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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - She is back !

Hallo F-list, hallo LJ. I hope you all are feeling well. Today another little Casey / Zeke story ...

Titel: She is back !
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no real pairing)
Rating: PG
Disclimer: of course, not mine

He opened his eyes dozily. Outside it was still pitch-dark. He had the feeling, only to have slept for a few minutes. But the alarm clock didn't want to stop.

"What the fuck ..." he grumbled.

Slowly he noticed it. It was the phone! Who dared it to call him in the middle of the night?

He tried to ignore it and pulled his pillow over his ears. The ringing stopped. Finally he could continue sleeping! One minute later it started again.

Zeke sighed and sat up in the bed. He groped to the phone.

Not a sound was heard. Then a soft groaning, nearly unhearable.

"What the hell ..., " Zeke murmured furiously.


He needed a moment to recognise the voice. Then all at once he was wide awake.

A convulsive sobbing.
"Zeke! Are you okay?"

He frowned and tried to figure out what had happened. The only thing he was sure about: Casey wasn't okay!

"Case, what's happened? What should be wrong with me?"

He heard Casey bursting into tears and bit his lower lip.
"You are dead!," Casey blurted out.

Now all became mysterious. If he hadn't known that Casey never used drugs, never drunk booze, Zeke would have supposed he would be high as a kite. But this wasn't Casey ... it had to be something different!

"Case? Case, can you hear me? What has happened? Please, tell me!"

"Mary Beth," Casey gasped out.

Zeke swallowed. This explained a lot. Dreams! Dreams, as he also knew them. They came back from time to time since all this shit with Mary Beth - always dark, horrifying and all to realistic. He fought them off with wild parties - booze, scat and sex - best all of this together - and the worst nightmares disappeared almost from alone.

Casey didn't have any help like this. Of course, there were his parents; they cared about him, but it was difficult! They forced him to going to a therapist. Zeke knew, Casey hated this. He didn't want to talk with strangers about his experiences, because he knew, nobody would understand. Nobody, who hadn't seen Mary Beth, who hadn't experienced her, was really able to understand.

"It was a dream, Case, " Zeke said softly. "A mere dream!"

But he didn't seem to hear him at all.
"She's back! God! She was so beautiful and so strong. She wanted me, Zeke, just me ... "

"She won't get you, Case! She can't come back! She is dead!"

"Dead?" Casey sobbed again. "You are dead! Though she just wanted me! She was in my head. Come with me," she said ... and I couldn't do anything! I couldn't do anything!"

Zeke doubled his fists. It hurt him! Casey sounded so desperate. He just wanted to be with him. He wanted to hold to him in his arms, until he would fallen asleep again. But he wasn't able to do this. It was in the dead of the night. Casey's parents would never let him in.

"It's all over, Case," he whispered and hoped that at least he was able to reach him. "She can hurt you never again!"

The sobs changed into desperate weeping.
"You've saved me! She was already so nearby! I could smell her breath. It was too late to escape ... and then you popped up! You were shielding me and then ... and then .... I don't know! I can't remember! But she has killed you, right?"

"No, Case, no! I'm here! I'm fine! Do you hear me? ... Just hear me, Case!"

A longer pause, then a short, desperate laugh. Zeke took a deep breath. This was a bit better than the desperate crying before.

"She didn't kill you?"

"Nope! She isn't back! You have dreamt, Case!"

"Just a dream,"Casey repeated. His voice sounded tired, but slowly he seemed to find the way back into the reality.

"Are you better," Zeke finally dared to ask.

"Tired," muttered Casey. "And cold! So cold!"

"I know! Listen to me, Case! Go back to your bed! Lie down again and try to sleep! You have to sleep!"

It followed a low scream and  Zeke winced once more.

"I can't, Zeke! If I close my eyes ...  she gonna be back again!"

"Do you trust me?!"

"Yes!" It didn't sound quite persuasive, but, at least, it was a  'yes'.

"Good! Then go back to bed now! Just do it for me, okay! She doesn't come back! I promise you. I will take care of you! You know this, Case. If you need me, I will be there!"


Zeke had to smile. So much trust laid into this one word.
"Okay! Then hang up now! We'll see us tomorrow! I'll come over!"

The soft click showed him that Casey was following his words.
"G'Night, Casey-boy, " Zeke whispered,although he knew that Casey didn't hear him any longer. Then he stood up and went to the kitchen.

A black coffee and a cigarette, this was all he needed for now. He wouldn't sleep tonight any more. He had to take care of Casey!

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