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Fan Fiction: Casey & Zeke // Partytime 3

As ever: not perfect, without beta - but full of love for the two boys ;)

Title:  Partytime 3 (this one is the next part to "Partytime 1" and "Partytime 2" )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating:  PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine!



"Would you like fucking me?"

The question was so unexpected that Zeke couldn't find an answer first. Two weeks were gone, since he was together with Casey somehow. They met regularly, they cuddled and sometimes they kissed. It had never happened more than this.

Sometimes Zeke dreamed of hot sex with Casey - but when he held him into his arms for real, it was enough - for now.

"Would you," repeated Casey.

Zeke saw the insecurity flickering in his eyes. He reached for his chin and stroked softly over his lower lip with his thumb.
"Not yet, Case," he added. "Not today!"

Casey wrenched himself out of his arms and sighed.
"But you would like it!"

"And you wouldn't, right?"

Casey bit his lower lip and in the end he shrugged helplessly.
"I don't know! Yeah ... no ... but you ..."

Suddenly Zeke started to understand. He slowly shook his head.
"Oh no, Casey, don't do this! Not me - only you, 'kay?"

"But ..."

"No 'but', Casey! Promise me! You're not gonna do this just for me!"

"Oh yeah!"
Casey's voice sounded a bit sad and lost now.
"And you ... will wait ... and wait ... and wait ... Or what? With all the bitches around in school? You can get all of them. You don't have to wait for fucking, chicken-hearted Connor!"

"Stop this bullshit, Case! I'm gonna wait, okay? I will never ever fuck you, just because you think, you have to do! Do you get it?"

Casey shruggend, tears glittereng in his eyes. Zeke pulled him back into his arms.
"C'mere! I wanna tell you something," he said softly.
"I was sixteen - and I was in love for the first time. Well, at least I thought I am! He was eighteen. He was so damn sexy and everybody was chasing after him. But he wanted just me! I was afraid that he would leave me. And so ... finally I've done it ... just for him ..."

Casey looked at him curiously.
"Did he hurt you?"

Zeke shook his head.
"No, not really! He was a nice guy! But it didn't get through to him. I didn't want it - I did it only to hold him. It sounds weird, but never before I've felt so lonesome. I don't blame him for this, Case, he really tried! He held me in his arms afterward. And when I was coming, it felt so great first, but then ...

"Did you stay together after this?"

"No! We've never done it again! And one week later I broke up with him! I couldn't bear him any longer. All felt so crazy, so fucking wrong  ... "
Zeke gave him a light peck onto his forehead. He paused for a moment. Then he added, hardly to understand:
"I don't wanna lose you, Case! Promise me! Please!"

He nodded hesitantly.
"'kay! But ... what, if I don't know that I'm ready for it?"

Zeke chuckled rampantly.
"Don't worry, baby. I'm sure, you will know! It can be so fucking gorgeous. And you're gonna love it!"

Casey smiled slightly. Yes, this sounded good - so good.


"Kiss me!"
Casey felt Zeke pausing and he winked.
"Just kiss me!  I like kissing you, you know!"

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