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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - You are not ... like this!

Hallo F-list! It' s really cold outside, but the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day. The perfect day for a little bit Casey& Zeke.


This one is part of me little C/Z series - maybe you should read the other parts first?

Same procedure as every day
Little Big Girl

Titel: You are not ... like this
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: G / PG
Disclimer: of course, not mine

Weekend. After a lot of persuasion Casey's parents had allowed that he spent this night with Zeke. They had planned a long movie-night - something amusing, something thrilling and in the end maybe a bit little horror. After they had ordered some chinese food, they chilled out onto the couch. Zeke had a beer, Casey a soda. It was all really comfy.

When Zeke bent over Casey to put out his cigarette in the ashtray, their bodies touched briefly. Casey didn't flinch from him and Zeke decided to risk it.

He put his arm onto the armrest of the couch. His fingers caressed Casey's neck. It felt so good - warm and soft. But then he felt Casey's body stiffening. Damn! He glanced over to him and he knew, it had been a mistake.

Caseys lower lip trembled and his eyes were filled with tears. Zeke pulled his arm back.

"Sorry," he murmured.

Casey turned his face towards him. He looked so lost and sad. Zeke feared that he had just broken off their friendship.

"This isn't fair," Casey whispered.
"I ... I thought, you like me! You are my friend!"

"Yeah, I am!"

Casey sobbed.
"Then why do you do this? Why do you hurt me? If you don't wanna see me any more, please, just say it. But stop kidding me! It's not fair!"

Zeke swallowed. He knew, now he had to admit the truth. The problem was: actually he didn't knew the truth exactly.
"Nope, I'm not kidding you!... I really like you ... I like you all too much to hurt you purposely!"

Okay, this was the point of no return. At last he had said it! And it felt right! For quite some time now he couldn't stop thinking of Casey any more - though he didn't really know what was got into him. Indeed, he wasn't sure how Casey would react to this avowal...

He kept quiet - and quiet - and quiet. Zeke already expected no answer any more. But suddenly he murmured:
"You ... you are not ... like this!"

"Says who?"

Casey shrugged.
"Look at all the bitches around you at school! They are all hot after you! And you take them home!"

"Yeah, sometimes. But it's nothing serious, Casey. It's just about sex! To have a little bit fun and then ... goodbye."

"It shouldn't be just for fun! No one should play around with the feelings of other people!"

Zeke had to smile a bit. Still a few weeks ago he would have started to crack up with laughter about this.Today all was different. It was so typical for Casey to think in such a way. And ... maybe he was right!

"I don't play around with you, Casey!"

He stared at him.
"So, what's the point in doing that? Wanna tell me you have became gay overnight?"

Zeke shook the head.
"Quite honestly, Case, I don't know! But I know that I have gone with none of these chicks to a theater! I wanted to spend with none of them a whole night! And I've never wondered how it feels, to hold them into my arms, to kiss them. I've done it, but it didn't mean anything!"

Gently he cuped Casey's chin in his hand, his thumb caressed his lower lip.
"With you all is different! I wanna be together with you. I wanna feel you. I wanna know all about you!"

"This is crazy  ... totally crazy," murmured Casey, but he didn't flinch from Zeke's touch any longer.

"I know! I can't promise you anything, Case. I've never had a serious relationship. I've never thought about being with a guy. But ... can you imagine to risk it? Do you wanna show me how it feels?"

Casey tried to keep his head clear. He looked at Zeke and he saw a Zeke Tyler he had never seen before. This was not the big guy of Herrington High, always cool and domineering. He showed him a part of his inner life - a part he usually hid for everybody.

He bent over to Zeke, put his arms around his neck and kissed him. It was just a smooth, gentle touch, but it made Zeke almost breathless.
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