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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Little Big Girl

Yeah, I'm a little bit crazy today, but I can't resist writing this one. It was fun ... lol ...

This one is part of my little Casey/Zeke series and follows: Same procedure as every day and Weekend

Titel: Little Big Girl
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing) and Big Girl* - so maybe a crossover ;)
Rating:  PG
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Friday evening after the movie. Casey was all churned up inside. He almost couldn't believe it, but Zeke had been there at seven o'clock to pick him up. First they had gone to a little pizzeria. Then they strolled up to the theater.

At the beginning Casey had felt a little uneasy. He wasn't used to be together with others. But Zeke had simply ignored it. He had talked  this and that, he had made Casey laugh. And he unbent more and more. He had talked about his newest photo-project - and Zeke had listened to him with interest.

And then the movie. It was a comedy. Something to have fun. The whole theater seemed to have fun. Everyone had laughed over and over again. Zeke had laughed. Only Casey not! He was completely frustrated.

"What's wrong," Zeke asked him while they went back to the parking lot.

"Bullshit," murmured Casey.
"Fucking bullshit!"

Zeke stopped und looked at him curiously.
"Well, it is a comedy! I figured, you like comedies!"

"Yes, I do! However, can you explain me, why they had to poke fun about gays? That's so embarrassing!"

Zeke grinned.
"Oh... Little Big Girl! I think, he was quite amusing!"

"No, he's not! First: this name! Poor stupid, fat fag! Argh ... And his clothes! What do they believe? That every gay is wearing pink shirts and wiggle his ass? And at last this hair! Have you ever seen a guy with such hair? Why the fuck they don't understand how disgusting all this shit is? It's just .... "

Casey broke off and looked at Zeke who watched him amused.

"Wow! You can become really furious!"

Casey gasped..
"I am furious! People will look at this nonsense. They will leave the theater with the feeling, that all gays are idiots. Such so-called movies are doing their best to stir up prejudices ... I know, gays are quite normal people, but those movie represents them as a sort of lepers! I hate this shit ... "

"Case, you make a drama out of a comedy! It is only a movie. And it overact very deliberately. Don't take it so serious. Look, I've had a lot of fun!"

"Yeah, I guessed as much! But you don't have the faintest idea of it! You are Zeke Tyler, the big guy of Herrington High! Everyone is respecting you! You don't know, how it feels, if people are laughing about you! If they treat you like a piece of shit! And all this just because you are not like them!"

Zeke stopped grinning and looked at him thoughtfully.
"You can understand, right?"

"Yeah," Casey screamed.
"Yeah, I understand! Because I'm geeky Casey Connor! I'm the loser of the whole school ... and I'm gay!"

He broke off horrified. Oh God! He hadn't wanted to say this. It was just slipped out of him. Zeke didn't show any reaction. Casey didn't dare to look at him.

He tried to keep his head clear, but it didn't succeed. Everything he knew in this very moment was: He had fucked up everything! For the first time since he could remember, someone had been nice to him. It was difficult to imagine, but Zeke seemed to be fair and square. He had emboldened him to stand up for himself. He had protected him from Gabe. Tonight he had gone to a movie with him. He hadn't laughed at him but listened ...

Over and done! Now he would spurn him. Casey gulped back a sob. No, he would not gonna cry now! Maybe later ... when he was be alone in his bed ...

"Bring me home," he whispered. "I wanna go home!"

This was all, Zeke said.

In silence they went back to the parking lot, in silence they drove home. Never again he would sit beside Zeke in the GTO - never again he would feel so safe - never again he would laugh together with Zeke. Never before he had felt so lost like in the very moment.

Zeke stopped the car in front of the Connor house. He glanced across Casey. He could feel it, but it was too dark to recognize his face. Even better - he didn't want to see the disdain which would be reflected in it. Without a word he reached to the door handle.

"His eyes are amazing!"

Casey winced when Zeke suddenly started to speak.

"Big girl! Have you seen his eyes, in the close-up? Wonderful brown eyes with a sparkle of green! What does it matter, that he loves pink tees and has a funny hairstyle?"

"You have looked into his eyes?"

"Mhm. The eyes could tell you so much about a person, Casey! He's a nice guy!"

"This is ridiculous! It's a movie, Zeke, a stupid comedy!"

Zeke giggled slightly.
"Oh, really? I was about to forget this!"

Casey frowned.
"What the hell do you want, Zeke?"

"You've found your tongue again! Fine! ...Maybe now we can talk about it. You are gay, Casey! So what! This is not the end of the world ..."

Casey swallowed. He didn't want to talk about it. Though, it couldn't go worse, could it?
"You don't think, I'm deviant and disgusting?"

"No, of course not! Like you've said: Gays are quite normal people! Why should I see you anyhow different now?"

Casey shrugged helplessly.
"I don't know! Doesn't everyone?"

"Hm!  Am I everyone?"

Casey dared to smile a bit.
"Naw, surely not! You are Zeke Tyler! So ... We are still able to be ... I don't know ... some kind of friends?"

Zeke nodded.
"Some kind of ... yeah ... I guess!"

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