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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Weekend

Hallo, F-List! I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend. Time for another little Casey / Zeke.

Titel: Weekend
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: G / PG
Disclimer: of course, not mine

Maybe you should read " Same procedure as every day " first (if you haven't done it before), because this one is a sort of continuation

Friday. Weekend.

Casey was already on the way to the bus when he saw them - Gabe and two of his buddys; all three were in the football team, big, strong and always ready to bully him. Throughout the day he had been able to avoid them successfully, but now there was no chance to escape. He knew what awaited him - if he didn't flee back into the school. But he didn't want to run away any more, no matter what would happen.

When they blocked his way, he stopped a couple of steps away and awaited them defiantly. Gabe narrowed his eyes.
"Connor, get outta my way!"

And he already pushed him aside. Casey stumbled. Maybe he would have slumped to the  ground, but he bumped into one of the other guys.
"Hey, watch it!"

He punched him into his stomach. Casey squimed with pain and gasped.

"Wow ... this is top-notch!"
Zeke Tyler! His voice sounded mocking. He glanced at Casey, who tried to recover his breath. Then he turned back to the three guys in front of him.
"Can't do it alone any longer, Santora? Need some help? That's fucking great!"

An icy silence ensued. Then one of Gabe's buddys interfered.
"What do you want, Tyler? Stay out of this!"

Zeke narrowed his eyes. Gabe turned around to his friend.
"Shut up!"

"But ..."

"Just shut up! C'mon, let's get out of here!"

"Better for you," murmured Zeke.

After Gabe and his friends had disappeared in the opposite direction, he turned round to Casey.
"Are you okay?"

Casey nodded. He had recovered a bit.
"Yeah! Thanks," he murmured.

He knew, without Zeke's intervention he would lie on the ground brutally battered by now. To defend himself against one of them was nearly impossible, but against all three ... Zeke shrugged.

"Never mind! You coming?"

Casey didn't ask for 'Where' or 'Why', and he followed Zeke to the parking lot and his GTO. Already once before Zeke had given him a ride home this week. They didn't talk a lot, but Casey felt relaxed and safe when he sat beside Zeke in his car.

When they stopped in front of the Connor's home, Zeke glanced at him thoughtfully.
"What are you gonna do tonight, Connor?"

Casey looked at him confused.

"What - are you - gonna do - tonight,"Zeke repeated.
"It's a quite plain question. It's Friday! Weekend! Everyone is gonna do something!"

Casey snorted.
"I'm sure you're mistaken me for you! Maybe your weekends are party and fun! For me it means only two days without school. Without Gabe and his pricks!"

"Wanna go to a movie? There is this new comedy, 'Stay cool'. Seems to be fun!"

Casey felt the wish to laugh loudly. He was sure that he immediately would woke up. This could be just a dream! No one liked to go to a movie with Casey Connor. No one liked to go anywhere with Casey Connor. Definitely not Zeke Tyler, who hadn't even still known about his existence a few days ago.

Zeke had watched him narrowly all the time. When there was no response, he grinned a little.
"Fine then! I'll pick up you at seven. Maybe we can go for a pizza before ... "

Casey nodded automatically.
"Okay," he mumbled.

While Zeke drove away with his GTO, he went into the house, feeling giddy. His heart was in his mouth. He didn't know what Zeke expected from this evening. He didn't know what he himself expected from this evening. But it didn't matter at all! The only important thing was:

He wouldn't be alone tonight! He had a date! 

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