaned loudly.
"Please ... Stop it!"

And he did! Suddenly he really stopped! Casey opened the eyes and he gasped for breath. Zeke let him go and went over to his bed  again. He relaxed wordlessly, but watched Casey with narrowed eyes and a slight grin onto his face. Casey couldn't hear himself think.

"Zeke, I ... why ... what ..."

"Sorry, baby! Five minutes, remember? Time is over! You're free!"


"Your choice. You can leave if you want. And, promised, I'll never ever touch you again! Or ... "
Zeke paused and looked at him mischievously.
"C'mere! I'm gonna do it, Case! I'm gonna suck you. More, if you want! Just ..."

"Ow, shut up!"
Casey's voice trembled a little when he interrupted him. One last swallowing ... then he went over to the bed, to Zeke.
"Just do it!"

Tags: casey & zeke, fan fiction
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